‘90210’ Stars Hilariously Relive Their Iconic ’90s Fashion Staples

Good job.>>90210 on fox, the ’90s style was really part of the plot line. Here’s what happened when you took the cast on a little fashion flash back.>>If we didn’t –>>Why do you have the sunflower on your head?>>Because it was in. Hello.>>I was on point, let me tell you.>>Lasting a decade on our television screens, 90210 had no shortage of memorable ’90s fashion moments. There were some the cast would want to forget.>>What happened?>>No, I didn’t wear that.>>Look at you.>>That is her with a bra and no — nothing else.>>What is happening? No, no, no, that’s away with that.>>And in school, too.>>Yeah, you’re not supposed to wear a belly shower to school, hello.>>Tori was no stranger to the bare midriff.>>I look bad as hill. I have a cold chain on my tummy.>>I love the hat.>>The girls often took style cues from each other. Case in point, Kelly and Brenda.>>I just remember being jealous Shannon was wearing those gloves because I thought they looked so cute with it.>>What’s crazy is I wore the same prom dress and there was a three shot and I was cut out of it. I was so upset.>>I love Brian’s look. I think his was great. I’m shocked and devastated I wore that.>>Gabrielle’s biggest regret, mom jeans, a trend that’s had a recent re1r50i68.>>I rocked them again. They’re not comfortable. I don’t know why we rocked them then. Oh, my god.>>We laugh now about mom jeans. That’s all that was made during that time. Those were jeans. All of them looked like mom jeans, so it wasn’t like we made a specific choice of I’ll take the mom jeans and I’ll take — it was like I’ll — we’re all wearing jeans.

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