A week in the life of a Creative Studies and Media student -with Lewis

Hello there and welcome to this. What is this?
This is my room on a Wednesday afternoon because I’ve just finished having a house viewing
which you will get used to as a university student when you live in a house. Your landlord
will you know try and sell the house to future students, you’ll get used to that! Anyway,
my name is Lewis and I’m about to show you a week in my life kind of heavily edited and
probably with less of the stress that you might expect. So I started recording this
bit and I didn’t realise that there was music from High School Musical playing in the background
because that’s the show we’re going to be putting on and it’s not copyright friendly
so everything I say in this..cut it, just cut the whole thing. Hello everyone, everyone
talks a lot here. I’m here with my friend Nadine who is also the Director for a play
we’re doing, there are many besides these that you can join when you head up…she loves
Chinese food, that’s very important… write that down! There are many sort of societies
that you can join when you head up to Uni. It’s a lot of fun, some places offer them
for free. In most places you might have to pay but you pay for the upkeep and pay
for better quality things so it’s all well and good. Be sure to go to a fair where all
the societies will sort of pitch themselves to you and maybe you’ll find one you like.
who knows! In the first week i’d say join as many as you can and see what you’re interested
in, give it a month or two.I mean i’m still in this Drama Society and I can barely act.
This is a sight that you’ll definetely get used to seeing at Uni…I’m making a Youtube
video for the University…This is my friend Abbey. Oh, I thought you were talking to me.
My friend and housemate Abbey and I are up to our knees, up to our necks really in work
which of course is what you sign up for and that’s what today has been pretty much. Good
Fun. Good fun. I’m out with my society friends as usual I don’t have any other friends! Great
tip for University though to fully enjoy yourself is don’t force someone to drink if they don’t
want to because at that point you’re just a horrible person.I’m having a wonderful time
and I’ll probably see you tomorrow.Bye! So they say all work and no play makes Jack a
dull boy so I’m taking a break and playing some Batman Arkam City…this is basically
my Saturday. Yeah…productive! But what are you going to do? We were doing the dance moves
for um Get Your Head in The Game from High School Musical and again I’m not aloud to
show you the audio…why, why do they pick me to do this job? Wow look at us go! Is this
a production of the Crucible or Peeky Blinders the stage version? Alas we may never know!
I mean you might..come and buy tickets please! Look everyone, it’s a production week for
Crucible and I’m wearing a hard hat cos I’m such a hard thinker. It’s a lot of work that
goes into…now i’m cool! So everyone says “Hey Lewis how’s your Tuesday going?” Well I
just paid for a packet of prawn cocktail and I can’t get it! The thing went round and look
at it! it’s just suspended. I’m having a horrible day! Thank you for all being here with me
on this madness. It’s been a very busy week and I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing in my despair
and confusion…um…if you would like to see more, please hit the subscribe button
and see some more weeks in more uni lives with other lovely people on this channel and
I’ll see you some other time.Bye!

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