8 Fashion Hacks You Should Know! Short vs Tall Girls!

Hey guys it’s your girl Ally welcome back to my channel today I have
my photographer friend Aditi, she’s back! Today it might be really fun to do
a styling video where we style five different pieces that are super trendy
for the winter time and share with you outfits for short girls. so I’m
5’3″ what about you, 5’7″ she’s obviously short! comment below your height done below. I wouldn’t know how to tell you guys are 2 you guys want us to
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button here or down below so without further ado let’s get into the office we as a short girl I always avoid wearing
oversized coats and jackets because I’m afraid overwhelmed my body but I found
the key is to balance it with proportions and tighter fitting clothes
underneath keep on doing what you do do what you do just keep on the common misconceptions that call
girls can’t wear heels but I say wear what you want and with confidence you
can rock anything try to express yourself in your way no problem like you just I feel like sweater dresses and over
lady boots work perfectly together but when you’re short over the knee boots
tend to kind of look like the high boots but my trick here is to just fold it
down about an inch or two and it’ll definitely fit you a lot better when you
kiss me love it when we touch every time you you make me smile you’re the
solution so when I show for sweater dresses I
like to go one size up just to make sure they’re not too short on me I like to go
oversized as well so that always helps and it’s a little bit too short still I
put a skirt underneath just to make sure nothing they don’t want showing a show never meet someone like you you know you
have a reason reason why I feel like I can fly I need to show you guys that as a short
girl and tall girl we can both wear rompers so this one’s super fun and
festive I feel like a super cute private school girl and a DD didn’t want to wear
this one because it gave her PTSD from when she actually went to private school
I mean raise your hand if you went to public school couldn’t afford it does
this overall dress is kind of a bit longer I opted for a pair of high heels
just to elongate my legs and make me look taller I feel like a pair of boots
would definitely cross my legs and it would not look as good as compared to
having heels I’m on my way I’m in motion as a short
girl I love wearing skirts because it elongates my legs and enhances them and
makes them look a lot longer than they actually are and I can’t promise Santa’s come in the
visit no he wouldn’t miss in Christmas for a DTS outfit she’s wearing these
baggy mom jeans and I think she really pulled it off because she kept it
monochromatic and then she added on the pop of prints with the cheetah belts I
feel like even though it’s bad year she could definitely pull it off Christmas in there’s another Christmas we’re gonna do
it okay so now I wanted to talk about a few of our struggles of the tall girl
and the short girl because I’m obviously the tall one totally honestly like for
me when I was like growing up in the tallest when I was always kind of
insecure I’d be told oh my guy friend when I was shopping it was great cuz if
I wanted buy a pair of cropped jeans like would capris were em and just want
a pair of pants that fit me thank you it’s fine like you know make it work for
your self confidence is key I always tried to follow those fashion rules and
I thought oh certain like longer coats are longer with mini dresses never
really looked good so I just avoided that whole category of clothing if
you’re like jeans are always too long and the tops are oddly like a tunic top
when me and when I wear crop tops I like up to here and like the dream come up to
my calves really great but that you do live in LA so network says okay oh my
sleeves are always way too short for me I always buy sides up so I can like pull
it down like this oh that’s not doing that it’s like all my sleeves are just I
don’t want my hate to hold me back yeah so I just try to address somewhere
outside my comfort zone yeah me too like when it comes to heels means like that I
always avoid them when I was young right now and be taller my friend so that’s
already the tall one but you know I feel confident in heels so I just grow them
anyways thank you so much for watching again and be sure to follow @dt on
instagram i’ll have her link down below I love you guys all so so much and I
will see you next time bye wow I so tall guys what is going on all right
let’s see them socks Oh with the same size feet I swear it wait there we go okay we unintentionally match today okay
I always throw the ugliest thought see my email good woman

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  1. My dream is to one day go to Japan. I have a friend that has gone and he always posts such amazing photos and I find the culture there to be cool and unique.

  2. I'm 5'8.. I guess it's not actually that tall, but all my friends are super short and I feel awkward about my height

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