5 Style UPGRADES TO Look Better than Your Friends

What’s up boys, it’s Jose Zuniga from
Teaching Men’s Fashion, and for today I’m gonna show you how you can just look
better, than everybody else. Now don’t let this get to your head and
fill up your ego, you’re not actually better than anybody else, I just want to
make that clear. But, you will look better, you will look more stylish, and you’re
just gonna get compliments left and right. Who wouldn’t want that? The first
thing you can do is to use colors to command your alpha-male position. So in
every group or social situation there is always that one guy that commands the
attention, you wish it could be better. Why not that person be you? Colors have
the power to subconsciously send a message and make people feel a certain
way use that to your advantage to set the tone. Here’s a quick example, light
red, this signals desire, passion, love, great color when you’re interacting with
females. However, a dark muted red is associated with willpower, courage,
leadership. Now use these tips wisely, don’t go around sharing it with
everybody else. This was a powerful one. The second thing you’re gonna want to do
is to be honest with yourself and understand your weaknesses, learn how to work with them. You see we all have, no matter how perfect we are. The great
thing is that when you understand them, you can work with your way around it. For
example, I might have a long neck, so I know things that I can wear that make me
look better, that work around those weaknesses and if you do it right you
can turn them into strengths. So, for example, let’s say for you, you might like
bone structure in your face. Then rocking a shade or a beard that could be
beneficial to add some structure and dimension to your face. There’s always a
way around stuff that you don’t feel comfortable with and when you just
understand them and embrace them, instead of just wallowing in sorrow “nobody likes
me, I’m so ugly” that’s not gonna do anything. Understand them, embrace them, and work around them. Number three always take that extra step. And basically what
I mean by that is that, always take it up a notch. That doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit but when most of your friends are
lounging around in basketball shorts, some slides, and a t-shirt, you can lounge
around in some jeans, some casual sneakers, and a t-shirt as well. But you
can believe that when you guys are walking down the street, when you’re
hanging, guess what the girls are gonna be looking at… the guy that took that extra step. Another example, take precautionary
measures. You don’t want to be the guy that sweating, has sweat stains coming
all over the place, that just looks this distasteful. You always want to wear an
undershirt. Again, that’s the extra step, that extra thought you put ahead in your
style to make sure you’re always looking on point. The ones that I wear are from
Sloane, and I’ve talked about them before. These have to be the best undershirts in
the market right now ,because it doesn’t look like you’re wearing an undershirt. I
wear these all the time on video, and the only reason you guys know I am is
because I show them to you. But the great thing that Sloane undershirts do, is that
they make undershirts that are more closely related to a human skin tone
color. Which allows you to wear them even under white t-shirts, and they’re
unnoticeable. Because you see the undershirt isn’t a style piece, it’s not
something you want to show up.It’s a protective layer you’re putting on to
protect the clothing on top, make sure you’re not getting sweat stains that are
unsightly and it’s gonna turn any women of, ,and also just keep you composed. One thing I like about these undershirts, that they kind of have like a little
elastin or Spanx in them, so when you throw them on they really do a great job
of compressing your body and just makes you look kind of buff. So when you throw
a shirt on top it just looks great. It doesn’t wrinkle or bunch up, because
again you have that protective soft layer underneath. Now if you guys want to
check out Sloane,make sure you’re dressing better than your friends and taking
those extra steps. Get like three undershirts, it’s great because you can
rotate them all the time and wear them constantly to make sure you’re always
looking on point. If you guys want to check it out, we’ll be linked down below with a discount code that they offer just for
us. Number four is your body posture. This is
so important when it comes to dressing well and trying to look aesthetically
better than other people. As soon as you align your spine ,you stand naturally
arak, all of a sudden not only do you look taller literally you look more buff,
but you also come across as confident and that that projects through your
style. And on top of that it makes clothes fit better.
You see clothes are manufactured to fit a body how it naturally stands, so if you
start scrunching or hunching over, your clothes are going to start wrinkling and
warping in weird places and just make it look weird. So when you actually
take care of your posture, it’ll make your clothes look better as well. And
finally number five upgrade your footwear. Let me take a wild shot in the
dark, all your friends are still wearing J’s yes or no?
Probably. But see going from this, to this, is the easiest way to stand apart from
your crowd of friends and look more stylish. Because you see, well within your
group of friends they might think you’re cool that you dropped two thousand
dollars on a pair of J’s, the regular person, the regular girl would just see a
bunch of guys wearing Jordans. But they’ll see that one odd individual,
wearing a different pair of sneakers that actually look stylish it’s
automatically make them stand out from everybody else that wears the same stuff.
Now if you really want to take it up a notch and just make an impact,
make it dressier like Chelsea boots or Chukka boots or even loafers. Taking it up
that high, there’s not even gonna be a competition. And that’s basically it guys,
those are five style secrets most people don’t tell you, that you can do to look
better than your friends. If you guys like this video found informative don’t
forget to drop us a like down below. Also don’t forget to check out our sponsor,
Sloane, they’re gonna be linked down below. That’s it for me today, see you next time!

100 thoughts on “5 Style UPGRADES TO Look Better than Your Friends

  1. Hey jose can u put more international online shopping website bcoz most of ur 🔗 link are not delivered their products or take more delivery charges in india

  2. U can’t out do off white 1s they fresh asf and u can’t replace them w those and it doesn’t matter if the girl likes it matters if u like how u feel bout it

  3. All the girls at my school calls me show off just because I keep doing cool styles and I don't do it anymore

  4. 0:25 use colurs to command presence
    1:04 understand your weakness
    1:50 take the extra step
    undershirt ads
    3:50 erect your spine
    4:25 upgrade your footwear (good)

  5. I wear jordans because they are fucking dope. I like your videos but they all revolve around impressing a girl, taking the extra step for some girl, or some other shit revolving around a girl. Don't get me wrong I love women, but when it comes to fashion, i so it for me.

  6. yea keep feeding off of guys' insecurities. lol why do you talk about being buff like it's the most important thing ever?

  7. Imo wearing nicely tapered denim lets say for example from mnml coutie´ with some Off white Jordan 1s, prestos or lets even say your classic breds you are probably way better off than wearing a pair of vans for example.Of course you should have some variety in your senaker collection. Let´s say for example a few pairs of runners, a few pairs of retro basketball shoes for example Og Jordans some older Lebrons (espacially 7-10) or even some foams but you also got to have your high end stuff like some yeezy 750s or some common projects Chelseas for example.

  8. I already do. They're wearing normal clothes and im rocking a bowtie and vest with a long sleeved shirt, pocket watch and freshly shined dress shoes.

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  10. If my friends saw me switching offwhite Jordans with whatever tf those other shoes are, they would expose my ass in an instant

  11. Nah that show tip is garbage that's a downgrade, any girl who can't appreciate some J's isn't worth the time of day

  12. I would love a channel about male style that isn’t focused on trying to become an “alpha male” seeing as “alpha males” is just a product of toxic masculinity and doesn’t actually exist. Not to mention how literally every one of these videos is just trying to sell one of his sponsors. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  13. Realy long neck but I ve never felt that it was a visible weakness but it is a bit hard to find a good pillow and when I exercises abbs it realy does feel sore the mext morning but what can you do ahhaha

  14. $2k always gone out of my pocket after watching Jose videos. Now my friends looked shocked to my transformations.

    Now Jose what else you can recommend my account is not yet empty.

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  16. Low key Jose's style is bland as fuck. It looks good but it has no character. You couldn't pay me to wear those generic ass white squaremcbob shoes.

  17. You say don't wear j's but the shoes you show cased are boring af. That's the type of shit you wear to blend in and not offend. To each his own tho

  18. I have a big nose, a few weird freckles on my kneck (I don’t have a single freckle anywhere else) and I have tiny legs (which I can not seem to build muscle despite trying 3 times per week). What can I do to turn my weaknesses into an advantage?

  19. I grew up in a more outdoors family so I choose a shirt and a matching over shirt or jacket nice light but not to light jeans and a pair of my grandpa's dress boots aka cowboy boots that are nice not beat up and in as good of shape as I can keep them.

  20. Am I the only one that feels like the videos he makes are for people with very bland style and don't actually make you stand out at all? I see clothing more as expression and not just wanting to look normal and safe like all these outfits he shows in his videos. I wouldn't take any of these tips because honestly everything can work if done correctly it's more about having an eye for putting together outfits with taste and something new.

  21. I like those slone shirts but when I went to buy them I was like FOH!!!! $35 for 1 shirt + shipping + tax????? I can legit go and buy a button down for that same price. There's gotta be a cheaper alternative

  22. I take some cues from this channel but I also dont veer away from my style. I'm more skater inspired but some of the things you teach help SOOO MUCH.

  23. nah bro i aint cuffn my pants and having my ankles exposed like that. i used to back in the day with tims if the pants were too long

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