5/5: DIGITAL DIARY: Digital Journalling for Creativity & Flexibility #CREATIVITYOU

anything within that digital realm journal through your medium you don’t know where it’s going to take you okay so the fifth and final type of
journal I’d to talk to you about is Digital Diaries basically any form of digital
journal for some people can work really really well if you do have trouble writing, you’re not confident writing or you don’t enjoy it you just really don’t
like the whole experience of putting pen to paper people who are more ‘digital nomads’, they don’t want to be carrying big books around everywhere if you are a really visual person and don’t really like this whole ‘paper thing’ it’d be great to just try it and see – in your own way that’s purely Yours if you can get on with it because it’s
just worth it – it’s so worth it however I really do understand that some people
are just not comfortable with that kind of thing I think it’s a great way of doing it personally – having this analogue format in the real world when you type things in online you’re not connected to what you’re doing in the same way so – saying that – there are certain types of apps and tools that you can use – there’s always
different ways that you can get around it this is one way that you can do it that
I think might work Google keep allows you to save all different types of media
files – so you can save video photo audio notes, checklists, you can do written
notes you can add labels all that kind of stuff and it arranges it like a pin board if you come across a quote if it’s only a few words you can stick that on the words are nice and big you have another one that’s got an image attached and open up in Docs and work on it if you wanted to a transcription app that
you might find useful is Otter so try it out… πŸ™‚ I’m just going to show you what it
is there are certain places and spaces online that are fantastic for
this kind of thing and you don’t have to share it with anyone and that really can just allow you… a sense of freedom to document and to record whether it’s your
life or behind the scenes of what you’re working on whatever it might be but to have this place… you might say to yourself – ‘I’m not even sharing this with anyone… I’m just going to, everyday, add something to this…’ that could be in audio form, it could be
an image, or it could be a short piece of text, long pieces of text, links, anything another great way of doing this would be to use something like Tumblr Now… I have mixed feelings on Tumblr but it is a space where you can just… it’s fantastic for this kind of thing so I would recommend using Tumblr if you’re okay with sharing it I will say use a different name if you want to you can always set up your own blog or your own kind of online space a blog does not have to have reams of writing it doesn’t have to have loads of views it doesn’t have to have any views to still have value provide it as valuable to you so let’s say you’re travelling – you don’t want to sit there and write a whole story about every
picture – you can still upload that picture you can still have like a very
short piece what I would say is to remember that if you’re going to use it as a journal then to treat it so – just in a digital form I personally wouldn’t even suggest that you share it because the idea of the journal is that it is
personal and it’s really just for you and it might be that you do take some of
those things over than the journal and they carry across into social posts they
might become a video that you make on YouTube it might become a book that you
write in years to come you don’t know where it’s going to take you to have something like that – that you can then scroll back… and you can see all of this stuff
all these notes that you’ll have made it’s fantastic to see where your mind was
going see what you did and that kind of like I would say give it a go
particularly if you’re someone who is possibly either working digitally
already so you might be a designer you might be a creative in terms of being a photographer, filmmaker or something along those lines – and in that respect it allows you to journal through your medium in the same way that artists
would use their paints we have so many people now who they live and breathe digital anything within that digital realm you can still bring that in and
expand upon it but I think that in that initial stage there’s this… (I’m probably going to butcher the quote but it goes along the lines of…) “an idea is like… an egg it’s both one of the strongest and the most fragile structures in the whole world it can be fractured with… just the wrong look from someone whose opinion matters to you.” so yeah….. I would personally say that if you’re going to make a Digital Diary keep it private, keep it personal, keep it just for you and by all means carry it across into a blog, a vlog, YouTube
channel, a business, a book… anything that you might choose to do… pull that forward into it because that’s from you and that’s exactly, I think, what I love
journaling: that allows you to form your ideas, your views to challenge yourself
to question and be aware of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it but in a digital space it can be easy to think ‘I’ll put this on this, I’ll put this on that’ first:
it needs to be yours and when you have it and you’ve owned it and you really
have that contact with that space then I’d say that you’re ready to kind of put
it out there it’s not to say to wait until you’re ‘ready’ because that never comes it’s just that I think that we should all have this space that is important
it’s meaningful and… that matters to you I think that our thing of protecting it
from other people’s opinions from other people’s…….. you don’t know where
those ‘opinions’ are coming from they may not even be their own… it’s important that you actually allow yourself that kind of freedom guard it
against the world whatever it is that you’re thinking or writing or sticking
into there – it doesn’t matter that is the space for you to do these things to move forward, to reflect, to change things that you want change… so… yeeeahhh… this is sooooo long….. omg.

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  1. Hope you enjoy this video! I'd love to know if there's any apps in particular that you use for journalling? There's links in the description to the apps I mentioned here, and also a link to an article showing you some of the best apps in 2019.. Thanks for watching! See you again soon! πŸ€“πŸ‘

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