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you it was also not a dummy so sorry Emily the Sahara Potter's publisher was not alone in his ultimate activities on the reference there are some facts linking the deputy national chairman help others to the axe particularly with the inflow of illegal foreign funds into the party am personally returning same in contravention of section 2 2 files sub 3 & 4 of the 1999 Constitution as amended together with other members of the National Executive Committee of the party as listed below number one mr. Bahari polari module admins the national leader Abhimanyu Antony Kakuma as official member Sydney Osman national youth deputy coordinator Ellen read in a little depth in national treasure a gem a Samuel olafemi national treasure Oberlin a Rodney Jacob deputy national chairman Southwest Montana other Adamu deputy national organizing secretary at la is a mohammed deputy national youth leader accordingly and spell to the article 52 sub K of the constitution of this great party generic friend addy failure of the national chairman the deputy national chairman help us and the other end members of the neck to hold convened summon the statutory quarterly meeting of the net allowing illegal inflow foreign funds into the party I'm personally returning same in contravention of our Constitution so good evening people that just a summary of it well I laugh a lot I know but this is not a laughing matter let's get going the time well the the let me quickly tribe are going into it I've been busy since Sunday today's Monday right we business in Saturday yesterday I wasn't able to come online at all because I was busy with some things right so today yesterday I was able to come online today I came back very late and I came to the I just saw some messages on my phone bolting in like what's happening is friendship you know it cannot be the problem like I don't even know about it so well let's get grounded no time you see number one the persons who gather themselves in Abuja to host this conference I understand had initially been suspended by especially the person addressing the conference mr. Luna do know that Messi had already been suspended from the party for you know impropriety and all of that that's number one I think as a way of getting there are two things I can immediately link I can immediately link these two things number one the presence to suspended by the party for they are incongruous you know nefarious whatever as the party has put it we angry I wanted to be about assuring last one that's one possible thing but the second which was which is more like a jocular no more political thing is the fact the the understanding that Sahara post has published yesterday exclusive audio leaked of CBN governor may Phyllis you know involvement in some shady 500-million era fraud something and today there's a quick in a media conference addressed by the affected presence both the President Bush are suspended and other members I mean other presses brought together now the emphasis may mr. Luna do or the person addressing the conference the the 500 billionaire okay thank you for that correction Emanuel Joseph now you would notice that it was emphasizing on me specially for Bashar Sahara reporters meaning that they are not actually getting a Sharif obituary all right but for being publish out that's a higher importance it so you can link it to okay we understand so the the girls they have we showed MIT because it's publishers are reporters that was published don't also forget that even a guy Charlie boy if your father recently also went online to say one of the things he had against your it was because she reused these are reporters surest she'll rest aha reports are published the GAO just tape that he collected money then the question is very sure we have evidence that you are collecting money and not publish the cost is friend plus number one question number two question is why would somebody does been suspended from the party for something that is clearly anti ideological to the parties findings or you know founding principles now come back to see they are owning the party now I want to suspend the Chairman or the founder of the party funny right okay now let's talk us to quorum what pacings suspending sugar from the party what are the local stand a person's either suspended already and now coming back anyways all of this one's on one side now that is an update already Sharia already said you suspend me you suspend me okay no problem you had a suspension before now you have been expelled I'm a jerk too much right but you know what on a good day this is I just decide to come online and quickly address it because it's trending topic and I knew that be one of those I've been following the is the unsure thing from time I should not just let it go one go and sleep you know on tired already I came later on well I know but I have to quickly address it now what are the following things beside the following are the things I have to say about it you see number one number one thing is ordinarily I don't know expansion rate so at this pace it's not it's a stream it's not necessary alright because we already are so many people would trust and believe in the ideology so why we did it with this effort trying to address it because some people like to address it now already by now this if I even me and also address this kind at all this kind of thing for what we are talking about rescue in this country some people are gathering themselves because of money see let's go back to the question of money and I want to quickly tell history you see the story is you see him I remember the story of one and this is to do that up grouping themselves grouping themselves up to fight the ideology the new emerging ideology for the country to get better because of selfish again this personal aggrandizement it's not going to work for all of you now let me see this the story of a man who taught his wife the whole baby please from all indications I may not last any further than this but see it promise me one thing said the wife said what said if I die all the Swiss bank in this in that please God all of them let them bury me with the money because he loves money so much a kind of function with our money now sir okay no problems so promise me the wife promised him says where least everything they could be Bible the Koran everything this war it was not sure that he was very him with the money so eventually died and the D for the Berea was here by the time they were conducting the Borya the wife came and said please before you cover the ground there is something I promised him enough to fulfill they said what is it she then stepped back deepening our back then brought out and then we looked she dropped it and he said you mean oculus is the closed it is cemented and everybody left so they were now asking somebody was not asking ha excuse me don't tell me you eventually then buried yours van with all those money I just stupid do Madame Han said well I promised him and I have to do it but guess what I collected all the money put them in my bank my accounts and I wrote a check that is what is in the envelope a check to the tune of all the money it's what is in the envelope so I fulfilled my promise now if there is a bank in the grief or in the spirit world Mary is going to cash the money let him wash it but if there is none then that means I'm sorry it is not possible to bury somebody with their money because it's no with you there was no video would spend it in the grief and I was the hint ladies and gentlemen the other day I was talking about lima d looking for money up and down yes made it low a lot of money already yes I'm going to give you money disposal your consolidate all of the young made money country started looking at legacies please can we start looking at building a country I always know remember city because of how much money he had the reality is that I will always probably know the richest person in his time and I will repeat it again Jesus Christ was not a witches in his time somebody reminded me here there somebody betrays me already here there was Pontius Pilate that was the richest in their time but who remembers poncho splendid from what she had in the accounts when he died who remembers somebody for him was the idea country indeed I teenager now what's faladi riches in his time who remembers who is talking about much-maligned lives in his accounts when he died who talks about it today we don't talk about we talk about legacies please so if the opinion you wanted to go on discredit the party or discredit something that is see let me tell you nothing can stop by an idea or ideology whose time has come the time has come at this time cannot be addressing an issue I should know address it up I pointed sure I should not even come out and talk about forget ignore them continue what you're doing damn machine thing good fine we went to machine you know like britta'd people that I've been around I molested or you know extorted by police fine I love that continue let's see you in another community tomorrow do your thing forget others element Nigeria needs show right now not all those elements excuse me so it should I should I even bother but don't address it in this area suspended you didn't have the person so somebody understand specialist the process of splendid chairman and the Chairman already in response sees cookie you were not suspension before now you have been exposed to and it's the effects with j2p Pope irani you know they were already looking for out to do it element I don't align with the ideology of new Nigeria when the party media planted themselves in the party so not idea brought themselves out it's just normal to just explore them that's what you ready to them you know all right so that's just on one side but let us talk to ourselves I'm not even interested in all those elements we can't they can't distract anybody the reality is that we need to start capturing people for tired of the next maybe not election maybe revolution we need to start addressing people who need to start talking to people we have we society is busy if you saw the last classes the way I'm thinking now is beyond all of these things I'm thinking about jump that did it taste alright and then one point something million people one point something mini resorts minimum point something million candidates I think about one point six or so and the country only has capacity to admit about six hundred thousand students what do you think weapons about six hundred thousand rest of them all right what do you think will happen to the rest of them nothing they'll just go and join the shock of chakras grand generals that are smoking under the bridge and all of that those are the people we need to start capturing those are the people we need to start rescuing I had of the next election or next revolution what whichever one is going to happen first so I'm not interested in somebody somebody says they want to expressway or something that's their problem in fact they have been up in the party time making a party more popular the reality is that all of this ministry media in the Indian Terry more urban issue were not interested in sure because yet the ideology of the the new phenomenon is probably going to is probably going to strip all of them in the mainstream completely off all right it was strip all of them off so that's on one side but now mainstream media is interested channels TV is reporting is especially yes given our is pre-dated children experience airing all right ponch already did two reports already today on a saloon yes he's getting grounded so people are asking question people didn't even believe or even now some people call this kind of thing some people call this kind of the system problem they say well when something wants to blow for the first time it would teeth like Minich child wants to grow the obesity problem right okay fine I call it phases of developments in we developmental approach you know things that will happen you know radically for the development work or you know if these things don't happen you to know group so it's good there will be challenges developmental challenges she's lucky so he's looking for some people to gather themselves and say they want to experiment issue found out the party and all that so it's okay but it's not my addict know I'm never supposed to be doing this both just to look at how we can you start to climb on from here I'm not a member of the pattern I'm not asking for any position in the party you know I'm just one person who is interested in a better country like most of you are abroad to are not necessarily members of the party but who are fans of the ideology does to raise driving in the same way I am I'm not interested in the party alright I'm not interested in the party okay I'm interested in the party I'm interested in what does the content of what you're insane how this country are this country will move forward so I'm not interested in some people gather themselves we seen the exponential rise on my business it's not my problem in life that's not my problem lies down program they have collected the I'm on a good luck to them all right let them go to Dubai and enjoy it let them wanna enjoy the money I'm not interested okay but what I'm interested in is in the content of what Sharia is actually preaching which is my own interest which is the interest of all of you that coming from abroad and since a clerk and a contributor we want it to be better that is your interest – alright so I'm not interested in what are the elements in the party that by distraction or is there a problem so tomorrow I may decide to stop for ensuring one condition the condition that the philosophy that is driving in and the ideology and the party changes if he changes him you'll forget that when I started this thing when I started this thing I followed guru Tory I followed my heart whisper Hornets and I followed you to his town I follow surety system homies and I followed units at sea today inside with her I followed different people because I'm interested in efficient PDP we have scindia rules and rings now Charette came up and among all the new generation of spirited specialists one consistent guy okay sure as no consistent guy we can all bank on you know I'd not sure prior to election don't make mistake I think it was the initial representation I'd known true to me it doesn't know a new improv selection and I know all of them only Mahalo I only knew a little about him with respect to the profile he had as CB n deputy governor wrote on okay but I knew she read with some consistencies it will try election as the one-on-one I knew him all right but they want to base the supports on sentiment of a new I based it on football of them see what content they are bringing all right because I'm an objective person if I want to decide before I take it this issue it takes time and I just have you that been following since that time you would know I remember so most of us yeah I should decide for these decide for that decide for the essay come I'll present what I discover about all of these people I would I'll present what I discovered by following them in their natural setting on my own cost and I'll let you see and I was going from prestige to please all right and I was going from place to place all right from place to place I was going and I was getting results and I was did the other day I went in like Anastasia raised no pop nonunion like some people are taxing you in this shoe yes or no another time I came on stage show restraint lies in his energy and genuineness but that but that it was not necessarily converting people some people are attacking you in this show but you saw the result in in action now she be uh-huh I'm an objective person another they do you know I reduced it because I know personal because I'd know she right before the election I was in fact let me review to you tonight I used to freelance with Sahara reporters I don't do a little bit to do I used to feel anxious I reporters I walk – sorry protests I work with national I didn't sleep I freelance for a number of media outreach dense financial a one-on-one do you get it boy I will not base my support for somebody based on said on walkathon and I don't do it I was doing my work and I was presenting it for everybody to see all right so let's get to the comment somebody's already accusing me here she'll go you no longer read comments I'll read now I'm sorry I just wanted to quickly exhaust my views right Google since you are not objective used to work for sorry but I already said that now a little ah I already said that Victor some people that was following everybody's things up on you know alright so those of you that I've been following this channel from the beginning already know what it seemed is about I won't say because I know you wanna wanna I will now defend you know I don't know do that in fact even forget forget you already know people in APC done whatever to work for them I'm money D I know do you understand it I think we would see money and she doesn't want to work it is only the person would beliefs no it's not about money do you get it so I walked with you ran without any for people I said it before I worked with you Ray as if freelance reporters are reporters and it was not only sorry but as I worked with I worked with national daily newspaper in fact the point I was almost working with premium times but because I got engaged given that media go too busy I feel as with the number of meters it was not only sure you can't say put it to factory this weekend was what I did to being I just have for that country is anything gonna work I didn't learn why I did your credits not going back her forever last time we should see let's look forward how do we capture young people well I have an update for you people the orbit is that already set up it seemed we are going to be God gonna start going to secondary schools starting from Legos alright starting from the girls are going to start moving from school to school to talk to your people already assembled it seems somebody that's going to be addressing only any pregnancy I do Li st. childbearing somebody that would be addressing students on effects of drug abuse somebody on carry a talk and then civics for persons so we are going to start wind from school to school and we need support we are not going to wait until 50 first of all constant before we start we will start with our own resources maybe some people want us want to be a convinced before they start sending their donations but we are casually excited as we speak but your idea by Jo wants okay so but if you want to support let us know this is the number on the screen those of you that are looking to support this idea doesn't number please do what's up let us do the accent which motor support we need resources family cannot pretend about that okay we need resources won't start way from place so please please please we are going to be Bob Arden you know use any way we can find them anywhere we can find it because we can't wait we cannot wait to six months relation before we start in up and and again I think I have mentioned this over time already you cannot start waiting until election we have to start now so we have to start going from school to school from school to school from place to place all right so that is the idea so that's the number to reach me and I'm closing the show already it's past 9:00 I don't want it to be too long because all for the benefit of the people who are always on a play bathroom and not like we're live so that when you are playing in the back it is not to knock for them some people do definitely look at this I don't use a video before they click and watch so if it is too long some people don't want to all right estoy lui only this is so you will not do your school's program on da da SC I am Not sure hmm I'm not sure that it is in the Prague zoo as a party all right I'm not also sure that we need to wait for the party I'm not sure that we need to wait for the party throughout their own approval Oh schematic thing so look at what is happening the party for instance am I going to be reaching full of that when things are already happening in the country we are not going to with the parts of definitely have young programs or set of programs but everybody needs to be on their toes and do down step with individual things for the sake of the country all right I didn't lead if you're gonna Radley all the staff was together and they were achieved it go okay because for instance the party may not be able to do studying things I'll give an example if you want to go from school to school getting approval to go to public schools will not be easy especially if you if you attach the particular political party do not give you a proverb then if you have done things with secondary school for instance some of you understand it we have done things with secondary schools you will understand that public schools I mean you understand that you need approval from here to here to here they do ministry for Ministry of Education on this commission at is that do not approve we the moment in no or the autocracy particular political party they can identify with the political parties so we want to do something completely neutral talking about Julie st. reproductive health le Chatelier in a night effects carriers who do Corrado will talk about drug abuse also avoided also live responsible life in that process we then introduce civics and leadership they will not be asking questions as to what do you think youíd if fine with this country as it is now don't you think if you don't participate in politics they will not by encouraging them to as they are getting to 18 and above this one will enchiridion to go and get their voters cut and teach them which I'll give them examples of how far $5,000 green is on the country as then start hiding them then giving them resources online what's read as we leave them you understand what I'm talking about we are not gonna reveal oh the strategies here okay so that's the idea we are I'm sorry you are not gonna talk it to get back we are not going to talk it try get back not like the program take it back who knows I get to see it has to be completely neutral okay because it will not be approved even oh Allah or if you mention anything that as I finish on which school you also understand this politics is not just I feel it is you have to be tactical you understand so we know that nobody is nobody in this country that does not understand that this country not itself a revolutionary change but you have to be tactically penetrates in places on people I'm not supposed to be revealing some of these things and I will not still review the entirety of it but we know what we are talking along we know we I dream I hope you understand what I'm saying so we also starts do you know of these things so it does not to be Anais he doesn't have to be on that ticket back but we know what we are doing although shoots you can start talking to your family members for instance different well to start talking to their own in the words and all that in fact part of the program was which I want to start going to new stands people that always argue at the newspaper stand every morning we ought to start going there and start to work in conversations about for instance if I had my wish tomorrow morning our example it's in one like stream people arguing you know the point reports to date tomorrow morning another newspapers that will be reporting or happening easy to D this will be our guinea tomorrow morning what to start like streaming what is up in a newspaper stand people are going to be like nah it's okay I don't think this ocean where cannabis Australia like that always starts in rights surely should be suspended you understand it we have to be strategic it's not just about to we have to put it on our head attorney see no doesn't work on this is Nigeria you will frustrate you so before they know anything you don't do your walk you don't you understand so I'm not going to bring it on the IEC I'm not going to bring it on that take it back all right we have to be strategic that is the idea so we need supports we need funding again this is the number do what's up and let us know what we are doing I didn't really do any of this effort so far have not changed and I don't think there's any point X actually changes if you read does not change my reality is to decide geology and it's not about him as a person it's about what he represents all right it represents she represents my aspiration as a young man and I want to see in you Nigeria so it's not about because she raised a fight about not a female so you know if I were to ditch you it did you get it it's not about what I shouldn't a fine boy or what I because he lived in New York or wherever because is this or that I'm not interested I'm interested in that thing he represents that ideology died there our content and hey it represents my own aspiration true I hope you get it so let's just forget about all this you know useless talks of let's talk about our contributions are distractions will are you distracted Judas no no distracted so that is the point and I think we have tried someone's 9:30 p.m. we should we should go now right let's go as it is my practice you know I think I want to do fella I want to do I want to do my friend my dog pop would be good before

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  1. It is better addressed cos all the anti sowore that want to rubbish his good work but the devil their master will disgrace them .All the way with takeitback AAC.

  2. You can Never Achieve That Your Desire with Sowore, Because, He is Just a Noise Maker. Segun, Know that Only REGIONAL GOVERNMENT Can Save Nigeria and it's People. So Start Campaigning For REGIONAL GOVERNMENT. The UNITATRY Government is Suicidal, Genocidal, and EVIL. Or Convince Sowore to Start Campaigning For it. No Person, Either From Yoruba, Hausa / Fulani, or Ibo, Can Save Nigeria with The Unitary System. This is The TRUTH Segun.

  3. So Far So Good I've Been Watching Your Uploads With Keen Interest Can't See Any Floors As It Stands Keep It The Narrative As It Unfolds Out Of Curiosity As A Freelance Reporter Who Worked For Various Media Outfits Have You Heard Of A Gentleman On Social Media Called Adeyinka Grandson What Is Your View Regarding His Ideology.

  4. Segun you are making a lot of effort to defend Sowore. Never did you even consider the possibility of Sowore being “guilty” of what he’s accused of. Dis cult-like followerships often ends badly as history has shown.

  5. Who sponsored the man in google to be saying all this rubbish? Sowore we know is honest ,straight forward and very respectable man. Sowore for life.

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