5 Words To Improve Your Real Estate English Writing Style

Do you have to write market reports in
English and want to improve your writing style? Do you catch yourself using the
same words over and over again and want to sound more professional, more fluent and
more native speaking when writing in English? Do you want to improve your
real estate English vocabulary? If the answer is yes, this video will show you
how to do just that. Hey everyone, it’s Jennie from Real Estate English Academy, the place for real estate experts to boost their English. If you’re new to this channel, please subscribe and hit the bell for notifications. In this video, I’m going to give you five words that will elevate your English, improve your
writing and boost your real estate English vocabulary. And help you communicate more professionally and fluently with clients and colleagues alike.
Let’s dive right in. Sentence number one Can you think of a better way to say “went up strongly?” One way to describe a strong, upward trend of rental prices is to say Other verbs you could use here
include “to surge,” “to soar,” and to “shoot up.” Let’s move on to sentence number two. Can you think of a better way to say this? One way to improve this
sentence would be to say Other words you could use here are “inflated” or “exorbitant.” That brings me to our next sentence,
which describes the result of sentence two. Sentence number three Can you think of a term that would fit here? The word I’m thinking of is “bubble.” Expressions that are typically used with the word “bubble” include Let’s move on to sentence
number four. Can you think of a professional way to express “at a low?” How about You could also say that real estate prices are in a trough
or have reached the bottom. Now let’s move on to sentence number five. Can you think of another way to phrase this? How about Hit that like button if you found this video valuable. And YouTube thinks that this video up
here could be of interest to you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Thanks for watching! See you next time.

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  1. ▪5 words to elevate your real estate English writing skill
    sentence #1 1:00
    sentence #2 1:38
    sentence #3 2:20
    sentence #4 3:01
    sentence #5 3:36

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