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5 Awesome Wearable Movie Looks
[0:00:00] I love the movies. I love going to a theater sitting back watching
a film being transported to a whole another world, a big part of that is what the actors
and actresses are wearing, their costumes. Now, you can steal some of these looks, you
can be inspired by what these actors are wearing and you incorporate it into your wardrobe. Today’s video, five wearable movie looks. [Music]
Number one on my list, Tony Stark played by Robert Downing Jr. in the Iron Man movies,
in the Avengers movies. What I love about Tony Stark is this guy isn’t
afraid to own what he wears. One of his signature colors is red, he just
loves the red and it, of course, I’ve talked about this the science behind red how it basically
is a power signal it draws attention. He’s a high contrast individual, a lighter-colored
skin darker-colored hair and he’s dark-colored suits do a great job of framing his face. He loves wide peak lapels. Nothing wrong with having signature style
with whatever suit. Another thing, look at those white dress shirts,
he also brings in spread collars, but the white dress shirt what that does right there
is it brings up the formality of the dark-colored suit. Whenever he is wearing a darker-colored shirt
with that, it gives a more monochromatic look, but it’s not going to be as formal as the
contrast we see with the white shirt. Now, what I also like about Tony Stark is
he isn’t afraid to actually bring in some interesting accessories. So, look at his watches. Here’s a man that could afford any watch
on the planet, but he’s bringing in fun tech watches. I know a lot of you guys are saying, stay
away from those tech watches, it isn’t really, you know, those smart watches aren’t really
refined yet. Well, if you are wearing a suit, you’ve
got everything else nailed and you’re confident enough you can pull off one of these watches. And while we’re talking about his accessories,
let’s talk about neckties. He isn’t afraid to wear a little bit wider
of a necktie, so he’s staying away from the slim necktie. Even though that would probably work with
his body build, he goes with something that’s just going to be loud commanding grabbing
attention. He wears those pocket squares, he is not afraid
to wear a flashy pocket square. Now, let’s talk about his grooming. So, what do we notice about his hair? He is using a product, he’s not slicking
his hair back, but he definitely is going for the tousled look, it looks like he’s
combing it back with his hands or with a loose brush. Now, we look at his beard, he’s got the
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a great value, so use the link down below, go grab yourself some. Look number two that you can steal is from
the Great Gatsby and it’s Meyer Wolfsheim played by Amitabh Bachchan. I know a lot of you guys thought I was going
to say Leonardo DiCaprio. He had a great look. I loved his look in the movie, but I wanted
to bring in one of India’s top actors and Amitabh Bachchan is killing it when it comes
to style. If you go and watch the Great Gatsby, his
character here was not afraid to be flamboyant to be the best-dressed man in the room despite,
you know, a lot of people saying, oh, as you get older, you need to be more conservative. He wasn’t having it and he went in there. Look at this hat, look at the outfit that
he had put together here. Look at the way that that tie works with the
hat. What type of hat is that? That’s a wide brim Panama hat. If you’re not familiar with the Panama,
you need to go check it out. It’s a classic hat style which I think works
great for men in hot weather or men that have a lighter complexion. Next stop, let’s look over at that suit. So, he’s got a light gray suit with a wide
stripe in there, something that definitely sets him apart from the crowd. But what I like about this light-colored suit
is it works with his graying complexion. [0:04:59]
If you’ve got lighter-colored hair let’s say you’re 25 years old you’re a ginger,
well, in that case you want to going to wear lighter-colored suits when you can. Of course, certain situations are going to
dictate you wear a dark-colored suit, but in this case, you want to go with something
lighter if you can, it just simply not going to overpower your lighter-colored complexion. Now, look at that pocket square there, that,
again, works very well with the tie with the hat, he’s got the dot pattern right in there
and then, jewelry. So, he is wearing a pin collar with it looks
like a bar going in and around there, not – definitely something that’s a bit extravagant
something that is going to draw attention. On his hand we also see a variety of rings. This is a man, again, that is portraying – basically
he’s sending a signal of power and of strength. Now, let me address the elephant in the room
and that is this movie was from the 1920’s and what Amitabh is wearing in this movie
is definitely flamboyant, it’s something that would, you know, people would look at
you and say, okay, this guy is dressing like he’s from the 1920’s, what’s going on
here? I’m not saying you have to imitate everything
in this look. Instead, I’m warning you to imitate his
ability to be the best-dressed man in the room when he’s around other best-dressed
man and not being afraid to bring in a bit of flamboyance bring a bit of confidence bring
in something that is your unique style to whatever you decide to wear. Hollywood look number three that you can steal,
Frank Bullitt from the movie Bullitt played by Steve McQueen. What I love about Steve McQueen is that this
is a guy that oftentimes chose his own wardrobe. What we’re going to see here in this movie
is clothing that’s durable, clothing that looks good, is very classic, but actually
can be worn in chase scenes can be worn in fight. So, what makes the look in Bullitt really
work? So, Frank what he does is he oftentimes goes
for a monochromatic look. We’re going to see very dark colored tops
with dark colored bottoms and then if you’re going to bring in any type of color, it’s
usually going to be in the jacket. So, let’s look at those jackets. He loves herringbone. Notice first the soft shoulders. Soft shoulders I think they’re great because
they’re very functional, they give you a little bit more freedom of movement. Now, notice the buttoning. We’ve got the three two which is basically
it’s a three button front, but only two buttons are actually made to be buttoned. As you guys know with buttoning rules, you’re
only going to button the middle one, never button the bottom. Now, when we look at that turtleneck or you
could go with a roll neck sweater, up to you. You can go with a black, midnight blue. The fit is key on any sweater. Now, let’s go over and let’s look at his
pants. So, we’re going to go with a charcoal slim
fit corduroy. But, corduroy I think is great for the fall
for the spring for the winter. Now, when it comes to the footwear, let’s
go for boots. Now, you can have a little bit of fun. I’ve talked about going with maybe with
a suede chukka or something like that or you can just go for a laced up boot, but you want
something that’s going to give you support that’s going to look stylish and is going
to be incredibly functional. Now, let’s talk about bringing in some color. So, first off let’s look at an overcoat,
maybe bring in a camel overcoat classic right here. Now, sunglasses, get a great looking pair
and maybe bring in, you know, a wide variety of different colors. I think sunglasses are something that so many
men should own more of and they definitely they just look great when you’ve got the
right pair on your face. Next stop, we’ve got the movie Shaft with
Samuel L. Jackson who plays John Shaft. Now, John Shaft is a man who’s not afraid
to take matters into his own hands, in fact, throughout this movie, we see a lot of action
and he’s wearing clothing very similar to Bullitt that is going to be action-oriented. But, what we see here is a great use of leather. So, let’s breakout some of Shaft’s jackets
and let’s talk about what they mean. So, first off, we’ve got the classic Shaft
jacket and this is a three quarter length jacket with a raw cut edges and a wool collar. Now, if Shaft wants to be approachable because
he didn’t come off as an intimidating guy, this is when he’s going to wear a full length
suede jacket. As we’ve talked about before suede has that
texture to it, it’s going to bring in the ladies, it’s going to make people feel a
little bit more comfortable around you and when you act and you behave like Shaft, sometimes
you need that extra clothing to be able to send that signal. Now, we’ve got the no nonsense Shaft jacket. And this is when he’s going to wear his
leather blazer. This is when he’s going in and if you see
Shaft wearing this, you probably just want to get out of his way or he’s about to throw
you through a window. Now, almost all the clothing we see on John
Shaft is going to be black. He loves this color and for good reason. Black is the signal of not only formality,
but also intimidation. When people see people in the color black
they assume that they’re going to be more aggressive that they are stronger. Now, when it comes to pants, I think Shaft
did wear leather pants, I’m not going to recommend that unless you’re a rock star
or you are Shaft. But, in this case I think for a lot of you
guys you can go maybe with something that’s going to have a wool, maybe go with a cotton,
go for a gray. I love the color gray because it works very
well with black. [0:09:52]
Next stop, let’s talk about what Shaft is wearing on his torso. He loves sweaters, so we’re looking at dark-colored
sweaters in black in charcoal gray in navy. Now, you don’t have to stick with those,
you can also maybe look at a maroon, you can look at a dark green, you could also go with
a dark purple, I think that those are going to be great. Make sure that you get the best sweater that
you can afford. You want to be looking at wools, at cashmeres. Focus in on fit. Make sure anything you buy fits your torso. Next stop, let’s talk about grooming. So, what do we notice about Shaft’s hair? He doesn’t have any on his head, his got
a shaved head. And I’ve talked about shaved heads in the
past how they are perceived as stronger as more dominant and as more aggressive. All these kind of plays in with a color that
we just talked about of his clothing, but Shaft is wanting to send a signal of intimidation. But, thinning hair and being perceived as
having thinning hair makes you look weaker. It’s better to shave that stuff off or,
you know, go see a doctor see what they can do about, you know, bringing that hair back. At the end of the day, gentlemen, don’t
be afraid of shaving your head especially if you want to look aggressive and stronger. Now, let’s about his facial hair, what do
we see? The Balbo, again, we saw this on Tony Stark,
we see this on Bruce Wayne, and now we’re seeing this on Shaft. So, apparently there is some trend going on. Maybe all these characters are talking with
each other. I don’t know. Next stop, we’ve got Dickie Greenleaf in
the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley played by Jude Law. So, what do we notice about this character
when we first see him? Very – there’s just something about this
guy that screams success. What do we notice immediately about his style? One is how it’s just the nonchalant, just
how he is able to maintain and look sharp without seeming to do anything. But why does that happen? So, let’s specifically look overall at his
clothing is it’s very casual, but the fit is immaculate. So, let’s look at the polos, let’s look
at the shirts, he’s going for slim fit shirts that work with his body type. You notice the sleeve length is right, the
length of the shirt is perfect when he wears it untucked. The collar is right in and – perfect for
his face, it’s not oversized. So many people, again, when they’re going
for casual wear they go sloppy. Next stop, we noticed that Dickie goes with
a lot of light cream colors. He goes for warmer tones, tones that are going
to work well with his complexion. Now, he has a great tan in this movie, but
what we notice is that this is a guy with not a lot of high contrast. He doesn’t have really dark –colored hair,
he doesn’t have light especially light-colored skin, he wants to go for colors that are going
to be more muted or going to work with him. But when he does wear a blazer, he looks great
in the blazer. The blazer has a very nautical theme. Now, this works for the setting of the movie. They’re in Italy, they’re close to the
water, this is something that we just feel, but he is not going for a full suit. Notice that he went with a lighter-colored
trousers. In fact, everything that he’s wearing with
the blazers is really very casual from the stripe tie. Now, this isn’t a normal regimental stripe
tie with a stark contrast. What we see are lighter colors again throughout
the shirt, we see it in the tie. Let’s look at the cuff links, small, but
a very important detail. So, we see the gold signet ring, we see the
expensive watches, we see the blazer up on top. And then, we get down to his feet, what do
we see? He’s wearing boat shoes without socks. Now, this is where I think the outfit gets
a little bit more complicated where a lot of guys are going to be intimated because
all of a sudden they realize, wow, I’m wearing a jacket, but I’m not wearing socks and
I’m wearing a very casual shoe, how do I pull this off? And this is the strength that this character
is that he just is going through life, he’s very confident in he who is what he’s going
to get out of it and it’s something that he has practice wearing this clothing so many
times that he can put it together in unique combinations. And that’s where I want you to take from
Dickie Greenleaf. You can start to experiment, you can start
to mix and match things, things that some people would say shouldn’t go together,
but you have the confidence you have the ability to make it happen. All right, guys, now it’s your turn. Let me know in the comments which of these
looks was your favorite. What look did I miss? What actor and what movie should have been
in this video? Let me know down in the description. And, guys, there’s a support article that
goes with this video in which I go into a lot more detail in each of the looks I talk
about. In addition, I’ve got two other looks with
other actors I didn’t even talk about in this video. Again, I’m going to link to it down in the
description and when you’re down there, check out as well the Dollar Shave Club. Guys, I’ve talked about them, a great company. One that I’m proud to support because you
guys have reached out to me saying, Antonio, I love the convenience the fact that these
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them. I’m going to put that link down in the description. That’s it, guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye. [Music]
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