A Millionaire's Lifestyle!

just arrived in New York I've been picked up by this amazing limo I was like fate of that were you look just drinking some some water and we are on the way to a hotel which I'm very excite see room I think we just won okay 21:15 I think we've got sweet so don't have a look Wow Oh foreign living room God living room look it's you look at this view oh my life it is electric electric curtains electric lights Wow Wow that is man there's a coffee machine look beard a little bit champagne don't mind if I do got some chocolates and water this is amazing I don't think I've ever stayed in the room like this before I just can't get the beauties left Central Park that is Central Park right there check out this bathroom this is overlooking New York this is incredible I've got some here shower my shower oh my gosh this man that's like in Japan or what an incredible room so this is pretty crazy I've never stained their mothers before I feel amazingly lucky and the reason I'm here is that I'm testing the millionaires prize but you guys can win all you need to do is enter the July's mega Friday and I'll leave all the information in the description for you guys to check out but you can be doing this trip and it's crazy and this is just the beginning we have left the hotel and we've come to the one World Trade Center to go to the top but now I'm very excited about this and also a little bit nervous because we are literally going all the way there you ready first let's do it No and pirates tickets we got through really quickly but this is amazing it's like a kind of a experience okay like different movies loads are kind of like people talking about the the to our trade centers and now we're going through this like what is this like a caveman fat the foundations here we go bro about this leftism is super fast I was changing like it's changing as we go out all my English my ears this is amazing welcome to one world observatory underneath oh this is just getting crazy please stand for the far ends of the theater filling out the Tigers face the presentation will begin in just a moment see forever this is a bit like the sky as well in a moment just looks so incredible right well that was amazing that's head down bro boom but we are back in the real world that was unbelievable that's definitely one of the best things I've ever done because I was kind of didn't ever II didn't know what to expect and it was amazing experience I didn't forget up there at all actually I thought was gonna feel a little bit scared but it was totally fine I felt super safe and I loved there good morning New York at that you okay that's was unbelievable so much fun I got some really good shots how good was that say so moody isn't it and we had like our own private tours it's just jake and i in the helicopter with the pilot right that was so good so joking I've just been in the spa at the hotel and it is amazing we were doing when the hot tub but the best thing about it is this incredible view is unbelievable it is so amazing being in a swimming pool up this high okay so Jake and I freshened up we put some shirts on because we are heading to Eleven Madison Park which this restaurant here now I think was this the fifth best restaurant in the world that's man so we're doing like a four-hour tasting menu and I'm so excited to check this food out this is so just been self course 3r whitefish salad so Frank right so far it's just so incredible it's amazing right let's get stuck in make it make your own salad this is freshly grated camera which is unbelievable with all little different ingredients here as it's kind of all mishmash and kind of this is a Boston savory dish I just have the most amazing school breakfast box and what is is different travelers will face he got to guess so we have just finished dinner has to be one of the most incredible dining experiences I've ever done amazing amazing amazing restaurant what did you think bro I will never never had food like that in my entire life and this is our last night in New York and then getting a car to the airport tomorrow so this is our ride to the airport our trip is nearly over but my name is on that oh yeah

23 thoughts on “A Millionaire's Lifestyle!

  1. stupid guys without any taste (clothing) and manners (oh, look at thas) in a hotel. With ugly beards. Go home to mom.

  2. Luke 6:24 King James Version (KJV)
    24 But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation.(reward)

  3. I like how he says "oh my life" instead of calling his name in vain lol I love it whoever reads this you may be blessed onto internal wealth , health , and happiness 😌💸💸 have a blessed day

  4. dude really the 5th best restaurant serves the smallest dishes in the world really wtf man and you gotta pay like more then a hundred like dude i rather eat mc donalds for an entire year but srsly though the food looks shit you would have a nice food experience but not me

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