Oh what it is yo, hey, what’s up? What’s up? Can a…just get in touch….oh yea yea yea I’m trying to get you in touch with your style Alright because there is no reason why you shouldn’t know what to wear with your Jordan 11s in the BRED colorway I’m hooking you up, its everydayKASHAY! stay tuned. What’s up y’all everydayKaShay here as I mentioned and I am lacing you today with the what to wear with your Jordan 11 breds. The Jordan 11 are probably one of the most anticipated drops of the 2019 year alongside The Travis Scott 1s, the Cactus Jack’s and the Nike and Sacai LD waffles. That collab was crazy So I wanted to make sure that you knew a little bit about the Jordan 11 breds give you a little history But more importantly let you know what you can wear so that you know, you stand out Alright now anybody that watches this video is not gonna look like the regular Person wearing just Jordan 11 breds with a pair like sweatpants. We’re gonna we’re gonna give it its justice Alright, so why don’t we go ahead and get started? We’ll wait before we actually get started I know y’all. Are I on my thick fillet shirt? You know if you want to get this sweatshirt then you know All you have to do is tap on the subscribe button first and then check the description box because I’m lacing you with the link below Okay, ya girl’s gonna hold you down, but first, here’s a little history of the Jordan 11 breds So before this 2019 drop the original release of the Jordan 11 Were in 1996 and then retro iterations came out in 2001 2008 2012 They even I think in like 2014 or 2015 gave us this low tops, which if you’re around my age almost [clears throat] 30. Then you might have caught this release, but it doesn’t compare to the bred the high… like the highs y’all They’re just mmm SCRUMPTIOUS. Okay, especially on a well-dressed, man But ladies, you know can give a little love to to the Jordan 11 breds. All right, and I’m gonna lace you with Outfit ideas. So lean in real close. Come on. Come on. Here we go the first outfit that I would suggest wearing with your Jordan 11 Bred I mean the Bred colorway is really simple like it’s black white and Bred y’all doing some justice Okay, but not just wearing black white and red. You can make some camo or some cargo colors in there Khakis are usually great Jean as well You can throw some distressing up in there Give some texture with all of your blacks so you don’t have to wear just flat black with these sneakers You can really play up a bunch of different layers and textures especially because this is a winter released Guys now here’s one of your outfits. All right, I Felt like this is really obvious what enough guys aren’t gonna do this to really pay homage or homage to the original 1996 release Go get you some Chicago Bulls apparel. Ah Did you know that? Michael Jordan pictured in these Jordans had three years prior suffered a loss of somebody really really important to him his father actually passed and so you can see him celebrating a really huge win right here in this photo but also Grieving likely the loss of somebody that means most to him So if you really want to honor Michael Jordan then go grab something like Chicago Bulls apparel I think guys are gonna kind of miss this as a great opportunity to wear what you want in an easy match to the Jordan 11 bridge and also Giving the respect to the creator of this shoe. You know, of course Michael Jordan is to be celebrated So if the man has flowers while he’s still with us, all right Next up ladies. I really imagined these Jordan 11 breds. Of course. I’m fine with a miniskirt Okay And if you really want to do it you can do like a black-and-white houndstooth or a black-and-white plaid or a plain black with maybe you know some little lace up or whatever like miniskirts are really gonna be cute wear that with the crewneck sweatshirt and A jean jacket of sorts that comes all the way down or a duster that falls just at the base of that skirt You’re really gonna do a number with that one. It keeps it kind of chic, but also super sporty So you’re going to add a party? You know where you can wear flats or you want to take some really cute photos for Instagram then make sure you tell mmm Next up another outfit for the guys Super classic and easy, but definitely appropriate for work where on a Friday you can use your Jordan 11 breds pair those with a pair of green cargos and Wear them with the t-shirt. You can wear black or red. Oh Here’s an idea white with the jean jacket then boom This outfit okay. It’s just super simple. You don’t have to really do a lot This release is more importantly than you know Really trying to style up a shoe a great sneaker to have I mean my sneakers have lasted and I wear them a lot But the lows have lasted me for now what four and a half years or so at least And so I just feel like you can wear them with just about anything but if you want to keep it simple pair of cargo pants a t-shirt jean jacket voila Alright guys, you can also, you know jazz it up like my good brother George here He put on a pea coat a hoodie gave you some living glove action some black jeans my guy did it okay, I’m definitely gonna link his information below because worth the follow he’s gonna make sure that you’re you know, Cool and classy too and ladies. Here’s your last and the final outfit for this video Where the same thing is the guys so often we you know talk so much about oh guys get better colorways than we do Well, this is one across the board that is a must-have bread in any Jordan is really easy to love So we’re the same thing You can wear cargo pants a t-shirt a jean jacket and boom or you can even wear a leather jacket That would actually be pretty kid suit So if you need to, you know, kind of keep something casual on a Friday, that’s perfect were clear I mean, this is easy peasy. Lemon squeezy I almost didn’t even feel like I should have had to do this video, but I’m gonna make sure I got shots back Okay, again, Jordan eleven breds. They’re really worth having you’ve got to pick them up they’re retailing for 220 and just about every shoe store if you have a sneaker plug reach out to them like Yesterday if you just got become Jordan 11 breds and congratulations, but now, you know exactly what to wear I hope y’all enjoy this video because I really been and I hope I let you off with a couple of outfit ideas if you Did you know what to do? Give me a big thumbs up I’m gonna go find another pair of sneakers that I can help y’all style and I’ll catch you in the next one. Bye Hi, I found that I look alright, I’m gonna get it together. I promise one day not tonight

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  2. Omg I’m so happy this video was recommended to me. I just got my pair and you’re video really helped me to style it. New subbie here!!

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