Adults React To 9 CRAZIEST 2019 Met Gala Outfits (Tier List)

It reminds me
of a handmaiden. (chuckles) Like, he should be churning butter,
but for someone’s funeral. – If there was something above super,
that’s where she would be, but I’m putting her there
with all the other– she’ll be in good company. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re combining
two of the most viral things on the internet this week:
the 2019 Met Gala… – Ooh! Yes!
– (FBE) …and tier lists. – Okay I know the Met Gala.
– Never heard of tier lists. – People are doing
the food ones a lot. I’ve seen those, yeah. – (FBE) We’ll tell you more
about the tier trend in a second, but the Met Gala
is an annual benefit gala for The Metropolitan Museum
of Art’s Costume Institute, and it’s very well-known
for its crazy fashion. And this year’s theme
for this event was camp. – Camp?
– (FBE) Camp. Not camp like camping, but just camp,
like over the top. – Over the top.
– (FBE) Exactly. – But that’s what
the thing is every year. – (FBE) According to Harper’s Bazaar,
camp is defined as the art of being extra.
– Yes. Ah, camp to me is about total nonconformity.
It’s about being a bigger, better, crazier, weirder
version of yourself. – (FBE) Using the tier system,
you’re going to be ranking the best and the worst fashions
from this ear’s event. – Oh my goodness. Yay! – (FBE) So, first up is Zendaya
in her transforming Cinderella outfit, which was one of the most
talked-about looks online. – She was Cinderella.
That’s pretty cool. Whoa! Oh, it lights up.
– Makes the dress light up? Oh, that’s cool!
I don’t know. I could see someone
doing that for Halloween. – I’m impressed with whoever
put it together. But, I mean, it’s not–
I don’t think it’s very innovative. – It’s very pretty,
and I really liked her outfit, but I don’t think it fits.
I don’t think she stands out as fitting the theme.
– The fact that they had every single detail down
to the glass slipper was perfect. – (FBE) Now, it’s time to place it
on your tier list. For some quick background,
this has been something that’s been making the rounds
for a while but, recently blew up on YouTube specifically
when the creator idubbbz uploaded a video using the tiers
to rank fast food chains. – Oh, really?
– The tier thing is originally like a a competitive
fighting game thing, where people will place characters
in those tiers. And now, it’s just
being used for everything. – (FBE) There are a few
different versions, but we’ll be rating these looks
from S, being the highest rank for super, going through A, B,
C, D, E and ending at F as the lowest rank.
So, where does Zendaya rank on your list?
– All right. I’ll give her a C. – It was a very cool dress.
Lit up, you know? So, there was a factor to that.
So, we’re gonna place her at B. – I’m gonna put Zendaya at A.
– An A for the execution. – She’s gonna get the A,
because she is absolutely amazing. – I’ll do a B for its–
I like the fact that it lights up. – I’m gonna give it a C,
because I’m just gonna go middle, because I don’t think
she fits the theme. – It’s over the top,
but still almost safe in the over-the-top category.
D, I think. – The top position just because
she put a lot of thought into every single movement,
every single action that she made
on the carpet. – (FBE) Here’s the next photo.
– Hm, Katy Perry. Oh my gosh. Give me a little Lumiere,
Beauty and the Beast kind of thing. – She looks like a Pokemon. (laughs)
– This dress follows camp pretty well. It’s over the top.
It’s crazy. She looks like a chandelier,
like she could hang over a dinner table maybe.
– This embodies, I believe, the theme.
She is the center of the room as a chandelier. – (FBE) What tier
would you rank her in? – Well, she’s a frickin’ chandelier,
so she’s obviously gonna be super. – An E.
I do like the dress. She should’ve just wore the dress
and left the chandelier out of it. – I’m gonna be nice,
and I’m gonna give her the B slot, because that is very camp.
– I’m gonna put her in a B, because I actually don’t really
love the outfit, but I think it fits the theme better.
– I’m pointing this in super, bro. This embodies the over-the-topness.
– I’m putting her in the F tier. As far as my definition of camp…
it didn’t go. – (FBE) With these rankings,
you can move ’em around at any point, and they can all be supers
or all Fs based on your opinion. So, feel free to place them…
– (gasps) They can? (gasps) I thought I was trying to– ohhh.
In that case– if that’s the case, we gon’ do some changes. – (FBE) This was Lupita
Nyong’o’s outfit by Versace. – Damn. Man, this is fly.
– Oh my gosh. I love all the like picks
she has in her hair. That’s super cool,
her makeup, her purse. – Yeah, that’s cool. It’s like
a mix between culture and fashion. – This is another
great example for camp. It’s not necessarily my favorite.
I feel like it’s a little bit all over the place.
– I hate this. (laughs) She looks…
like a unicorn hummingbird. I’m not really sure.
– Wow, this is straight-up a look. And I feel like this is
the most campy I’ve s– the most in-theme outfit
that I’ve seen so far. – (FBE) What tier do you think
this should go in? – I think her and Zendaya are gonna
be homies in my in my tier system, – I’m gonna go ahead and put her in F
just ’cause she’s been my least favorite so far.
– The B tier. I personally was a fan.
Just like a very colorful butterfly. – It’d probably be an A,
but I’ll give her a B, ’cause I’m not into the–
I don’t think she needed all those picks
in her head like that. I just think it’s kind of–
I just think it’s silly. – I’m gonna give her a C.
We love Versace. We love Lupita Nyong’o,
brilliant actress, but not exactly what I wanted.
Still on the level of camp. – I’m gonna put this into super also.
This is just over the top. It’s cool to look at. – (FBE) So, as we mentioned,
this tier system has been around on YouTube.
It’s blown up after that idubbbz, you know, fast food video.
Since then, there have been many different versions online,
even some ranking other rank videos. – Oh my gosh! (laughs)
Well, of course! – (FBE) Why is this type of
tiering content something that has become so popular?
– ‘Cause everybody loves to be critical. (chuckles)
It’s like the most fun thing. You can be critical of criticism.
– It’s fun to put things in lists, and this is
a little different than one through ten.
– Everyone loves everyone’s opinion. And to be honest with you,
everyone wants to get the tea on what you thought
about whatever topic. – (FBE) Next is Harry Styles.
– Ohhh, okay. That’s nice. That’s different.
– Oh, I think I saw this. I really don’t like this either.
– Ohh, wow. He looks like a vampire.
I appreciate the androgyny that he’s going for here.
– It reminds me of a handmaiden. Like, he should be churning butter,
but for someone’s funeral. – I love that so many men
now more and more, they’re branching out on the carpet,
and they’re wearing colors and frills and floral patterns.
Clothing is starting to become more gender neutral,
and I think everyone can just wear whatever they want now.
– I’m a big fan of that look. I’m actually gonna put
A rank, man. That was a good look.
– Oh, he’s super. He’s
– Harry Styles deserves an A just because of the way
he executed that outfit and still causing so much noise.
– I’m gonna put Harry Styles at B. It’s so bold for a guy.
It’s sheer. It’s see-through. It has frills.
I love it. – Oh, that’s Jared Leto.
– (FBE) Mm-hmm. – He’s carrying his own head.
I’m confused. – I actually kinda like it.
I like the red dress. I like that he’s basically in drag.
– This is awesome. I know what– they’re pushing
the lines of gender with the event, and I like that,
and it’s cool. – I feel like it is out there,
but it could have done a lot more. – You’re the Joker, bro.
Dye your hair green. Wear some contacts.
Give me a fantasy a little bit more than Jared Leto
and your [bleep] twin that you ate in the womb
on the side of your hip. – I’m gonna have to place him
in D tier. It’s not my favorite look.
It didn’t impress me as much as the other ones.
– I’m gonna give him a B. I like the fact that he’s in a dress,
and I’m a big Jared Leto fan. – Right under Harry.
I want a little bit more originality. – I’m definitely gonna put him
in super, because I just felt like his outfit,
even though it’s kind of creepy, it’s still kind of light-hearted.
– I’m gonna put him at B. It’s courageous,
and it implies that, you know, he’s not afraid to wear a dress
and still feel like a man. I love that. – (FBE) Here is Cardi B’s
red ruby outfit. In an interview
on the red carpet, she said that the two
ruby nipple covers on her dress are worth $250,000,
and she got over 10 people to carry her train.
– She had 10 whole people? Wow. that is quite impressive.
– Wow, that’s a lot of money. That’s insane.
But I mean, it’s beautiful, ’cause you’d be surprised.
Yeah, that’s beautiful. That’s definitely worth it.
– It’s about being the biggest, best bitch you can be,
like showing up with your crew, you know, working it.
– Dude, this has to be super. – I think she looks really beautiful,
so I think I’m gonna give her a super also.
– All day, super. Super all day, every day.
– I’ll give her the S-rank tier. It’s fire.
That’s amazing. – I’m definitely gonna
put that at super, and I wanna say that’s gonna
be my only super. She absolutely killed it.
– She goes to super just for the sheer fact that it took
a team to wear that outfit. – (FBE) This was Billy Porter,
who made a grand entrance to the gala. – Ohhhh.
I stan. I love this. – Whoa! Whoa.
That’s a lot of gold. – Girl! Really?
With the frickin– oh, yeah, yeah. – Wow. This is the ultimate serve.
He’s being carried in! – This is another
great example of camp. It’s a performance, it is a show,
and it’s an iconic moment. – Think I’m gonna place it in B tier.
– Billy Porter’s Egyptian thing will probably have to go up
with the super as well. – I thought Cardi B was
gonna be the only super, but I’m gonna go ahead
and put that one at super, too, just because it’s so–
there’s so much. – Let’s give him an S.
He deserves that. He’s up there with Cardi.
That’s definitely one of the better ones for sure.
– I wanna put him at the same level as Katy Perry,
who I actually think– I will shift them both up to As,
because I think they both– they’re very similar in that
just, like, over-the-top weird way. – Man, I’m gonna have to drop someone
from super, man. It just– ’cause once you put him
at super, it’s hard to really be like, you know, they’re on the same level. – (FBE) Up next is Ezra Miller.
– Insane. Insane. Crazy. So cool.
– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I had to say whoa for
as many times as I saw eyes. That was a lot.
– I like the multi eyes. I don’t necessarily think
it was my favorite, but I appreciate what he was doing.
I like that he decided to not just come in a basic dress.
– I love seeing stuff like this, because I love trying to focus in
on what his actual features are. – He’s got to be
in the S category, superior. – I didn’t think I was
gonna give two out, but I’m placing Ezra Miller
at S rank, man. – Ooh, I’m gonna place that
with Harry Styles. I’m gonna do D.
– I give him an A for– that’s very creative,
and no one else is gonna look like this at the Met Gala.
– Ezra’s gonna definitely go before Jared Leto,
because at least he did something other than a [bleep] matching head.
– Super. Those eyes are amazing. They look so real.
– He’s one of my supers for sure. It’s awesome,
and it’s inspiring. You know, I love fashion myself.
I love makeup myself. So, I get inspired all the time.
And it’s just a nice escape, really. – (FBE) Lastly, we have Lady Gaga,
who stunned the crowd with four different outfits…
– Of course should would. – (FBE) …all revealed
on the red carpet. – Was it just all layered?
– Was it underneath, drag queen style? That’s awesome.
– Lady Gaga brought four outfits, dude
and changed within 15 minutes. Impressive.
– Uhhhhh… This is just peeling off clothes.
That’s it to me. – She’s very pretty,
but I just don’t think she fits the theme at all.
– This is my reaction. She started off as a lady,
and she stripped down to the original Gaga
that we all fell in love with. It was a story.
– I’m gonna put her next to Jared Leto.
– I’m not too into the pink dress. But I do like the makeup.
I’ll give her a B. I’m gonna put her in with Zendaya
because of the same reason. I thought they both
looked very beautiful, but I didn’t think they fit the theme.
– She’s gonna go with awesome. I like all her little details,
and I like the eyelashes. The eyelashes are definitely
the most impressive part. – If there was something above super,
that’s where she would be, but I’m putting her there
with all the other– she’ll be in good company
in super for sure. – I mean, she’s got to be
up there in the S category. She brought four looks.
Everybody just brought one look. So, she’s the queen for real.
– I don’t think anyone on this list did horrible, but some people
just absolutely killed it. And also, my personal preference,
some of them just look really awesome. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Adults React. Shout out to Yellowpotatoww.
– If you liked these outfits, then hit that Like button.
– What should we rank next? Let us know in the comments.
– Thanks for watching. Bye! – Hi, guys. JC here,
producer at FBE. Did you know that FBE
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