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what's going on guys my name is Marcel Flores and welcome back to my youtube channel one dapper screen when we talk about men's fashion men's lifestyle several times a week the fall season is upon us and fall means boots and I love boots and that's why we're gonna talk about five different pairs of boots today five different styles and boots that I think every guy should have at least consider to have in their closet for this fall season ahead quick disclaimer upfront three of those pairs are gonna be from my own brand I'll carry florets that is not because I want to put myself it's because I designed those boots together with my business partner moti and carry another men's fashion blogger because we believe those are absolutely beautiful so there's literally no reason why I should be including them in this video but I wanted to be fair about it and explain that to you guys up front and we're gonna start off with the first pair from my own collection right here because I love suede and I love chelsea boots and these Navy suede chelsea boots I think are absolutely beautiful these are handmade in Italy really fine leather they are super comfortable as you can see I'm wearing them right now that's the charcoal version that you guys may have actually seen in a getting dressed video and a lot of you have asked about them they are now on sale these just hit the market and if you guys want to shop them the link is down below and I'll leave the link to all of the shoes here including the two other brands that we'll get to in a second so you guys can easily shop for your fall boots these are falling as I'm talking about it all right that I wanted to show up you first because I love television I think they have a look big moment but for fall I think these are some of the most versatile boots that you can get this is our hiking boot once again from the entire flora strand very simple design I love the deep rich a bit reddish brown color I like the height where we went about an inch above the ankle so they're fairly high which I really like but we minimize the low hooks usually there's a lot I thought it looked a lot cleaner if we left those out really simple you can dress these up if you want to you can dress these down if you want to you can wear them hiking they're actually really comfortable these ones are new samples they're not even my slides but I've worn a pair of samples before so I can confirm that they're really comfortable and they weren't really easily we actually have some padding around the ankle up here which really helps even if they're brand brand new let me finish up with my own brand before we move on to the other two boots if you wear a lot of suits you go out a lot or you just need a dressy pair of boots we wanted to make those for you and we wanted to have them in our own closet so these shiny leather cap toed simple dress shoes I'm absolutely in love with they I want my our it takes a little bit longer to wear them in but I think they're absolutely worth it the design is very very minimal so you have one seam just going right across here on both sides and as I said you have the cap toe black on black with a lug sole you actually have a little bit of traction when you're walking in the winter to fall when – it gets rainy it gets snowy these will actually keep you safe unlike some other dresses that are worn in the past including the ones that we made also because there were summer shoes these will actually have your back in the fall winter season both the hiking boot and the dress moon aren't currently available yet they'll be dropping really really soon if you want to stay up to date make sure to head over to www.onproperty.com.au/plus evil list so you'll be notified when they go on sale now on to two very classic brands that I've been in love with for years and I mean years Clark's desert boots I think a category that you can really skip over I think it's one of the only boots that literally well I think alongside Chelsea's that work year-round and I love these cords as you can see I've had these for a while they're all sorts of worn in also not my first pair in this color out of the brown color the matte finish the crepe sole the myth hi silhouette all things that I love particularly about this shoe I think they're really really versatile works great with jeans and it's just nice because they elevate the look a little bit they have a certain darkness to them but while staying really casual and also really comfortable if you ask me and then we're already onto the last pair and that is a pair of Doc Martens now ducks would be closest to the hiking boot also are a little bit like the dress boot a little bit more straightforward in the design but something about doc said I think earns them the right to be in this video as a separate thing because the look with the classic Doc Martins soul the contrast stitching and the silhouette of the boot as well as the quality and softness of the leather the matte black finish I think is absolutely beautiful and super comfortable and on the first try I think they're just very unique they're classic shoes they have that particular edgy look to them I think these are I think that's what a good word to justify why they're in here this is the edgiest boot out of all of them and as you know Doc Martens make significantly more edgy shoes than just a simple black one I have these in brown and have these in a higher top I have these in a connieyc leather with some embroidering on it so I have a lot of different dogs that I absolutely love great for nastiest of weathers because you have that high sole that will keep you a little just like an inch off becomes an inch out of the puddles so that's my last recommendation in terms of boots already I think of course there's more options to give choppers that can be a great great option you have variations on all these different silhouettes but I think any one of these depending on your style would probably have you covered for most of your looks for most of your wardrobe all of these come in different colorways the hiking boots come in dark navy these come in the charcoal that I showed you but we also have them in black leather and brown leather not suede the dress boot is actually only produced in black but Doc Martens you have endless options stay with Clarks so you can really make sure that it works with your aesthetic with the colors that you have in your closet and make sure you get the most bang for your buck that's it for me thank you guys so so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe and turn on post notifications if you haven't already leave a comment down below let me know your thoughts let me know which ones you likes and of course if you're looking forward to the release of the hiking boot or the dress boot I'd love to know that so then without the comment section I'm leaving with that I'll see you very soon with the next video until then state average

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  1. Please, I need someone that can explain me the expressions "dress up" and "dress down" (i am not a native english speaker). Thank you

  2. Hey, so im 5'4 and really want dr.martens 1460. Would it make me look short if i wear it? Or do you guys think its ok.

  3. I really LOVE the slight red/brown colored hiking boots (at the 1:35 mark) from your brand!! I see a full-on brown version is available on your website, but when will the ones in this video be available?? Dying to get them! Perfect for casual or an evening party.

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