Alison Brie Calls Husband Dave Franco “Honey” on Set

-This is really cool,
because I think when you get into acting, you hope
certain things will happen, but I don’t know if
you could have predicted this. You’re on the cover of
“ESPN the Magazine” with Becky lynch,
who’s a professional wrestler. This is a fantastic photo.
-Thank you. -It must be cool to have sort of
dipped your toe enough into that world for them to want
you to be a part of it. -Definitely. It still is, like,
mind-boggling to me, because growing up,
I didn’t have an athletic bone in my body. Like, theater sports was the
closest that I got. And this show has really, like,
gotten me in tune with my body and in a different way. But that day,
doing that photo shoot, I definitely was standing there
in this ring, like, posing for the cover of
“ESPN the Magazine.” I was like, “My dad
is going to be so proud. This is crazy.”
-That’s wonderful. And you mentioned
your husband, Dave Franco, who’s another one of our
favorites here at the show. He directed a movie
this year that you were in. -Yes. -So, what is the dynamic like
when you’re in a film that your spouse is directing? -It is the best.
-Oh, that’s good to hear. -It’s the best. He’s such a sweet guy and just
put everyone at ease on set. But it was a funny, I think —
We’ve worked together as actors before,
but never in this capacity. It’s his first film
that he’s directed. And so there was
a learning curve of, like, day one, rehearsal one,
we’re talking about the blocking in a scene. And I was like,
“Honey, do you think I should cross at this time?” And I was like… I was like, “Do you want me
to call you Dave on set, when we’re around the actors?” He was like, “Could you call me
David Franco? I need you to be professional. But we’re a real, like,
“babe”-and-“honey” household. -And it’s hard
to drop out of that. -It was a full
“babe”-and-“honey” set, I will tell you. -So, it was wonderful to you. Do you think other people
enjoyed it, as well, or do you think — ‘Cause I always find, like,
when you’re in a “babe”-and-“honey” relationship,
it’s really great. I think that, like,
right outside that circle… -It’s true. I will talk to some people,
like our show-runners on “Glow,” and I’ll be like, “Isn’t is so
weird in a movie when you see someone
talking about their husband and they say their name?” And they’re like,
“Why is that weird?” I’m like, “Because you’ll just
call them babe or honey.” And they’re like,
“No, I call them by their name when I’m speaking to them.” And I’m like, “Not me, baby.”
-Yeah, not me. “What’s it like to be
in a loveless marriage?” -Exactly.
-Yeah. Hey, thank you so much
for being here. It’s always such a delight
to have you. -Thank you for having me.
-Alison Brie, everyone.

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