A Strange Time For Fashion | Uncensored with Michael Ware

NARRATOR: From Welsh girl
from an unknown fly speck of an island to supermodel. Darling, hello. I’m Michael. You look like you’re in hell. I’m sorry. You can see it in
your eyes, darling. And [inaudible] a camera. [inaudible] Hold it, let me drag you away. NARRATOR: In the end, a defining
cultural icon of our times. As ageless art director
of American “Vogue,” she is fashion’s version
of a literary giant. I’ve got to admit, I’ve had some
butterflies about all of this. Oh, no. You mean about
fashion generally. Well, that’s a separate issue. No, I’m talking about
meeting Grace Coddington, because it’s like meeting any
great leader in their field. Hey, it’s like–
– Oh, no. NARRATOR: –when I meet
one of the great Taliban– No, no, no, I’m not that. When I meet a great
Taliban commander, I get a little bit nervous–
– Well– –or a four-star general. –yeah, I would be too. It’s the same. You know, I mean, you
are Grace Coddington. I mean, how do you carry that? Forget “Vogue” and forget– Don’t ask me
questions like that. [inaudible] Well, tell me about
fashion, all right? I’m a stranger in
a strange land. I’ve been here a week. I think I know less
than when I arrived. Probably, yeah. It’s confusing. Does any of this
thing have any meaning? I think we’re all more
lost than we were before. We’re at a very strange moment
in fashion at the moment. Has fashion ever been
under such assault, if I may use that word, before? Because it’s coming
from you and me– I think every so often
it is, and it does, and one has to ask the question. I can’t remember it being in
such a kind of strange place. And it’s a cultural thing. It’s not just the fashion thing. So all this is
happening, because of all the different things
that are happening in the world. To wear clothes that are
extreme and very fashiony doesn’t feel right
now, because it’s not that moment in the
political situation or the cultural situation. Obviously, it affects fashion. It does. Fashion’s not like
a little island. Well, this is precisely one of
the burning questions I’ve had is about that interface between
history or culture and fashion. Right now we live in a
relatively dark political age– Yeah. –where Paris can blow
up at any moment, Brussels can blow up at any moment. Fashion can offer
us an escape or it can offer us an expression of
that mood or it can offer us– It should offer
all those things. –a reflection. Yeah. And it does. It does? And what we’re seeing
now is exactly that. It’s a reflection of
all the insecurities and the darkness and all
those different things that you mentioned. You really think it is, yeah? Yeah, I do.
I do. Because that’s been
a little pet theory. As a outsider, it’s nothing. No, you get it, even
though you’re not really a fashion person, you know. Don’t you love
the way she looked at me when she said that? Oh, my god.

43 thoughts on “A Strange Time For Fashion | Uncensored with Michael Ware

  1. to every troll that tells nat geo to just stick to geography…THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN REPORTING ABOUT HUMANS…ive been reading national geographic magazine for 44 years now and its always been more about sociology than geography…ignorant people making statements about an organization they know nothing about…THAT PROVES YOU ARE IGNORANT TROLLS…that have never used this amazing science resource and quite frankly, cant…these people really cant fully understand this forum just like you cant tell an ant she lives on a planet

  2. yo nationalgeographic turn back on the bumbaclatt comments for the gender retardation video im not playin ! im.gonna switch to a raging gorrilla right now i swear

  3. Is it just just me…or does the guy look like he is on something or sorta drunk? i dont think he is very professional when doing an interview for National Geographic…. (Just my opinion)

  4. "hey, let's give the interviewer more coke. His demeanor isn't atrocious enough and he doesn't do enough interruptive hand gestures."

    WTF did I just watch, and what the hell did they do in a 3 minute vid that wasn't basically a 10 second statement?

  5. NatGeo uploads videos of parasites crawling out of an infected caterpillar and nobody bats an eye, NatGeo uploads a video about a fashion icon who has grown to have a more prominent forehead and y'all loose your shit. Grow up.

    (I enjoy both types, the ones with infected caterpillars AND the ones with inspiring fashion icons!)

  6. This was a lovely video. Not only do our fashion trends effect us they play a roll in our surrounding and effects how we create and live. People think that if they don't dress in an unconventional way that they aren't a part of these things or they don't matter, but their choice in clothing represents just as much as someone who dresses in drag or goth.

  7. I've worked in the fashion industry for 27 years now. This is a very refreshing and interesting point of view. Worth the watch whether your in the biz or not.

  8. she is right, I have noticed the same feeling not to dress up at night like we did 5 years ago. it doesn't feel right to even wear anything that yell expensive and brand new, even in the free kingdom of the streets. fashion reflects the collective.

  9. actually clothes are now almost entirely utilitarian and only those well protected can be fashionable or those with a great sense of fun !!!!

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