5 Disturbing Pieces Of Lost Media | Curious Countdowns #5

At number 5, we have the Tiny Tim on-stage heart attack. For those of you who don’t know, Tiny Tim was an American ukulele player, active between the 1960’s until the 1990’s. Younger generations might recognize his music from either SpongeBob Squarepants or 2010’s Insidious. In 1996 Tiny Tim was set to perform at the Ukulele Hall of Fame Expo. Once on stage, he stated that he wasn’t feeling well, and asked his audience to excuse him if it somehow got in the way of his performance. Almost immediately after, he suffered a massive heart attack causing him to fall off stage and injure his head. While he did manage to survive this, he suffered another heart attack and died just two months later. The entire event was caught on camera and broadcast across several national news stations, but somehow it has not made its way onto the internet, and is now considered lost. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the 2011 film, 127 Hours. For those of you who aren’t, the film is based off of the real life story of a man named Aron Ralston, who in 2003 made the mistake of hiking alone through Blue John Canyon. While climbing his way down the canyon, a large boulder came loose and landed on Ralston’s arm, ultimately trapping him. With no way to escape and time running out, Ralston began creating video diaries to leave behind for whoever found his body. It goes without saying that Ralston did, in fact, survive this event, and not because someone found him, and was able to remove the boulder that had him pinned to the canyon. In case you haven’t heard about this story yet, somehow, I am going to leave it to you to figure out how he managed to free himself. While James Franco was allowed to view the video diaries for the purposes of making the film, Ralston has made it clear that he doesn’t intend to release the full set of clips to the public, Stating that he considers them too private and deeply personal. In June of 2016, 23 year old Colin Scott and his sister were making their way through Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The two were looking for a hot spring to bathe in, but were unaware that the springs at Yellowstone are incredibly dangerous, reaching temperatures of up to 450 degrees farenheight. The pair reportedly ignored warning signs that were posted around the park, and stepped away from the viewing platform. Colin had found himself what seemed to be the perfect hot spring, and approached it to test the water’s temperature. While doing this, he managed to accidentally slip in, and needless to say, he did not survive. He was essentially boiled alive, and those tasked with recovering the body have been quoted saying that there was quite a bit of…dissolving. The entire incident was caught on camera by Colin’s sister, but for obvious reasons the video has not been released to the public. In 2014, 31-year-old British Vancouver Rick Jutting was arrested in Hong Kong For the murders of two Indonesian women, one of which he tortured mercilessly, while recording the entire event on camera. Jutting had met the first woman online, and the two ended up at his apartment where he would go on to sexually assault and torture her for over three days. Eventually, Jutting forced the woman to lick his toilet bowl, and while she was doing so, he took a blade to her throat, ultimately ending her life. Five days later, he met another woman at a bar, and managed to bring her home. It’s reported that she began to panic after noticing suspicious items in Jutting’s apartment, leading to a struggle that would end in her also getting her throat cut, just as the first victim did. Immediately after Jutting called the police himself, and when they arrived they found the second woman barely alive and bleeding out, and the first woman’s body stuffed in a suitcase on the balcony. Unfortunately the second victim died shortly after, and police seized Jutting’s iPhone which reportedly contained several photographs, and over 4 hours of footage depicting the torture of the first woman. Along side that were video diaries that Jutting created detailing his perspective on the crimes, which he described as…an interesting experience. The footage never was released to the public, and at this point it is safe to say that it never will be. Also know as “The Toybox Killler”, David Parker Ray claimed to have been abducting, raping, torturing and murdering women between the 1950’s all the way up until his arrest in the 1990’s. Ray was dubbed “The Toybox Killer” after his homemade torture chamber, which he referred to as his toy box. It was reportedly stocked full of approximately $100,000 worth of various torture devices including a gynecological table, whips, chains, surgical blades, sex toys, D.I.Y. electrical shock devices, and, unfortunately, much, much more. Upon kidnapping a new victim, Ray would leave them in his torture chamber tied down, and forced them to listen to an audio recording, detailing what he was about to do to them, and how he expected them to behave. On top of this, he would also occasionally film himself raping and torturing his victims, and while some of the footage has been seen by those in court, it has never been seen by the public. The same goes for his audio recording, however a transcript of it can be found online with a quick search. I’m going to play you a reading of a part of that transcript, but I must warn you: It is extremely graphic and unsettling, so if this does seem like something that might bother you, I suggest clicking away NOW. “Hello there, bitch. Are you comfortable right now? I doubt it. Wrists and ankles chained, gagged, probably blindfolded… You’re disoriented and scared too, I’d imagine. Perfectly normal, under the circumstances. For a little while at least, you need to get your shit together, and listen to this tape. It is very relevant to your situation. I’m going to tell you, in detail, why you’ve been kindnapped, what’s going to happen to you, and how long you’ll be here. I don’t know the details of your capture because this tape is being created July 23rd, 1993 as a general advisory tape for future female captives. The information I am going to give you is based on my experience dealing with captives over a period of several years. If at a future date, there are any major changes in our procedures, the tape will be upgraded. Now… You’re obviously here against your will, totally helpless, don’t know where you’re at, don’t know what’s going to happen to you–you’re very scared, or very pissed off. I’m sure that you’ve already tried to get your wrists and ankles loose… …and no, you can’t. Now you’re just waiting to see what’s going to happen next. You’re probably thinking that you’re going to be raped, or… you’re fuckin’ sure right about that. Our primary interest.. …is in what you’ve got between your legs. You’ll be raped thoroughly… …and repeatedly. in every hole you’ve got. Heh…because…basically…. You’ve been snatched, and brought here for us to train, and use… …as a sex slave. Sound kinda far out? Well, I suppose it is to the uninitiated, but we do it all the time It’s gonna take a lot of adjustment on your part, and you’re not gonna like it… not a fuckin’ bit, but… I don’t give a big ol’ rat’s ass about that. It’s not like you’re gonna have any choice about the matter. You’ve been taken by force… …and you’re going to be kept, and used… …by force. What all this amounts to is that you’re gonna be kept naked and chained up like an animal, to be used and abused at any time we want to. Any way that we want to… …and you might as well start getting used to it, because you’re going to be kept here, and used until such time as we get tired of fuckin’ around with you. And we will. Heh…eventually… In a month or two, maybe three. It’s no big deal, my lady fried and I have been keeping sex slaves for years. We both have kinky hangups involving rape, dungeons, games, etcetera. We’ve found that it’s extremely convenient to keep one, or two female captives available constantly to…. Eh…satisfy…our particular needs.

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  1. Hey everyone. In case you're wondering why I say "ukulele" funny, I'm from Hawaii and that's how we say it :p
    Anyway, we're closing in on 200k subscribers. Thank you to everyone for the continued support.

  2. Liberty German and Abigail Williams' murders are a good example of 'lost footage'. The girls were clever enough to snapchat photos of a guy following him, and set their phones to record. Two photographs of the possible (probable) murderer the girls took have been released and a very small segment of audio was released. IIRC they successfully recorded MUCH more, but police haven't released it yet for public assistance.

  3. Quite a pickup line. "You'll be raped thoroughly and repeatedly in every hole you've got." Clearly he's a classy, and cultured ladies man.

  4. Haha I had to watch 127 hours in 8th grade for a class project on survival
    I'll never be the same 🙂

  5. If you like lost media like Tiny Tim's, check out Christine Chubbuck. She was a news reporter who shot herself on live TV. Theres more to the story but the real footage has never been found. It was reenacted in a movie called "Christine" and there's a fake recording (b&w, grainy) floating around online, but like I said, it's been proven fake.

  6. Ok I understand not wanting to publicize your limb removal but DUDE you could educate/wake people up to hiking alone and you’d probably profit if you did. Lol I just wanna see the video.

  7. Hey do you want to know a secret to change your life…

    Search for subliminals and hypnosis on youtube… IT WORKS

  8. 99% of mishaps and people getting lost are just people being stupid and ignoring the obvious.

    Probably explains why I couldn’t give less of a damn for those who get into these situations, unless the circumstances are 100% out of their control.

  9. Those dumbasses in the hot springs… Y'all read your warning signs and use common sense, aight? I believe in you

  10. I feel weird listening to the toybox killer transcript. It almost sounds like the intro a BDSM audio erotica…. but it’s not, and it’s kinda scary

  11. Toybox killer……that wont be that disturbing right?


  12. I was hella nervous because I didnt know Cyael was reading this and thought it was an actual voice recording and was hella confused.

  13. So you won't say how the 127 hpurs guy got free, but you have no qualms going into detail of women's torture and dead.

  14. #3 2:20
    Oh God, NO! Trying to BATHE in a hot spring!? Isn't it sulfurous? Oh MAN that's kind of a Darwin Awards candidate

  15. The Toy Box transcript
    I wanna say I heard portions of it! But…see I remember the one line;
    "You think you're gonna be raped?"
    the transcript says "you're fuckin sure right about that"
    But…I remember it as:
    "You probably think you're gonna be raped…and •you're FUCKIN-A RIGHT ABOUT THAT•".
    Am I wrong? I kno memory is faulty

  16. I hope the sico who made the tape n did the unthinkable to the woman has the worst death n afterlife imaginable.

  17. There's something not quite right about that tiny Tim 👀 he's got that serial sex offender look about him

  18. The last one gave me chills. I mean…he was so self aware of everything. He knew he was destroying the lives of women. He knew everything that he was doing.

    I’m a Christian so I shouldn’t say anything but…


  19. I read the entire transcript. Fucking awful. Hope there's a special place in hell for the Toybox killer where he has to feel himself what he did to those people over and over for eternity.

  20. 5 – He was a lucky, harmless guy who did a silly act that caught on. There are no strings on the Uke he's pretending to strum, by the way; that was a pantomime performance. Lip synching. / 4 – He cut his own arm off. (Animals gnaw off their own limbs to escape traps every day and we still allow trapping.) Then climbed out. Then walked to help. Amazing survival story. / 3 – Man cooked to death. / 2 – Ah, another magat. Typical psychopath. / 1 – Toybox Boy is genuinely disgusting. A sad little asshole with a portable torture chamber, akin to H H Holmes from the early 1900s. Grotesque torture interests these cretins. Not sure why psychopaths are drawn to sadism and cruelty. The details are sickening.

  21. He was looking for a hot spring to bathe with his sister? Something tells me there are some other videos we don't know about.

  22. Okay… i ain't usually bothered by graphic stuff etc but… that audio transcript , i was just taken aback that has actually been recorded AND done to SEVERAL people , its just really fucked up what someone do to others.

  23. I've been a true crime junkie for decades and have seen and heard portions of the toybox killer, David Parker Ray, videos and audio. No offense to Cyael, but his reading doesn't even touch on how terror-inducing Ray spoke, in an almost macabre gleeful way.

  24. What's so weird is that right before #5, that Tiny Tim song from SpongeBob popped into my head. Coincidence? Yeah probably.

  25. Never before had to click away from a video until today. I just couldn't listen to that reading of the "Toybox" killers prerecorded message to his victims. That kinda shit gives me nightmares 😖

  26. People like the toybox guy make me sick and I hope hell is a real place now cuz that's where they are going to end up

  27. For everyone that doesnt want to do research on the guy who had a rock fallen on his arm im pretty sure i heard he cut his arm off

  28. OH MY GOD that audio was chilling. it scared me to the bone, and i'm just sitting in front of a computer. my God, i can't even begin to imagine the fear in the victims the moment they listened to it.

  29. Murders who record their crimes should be put to death within a very short time period. I mean, there's not any question they did it

  30. Back in the 70s my husband and I went to a club in Honolulu where Tiny Tim was performing. We didn't expect much from Tiny Tim. He was often ridiculed and certainly not a superstar, but we wanted a couple of drinks and some entertainment no matter how silly.
    When Tiny Tim made his appearance we were the only people in the club, besides staff. It was painfully obvious that his glory days were over, but that man was a true professional and gentleman. He sang and told silly jokes which were hilarious once we were well into the sauce. He gave a full performance that was fun and sad at the same time. I'll never forget that nice man.

  31. I personally feel Ray is full of shit. I know there's speculation there may be "dozens" of other victims, but I doubt it. There's zero evidence for it. I think he's just a sad old braggart of the Otis Toole-variety, claiming responsibility for way more than his share of carnage.

    Also, for what it's worth, I've never liked the staged reading played here of his silly tape (which I suspect he only ever got to play for a small handful of girls…).

    The performer, in my opinion, plays it much too "creepy". Like it's horror movie dialogue.

    Personally, when I read the transcript, I "hear" Ray's voice being much more nonchalant. Like he's in his old tattered reclining chair with a beer, half-asleep.

    Basically just bragging, like he's already over it. He claims on the tape he's done this many times. I "hear" his voice almost being bored with the routine of it all.

    Just another girl to intimidate and torture….

    This is admittedly just my take.

    It's a great vid, nonetheless. 🙂

  32. I really can't believe people really think ANYTHING about the toy box killer is funny. The memes aren't funny at all. Sure this is the internet but it is not a excuse somethings are not funny at all. When you laugh about shit like that people think it's ok and end up getting ideas. You end up making it acceptable because people will just think "Oh-everyone thinks it's funny. If I do this I will probably become a meme to."

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