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what's up guys my name is Marcel welcome to my youtube channel one dapper Street today we're gonna take a look at how to style an Oxford shirt Oxford shirts aren't absolute staple in every man's closet and I for you have four different shirts today all from Uniqlo all in a size medium I'm 6 foot 2 and I weigh about 180 pounds that's all the info you need before we get into styling all 4 of those shirts right now let's start with look number one that I'm wearing right now it's the most simple combination I could possibly a fall off a pair of sneakers a pair of jeans and an oxford shirt up top I kept the entire color scheme monochromatic so everything is Navy I'm wearing a cry 4 sneakers I'm wearing jeans from H&M and up top of course the Uniqlo Oxford you'll notice that I've rolled up the sleeves a couple times and I unbutton three buttons which is my kind of I could go to I like wearing them untucked because the oxford shirt always has a little bit of a casual vibe it's not a dress shirt but it's still a button-down so I kind of like want to keep the silhouette clean because it is a button-down shirt but you can leave it untucked and have a little bit of fun with styling it because it doesn't have that casual element to it something you've probably seen me do a lot on my channel is wear and the oxford shirt with a denim jacket up top if you have not seen it yet that means you probably aren't subscribed yet and now it's the time to change it I'll give you two seconds thanks cool all right I'm talking about look number two I'm wearing a white shirt underneath the denim jacket with a pair of H&M chinos and the bottoms are once again from H&M the shoes are also once again from Ankara floors but instead of the Navy perforated leather we now have a simple white leather overall you see that I'm picking up the white of the oxford shirt again in the footwear but then have a neutral color in the pants and the denim color which to me is another neutral in fashion in the jacket one thing I love doing in terms of styling is once again rolling up the sleeves just to pull but doing the same thing to the denim jacket and then just letting the white stick out a tiny bit whether it's white or whatever color oxford shirts you choose to wear I just like having it show in the middle of the outfit and then again towards the edges of the outfit the overall vibe is something I like about this combination like I said before the Oxford is that combination of casual and chic and I think this look embodies that and takes that whole thing on a bigger scale for the entire outfit look number three is for all the New Yorkers and for all you love wearing black but I have a lot more to say about this outfit than merely a note on the color let's start with the jeans it's a pair of skinny jeans from Zara that have obviously very large cutouts around the knees I really like that by whether or not you go for that is up to you but all I'm trying to say is that you can wear a really distressed pair of jeans with an oxford shirt the way I chose to style in this case is to embed it entirely and then somewhat sloppily like it's it's supposed to look a little messy roll up the sleeve just once and kind of like tucking here so you have an overall a little bit more leisure bye-bye I'm buttoning the shirt entirely rolling up the sleeves a little bit sloppily and then obviously the distressed aesthetic of the jeans on my feet I have black Chelsea boots and underneath the shirt I have a black t-shirt so obviously in all that combination but this look could work with a pair of light blue jeans that's distressed a white t-shirt a white oxford but styled in a similar way so I just wanted to show you guys one how to think about the aesthetic of the overall look when styling an oxford shirt it can really go to that edgy to that street side so I don't want you guys to limit yourself to just the preppy type vibe that you originally I feel like think of first when you hear oxford shirt standing in harsh contrast to that is outfit number four where I dress up the oxford shirt as much as I possibly could I'm wearing a blazer white pants tassel loafers and Navy suede and as you guys may know by now but one time I really do tend to wear a belt is when I'm combining jeans and button-down shirts so in this case the white jeans from J Brand and the gray shirt from Uniqlo needed for me that Navy Bell to tie in the contrast throughout the entire outfit I think with this smoke and the last one we just saw it's really nice to to showcase the versatility that an oxford shirt really can have from all the way grungy if you style it accordingly to more dressed up wear now I'm wearing the sleeves all the way down and buttoned up i buttoned up one more button up top to really create a slim line and then of course tucked in the shirt to create a nice and clean look and show you guys that you can take an oxford shirt from all the way here so all the way over there and with look number five we have yet another place you can take the oxford shirt to figuratively and that is literally the beach if you choose to style it in a little bit more of a bohemian way in this case I'm wearing a pair of linen Zara pants that are fairly relaxed around the thigh but then are a little bit more taper than your average linen pant I'm wearing a pair of Birkenstocks as always I'm German that's my birthright and then in terms of actually styling the shirt I unbutton one more button I decided to wear a rip tank top underneath if you chose to you could show a little bit more chest for right now I thought this would be a little bit more stylized and then you'll notice that this is the first time I roll the sleeves up even further past the elbow so we're embracing like a more summer type vibe then we also have the shirt tucked in kind of like with the fancy version but here it has a very different feel because the buttons are unbuttoned more so and because the bit of the pants and everything is a little bit more Legere this now just creates more of a like Miami type beachy vibe I think even with the shirt tucked in and with that we wrap up today's video I hope you enjoyed it I don't know where the idea came from to like focus a little bit more on an Oxford shirt because they're not like a primary thing on my mind but I hope this video helped you if they are and if they weren't maybe they are now because they are super versatile let me know what your favorite look was down below in the comment section I always reads and I'll try and get back to you guys but like it slow crazy but I do always read them so leave a comment down below with your thoughts thank you so much for watching I hope I'll see you guys very very soon with the next one until then as always stay down

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  1. Heee bro,, can u show simple and formal design for a college students without many clothes on body !!

  2. 1:54 & 4:47 what is your finger doing, its look weird and feminine doing like that. Please stop doing that if you really like bad ass manly personality.

  3. You should try an espadrille lookbook! They’re like a closed-toe sandal in construction but I feel they can set you apart from the guy who opts for a canvas sneaker

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