4 Island Tourist Horror Stories (feat. Mortis Media, Eden & More) | Al Dente Creepypasta 09

There was no time to mourn. If we were lucky, we might just get out alive. But what waited on the other side would be
possibly my toughest challenge yet. Hello, and welcome to Al Dente Creepypasta,
horror stories cooked to perfection with a splash of red sauce. My name is CZ and today we’ll be serving
you on the beach, so kick back, relax and enjoy these vacation horror stories. Let’s dig right in. Number One. Island Adventure. A woman at the airport had asked me if I was
looking forward to my vacation. To simply say yes would have been an understatement. I had to work overtime for 5 months in order
to afford to get here. Then I had to find time off from work, and
get off at the same time as my boyfriend. We had to research: the perfect resort on
the perfect island with the perfect weather. But we made it. Nothing else was between me, the warm tropical
sunshine, a cold refreshing margarita and the relaxing sound of waves crashing on the
sand in front me and carelessly rolling back into the sea. As I dug my toes into the soft sand and laid
back on my beach chair, I thought about all possibilities that awaited us here at the
Grand Maritime Beach Resort. Kayaking through the ocean breeze. Living the high life at the offshore casino. Backpacking the expansive rainforest by moonlight. Or regenerating my body at the luxury poolside
spa. Maybe I’d even try SCUBA diving, though I
wasn’t sure I liked the idea of breathing through a tube. I think before any of that though, I’d just
kick back on the beach and enjoy some sunlight. We’d had a long trip and it felt good to just
drop our bags, slip into a bikini and take in the saltwater aroma. *Yawn* I… could feel myself starting to
fade…. *Yawn* off too… “Lucy. Lucy, you OK?” My boyfriend’s touch snapped me out of a daze
after being awoken by that boat horn. “Uhh yeah, I just fell asleep. What time is it?” “About 2. You were tired. You look dead.” “Thanks…” “I was just going up to the bar. Do you want anything to drink?” “You could grab me a Piña Colada I guess.” “OK.” He kissed me and headed off to the bar. Before I could doze off again a strange little
man came walking down the beach with a clipboard. He looked like one of the locals, a bit of
an oddball one at that. He went from chair to chair, making his way
up to where I was. When he arrived, he asked if I was interested
in going on an ‘island adventure’. He explained that it would include backpacking
in the rainforest, ziplining, roasting food by a campfire and bathing in a private waterfall
grotto. The clipboard included photos of what looked
like an absolutely amazing time to me, so I told him it looked perfect and I wanted
to sign my boyfriend and I up for it. He told me to follow him down the beach to
the activity shack so I could make a reservation. I dipped my feet in the water as we strolled
the length of the shore, but the man kept rushing me along. I didn’t think much of it at the time, just
assuming he was impatient. That should have been my first of many red
flags. Next we walked off the property of the resort. I asked if the expedition was included in
the resort package. He told me it was, and I had no reason to
believe otherwise. We finally get down to the little hut. All I remember was it being completely empty
and not really looking like an activity shack at all. The guy quickly apologized and told me that
the activity director must have already headed up to the site to begin preparing for the
excursion. I was starting to get pretty annoyed at this
point and told him I better walk back and let my boyfriend know, but he assured me that
the site was just across the street and it would only be a couple more minutes. I was reluctant but didn’t want to be rude,
since he insisted. Besides, it would be good for me to get to
scope out where we would be exploring. So we made our way inland. I had to run across the street barefoot. No crosswalk. This led us directly into the rainforest and
when we got there, I started to get a bad feeling. There was no set path we were following, we
was just leading me deeper into the forest. The other thing that set me off at this point
was the complete lack of other tourists. I thought for sure we’d see other couples
signing up as well, but… scratch that, it wasn’t just a lack of other tourists, it was
a lack of of people. There was nobody out here. Just me and this guy who randomly approached
me on the beach. I had no real idea that he actually worked
for the resort. He was kind of scraggy and unkempt, certainly
not up to the standards of grooming we had seen at the front desk. But he did look to be an island local, like
most of the employees we had seen at the resort. And it’s not like the island adventure expedition
wasn’t advertised in the brochures. But something deep inside me said that this
wasn’t the real thing. I got more and more nervous. I was honestly thinking about turning and
running, but the only thing that stopped me from doing it was how embarrassing it would
be if this was legit, because there was still some doubt in my mind. Besides, it’s not like I’d make it very far
with no shoes and no idea where I was going. I debated doing it anyway in my head when
something emerged in the distance. Another man was standing out there, veiled
by a layer of fog and facing slightly away from us. Relief washed over me when the guy I was with
called out to him in another language and the guy came up to us. Realistically, it was just a couple minutes,
just as he had told me back at the activity shack. Before I could feel silly for doubting him,
the two men went back and forth in their native tongue. I don’t know what they were saying obviously,
but I just know they were talking very quickly. But, what was weird was this new guy was staring
at me, not making eye contact with the other man. Actually, he wasn’t just staring at me, he
was eyeing my body… up and down. I felt exposed and uncomfortable, but let’s
face it, it wasn’t the first time a guy couldn’t keep his eyes off. It’s just that usually they try a little bit
to hide it. He continued to fire off questions I couldn’t
understand. I looked up at the rainforest we’d be exploring. It wasn’t exactly as I’d pictured it. How far was the zipline? Where was the waterfall? That’s when… both of them went quiet. I looked back down at them. Both of them were staring at me. I smiled sheepishly, then the two men simultaneously
grabbed me! I tried to scream, but one of their hands
reached over muffled my mouth as both of them dragged me down to the ground! I was completely helpless to resist with the
full weight of two bodies crushing me. A hand pinched my nose and closed my nostrils;
tears began to flow but I couldn’t breathe! I was completely powerless. There was nothing I could do. The black started to envelop me from the corners
of my vision. Just before I blacked out, I saw something
in a blur through my tears, deep in the distance. There was a third person way back in the trees. It was the last thing I saw before the black
crashed in and I was out. For the second time that day, I awoke in a
haze. I thought I never would. But I was alive. It was getting dark out. But we were still in the forest. A different part of the forest. I didn’t know how deep in we were. I actually couldn’t make out much. My vision was a blur. It was like looking through beer goggles. My right arm felt dead, almost impossible
to lift, but with some effort I could move it around and shoo off some of the hundreds
of bugs flying right over my body. It didn’t do much good, they were everywhere. The two men were sitting by a campfire talking. Clearly they hadn’t noticed me wake up. From what I could tell, they were about 10
meters away. There was also a Jeep parked nearby now too. I felt as if I was hungover and drunk at the
same time. But this was my only chance to try to escape
and I knew it. There were just a few problems. I had no idea where I was, how far we were
from the beach, or from any civilization for that matter. I was not in much condition to run. I still had no shoes, and my bikini was not
great for running in to begin with. Normally I might be more confident. I do jog for 45 minutes almost every day,
so I had pretty good endurance. I don’t know what these two men were capable
of though. And then there was that third guy I had seen
in the distance. Where was he? Was he one of them? Was he going to be patrolling the perimeter? Before I could think of a plan, I saw them
turn their back to me and go the car. This was my chance. I wobbled to feet. I didn’t break into a full sprint right
away, trying to strike a balance between speed and stealth. As I got further from the campfire, it got
very dark, even just a few meters ahead of me was starting to look pitch black. It wasn’t long before… I stepped on something hard and rough. It rolled me off my feet and I went crashing
to the ground. Shoot. I heard their yelling out in the distance
as they realized I was gone. I pulled myself to feet, feeling even woozier
than before. I heard the Jeep start somewhere in the background. The headlights flared up behind me so I scrambled
my way to the nearest bump in the terrain and ducked out behind it, doing my best not
to move a muscle. The area lit up as the vehicle turned around
and headed in my direction. It pretty much mowed over the low-lying vegetation
as it tore over the bumpy terrain and headed straight for me. They… they didn’t see me. The jeep passed and I was safe for a little
while longer. I figured I’d have to develop a strategy
so I could continue in one direction, as not to send myself in circles. I decided to go perpendicular to the way they
had just driven. That way if they try to comb the area it will
take them a long time to get to me. I got to me feet and set off. But then I heard something that stopped me
in my tracks. It wasn’t loud. I wasn’t even entirely sure I had heard
it all. Until I heard it again. There were footsteps. Probably a good 30 meters or so. My head was still spinning and I couldn’t
exactly tell which direction they were coming from. Once again I had to reassess my situation. I looked around. Absolutely no light, other than the faint
moon’s glow. I couldn’t make out where the footsteps
were coming from. Or who they were coming from. What if only one of them had gotten in the
car? Or could this be that third person I had seen
in the distance? It could be a random person for all I knew. It might be worth calling out for help. But if it was one of them… I didn’t have time to sit and think about
it. The footsteps were getting louder. I decided to try and quietly move away. It was getting harder to get around though. Not only was it dark but my vision was swirling
more and more. It seemed like the more ground I covered,
the louder the other footsteps got. The anxiety, the swirling headache, the sick
feeling I had… all of it was getting to me. Before I knew what had happened, I collapsed. I laid on the ground breathing heavily. The last thing I saw this time was a pair
of boots on the ground in front of me. They walked up and stopped just before my
face. I couldn’t go on. I felt myself start to fade once again… Number Two. International Waters. “Molly, come on! They’re leaving!” I called back to my wife as she waddled down
the dock in her high heels. *sigh* What’s the point? I thought to myself. We were going to miss it. It was already three minutes past two. The boat should have left by now. Sure enough, just as we reached the end of
the dock, the ship pulled away and headed out to sea. If only she hadn’t taken so long to get
ready… “Oh, no!! Shoot! I’m sorry Tom. Agh, we just missed it too!” “Come on. At least we can still enjoy the poolside bar
for a few more hours while the sun’s still up.” I turned back towards the mainland. Then I heard a voice behind me. It came from one of the island locals who
was sitting at the end of the pier. Apparently there was going to be be a smaller
shuttle boat that would take people out to the casino boat in about an hour. Perfect for us. I made sure next time we were waiting out
there 15 minutes early. Right at 3:00PM, the same guy from the dock
earlier pulled up in a tiny speedboat. He helped us aboard, then, once we were seated,
he fired up the engine. I asked him if we were going to wait for any
other guests, but he told us we were the only ones, so just like that, we took off. The sea breeze whipped through our hair as
the island behind us got smaller and smaller in the distance. Molly grabbed onto me for safety as we looked
on at the sparkling horizon. Eventually, a speck appeared on that horizon,
and not long after, that speck became a boat; the boat upon which we would be spending the
rest of our evening. When we walked in, the place was popping. Blackjack tables, poker, craps, roulette,
a disco ball bumping to beat of the bass and bottle girls for every table, couch and lounge
chair. It looked like there was more in the rooms
beyond as well. We spent probably the first four hours or
so in this initial room. I wasn’t really keeping track of time, but
that was more of an estimate based of the amount of drinks my wife and I downed. We jumped around from game to game, spending
some of the time together and some apart. I wanted to give one more spin at the roulette
table, and I wasn’t sure where exactly my wife had run off to. I was getting kind of low on chips and wondered
if she was doing any better. I noticed the guy next to me had a huge stack
of chips, the most I had seen anyone with the entire night. I inquired about where he had all the good
luck and he told me he made almost all of his earnings in… “the private rooms.” He went on to explain that the casino operates
off shore because what goes on in the private rooms is very illegal. But not in international waters. I asked if he had any tips. He told me to stay calm, be logical and don’t
do anything rash. He said you can make a lot of money there,
but you have to know when to sit back and observe and when it’s a good time to punch
it and buy in high. And the last thing he told me was that this
room was not for the light hearted, or the morally righteous. I went to go find Molly. The first area beyond the curtained door was
just a little waiting area with a bouncer. He asked us if we wanted to play in a private
room and made sure we knew that we’d have to stay for the duration of the game, so if
we needed to use the restroom, to do it now. He reiterated what that one guy had told me
about this being a moral ground zero. Then we waited. I hadn’t noticed anyone come out of the
room, but after we’d waited about 20 minutes, the door opened and we found two chairs in
front of a bank teller window type of thing with a little slot, presumably to exchange
our chips. Beyond the window was a bigger room with several
vertical wall panels made up of grey metal sheets. There was a door in the corner of the room
and a large mirror on each wall. A bright, disc-shaped light on the ceiling
was the only means of illumination. Someone stepped into the room with us. It was one of their bottle girls. She poured each of us a glass and explained
that tonight’s game would come in three parts. Minimum bet would be 15 credits and we would
be required to place a bet for each game. The first game would require us to bet on
who could hang in the longest. Suddenly I felt kind of a nasty feeling as
I thought about all the warnings of moral values. When it was described to me I imagined something
along the lines of the board game Sorry! where you had to bump off the other players to win. I hadn’t even anticipated the possibility
of a survival game… soooo you can imagine my relief when they wheeled five horizontal
bars into the room beyond our window. I guess my wife had gotten the same idea. “When they said ‘who can hang in the longest,’
what came to your mind?” “Uh… haha. I guess I thought we were sponsoring the Hunger
Games for a second there.” That’s when they marched five women, completely
naked, out onto the floor. My wife glared at me; I told her I honestly
had no idea, but she crossed her arms. Each of the women took their place under the
bars. My immediate thought when I saw them was that
they– looked tired and disheveled, they certainly didn’t seem happy to be there. But given what I thought the circumstances
were a minute ago, it didn’t bother me as much as it should have. “So we just have to pick to which one can
hang on the bar the longest? Seems easy. The lightest one should have the advantage. Second from the right.” “Yeah but what about grip strength?” “How would we know what their grip strength
is like?” “I don’t know. Maybe the one on the left? Maybe the one next to her?” “This feels so wrong. It’s like we’re slave traders up here
or something.” I could tell that she was half joking, but
a small part of me did feel that it was wrong, sitting up here judging these exposed women
based on their bodies. Our drinks were refilled and we were given
a little card. Without going into too much detail, the card
contained odds and buy-in price for each candidate. Our skinny candidate had the best odds, but
that also meant she had the biggest buy-in price. So the system that they had here was kind
of the inverse of what you might expect from a horse track or something similar. We still decided to go for the small chick
anyways. I could feel the drinks starting to get to
me as I counted out the necessary amount of chips to put in the slot in order to bet on
her. Once the bets were in, one more of the casino
employees went down into the room and dumped a bucket of water on the floor. The water spread evenly throughout the room,
creating a shallow pool all the way around. “What is that for?” “I don’t know. Maybe it’s to make it obvious if someone
touches the ground?” To be honest, I really had no idea, but soon
I would find out. The competition began and all five ladies
jumped up onto the bar. One of them immediately lost their handle
came crashing down to the ground. Her scream was cut short by an electric buzz! She was flailing and freaking out on the ground. “Oh my God…” That’s when I realized the true intent of
the groundwater… It wasn’t to show who had touched the ground… I mean, maybe it was. But the main purpose was a motivation to stay
on the bar. There was some kind of an electric current
running through the water, probably not enough to kill, but definitely enough to pack a punch. The poor lady was screeching and desperately
trying to get back on the bar, but she just didn’t have what it takes it to hold on. She kept falling, and getting shocked, then
trying to pull back up and falling again. It was… hard to watch. After about 20 seconds, the girl next to her
went down, and it looked like the surge that went through her was even more violent. She however, was able to get back up on the
bar and wrap her legs around it in order to avoid further pain. The first woman just wasn’t able to pull
herself up though. Molly was having difficulty stomaching what
she was seeing. She grabbed my hand and gave me a helpless
look of concern. “Let’s get out of here.” We headed for the exit, but the door was locked. “Hey! We’re done! Let us out!” But we were reminded that we had to agreed
to stay for the entire game. And I realized that, not only would we have
to sit there, but we’d also have to place bets and continue to support the degrading,
inhumane experiences that were going on down there. What had I gotten us into? Another girl fell and got a short jolt of
electricity before hopping up and wrapping her legs around the bar for safety. It came down to two final girls, our girl
and the more muscular looking girl I had suggested earlier. Our girl started to lose her grip and shifted
around to regain her position. But a couple seconds later she was wobbling
again. She cried out and actually burst into tears
while still holding onto the bar. I guess she already knew she was going to
lose but continued to hold out as long as possible. Before long she slipped, and I could actually
hear her yell out, ‘NO!’ as she did so. Luckily, she only got a few seconds of voltage,
the currents seemed to turn off, and the last woman let herself down from the bar in safety. The whole thing was maybe only a minute and
half, but the first to have fallen was in pain for all of it. She was alive but she didn’t get up right
away. Her hair was literally standing up in all
directions and her skin was charred like something out of a cartoon. It was just disgusting to watch. Barbaric, but that’s probably not a strong
enough word to describe the pain she must have been in… Eventually the room was cleared and a water
vacuum was used to dry things up as the bars were taken out in preparation of the next
game. They ended up bringing out these big wide
yellow rulers, four feet in length and placing them against the wall. When they brought the women back out, they
had on nothing but these knee-high boots, which subsequently latched into the wall at
the knee and at the toe, so their shins were pretty much locked in, parallel to the wall. As our drinks were refilled, we were given
another card, simply labeled “flexibility”. Like before, it gave us odds and buy-in price
for each of the contestants. I noticed that some of the contestants were
the same, but some had been swapped out. The final two girls from the last game were
still there. We again contemplated not betting. We stalled for a few minutes, hoping they
would just start the game without our bet. The bottle girl came back in and old us there
had been a change and exchanged the card we had for another card. The only difference was they added one more
contestant. Again, we tried to wait it out without betting
and we were interrupted by a bouncer who burst into our room and told us to hurry up and
make a bet. We tried to explain that we were no longer
comfortable with it, but it didn’t help. I quickly realized our best option was to
just finish the game and not come back. We soon realized there were only two contestants
out of the six that we could even afford with the chips that we had left, and they were
the bottom two in terms of odds. We went with the cheapest one, wanting to
support this heinous game as little as possible. The game started and the object was to bend
back as far as possible in a bridge position. Their score was measured by how close they
could get their hands to their heels. It didn’t seem like this game would be anywhere
near as brutal as the last one, but I was unfortunately surprised to see how close it
came. I saw contortions that I didn’t even think
were possible. All of the contestants were able to see each
other, and each of them seemed to be trying their hardest. If there was some kind of external motivator
in this game like there was in the last, I couldn’t see what it was, but I could tell
none of them wanted to lose. It got to the point of one girl pushing herself
so hard that she screamed out and collapsed on the floor when she wasn’t able to go
any further. As they continued to strain, there were two
clear leaders: the petite girl and the more buff looking one who were the final two of
the previous round. This time the smaller girl came out on top,
and her rival slammed her hand on the floor in frustration. Round two was over, only one to go. The ladies were pushed to the breaking point,
but I was just glad that we got through that one with nobody’s back being broken. It wasn’t even the worst thing in the world,
and I was hoping that the final round would also be more tame and we could get out of
there with somewhat of a lighter conscience. Hopefully we’d be able to suppress this
night and enjoy the rest of our vacation after this. That all went out the window with what happened
next though. Five men came into the room, each carrying
a long nosed rifle gun, but before you ask, no, nobody was shot during this game, but
I didn’t know that at the time. That’s not to say what actually ended up
going down wasn’t horrifying though. The barrel of each each of these guns was
painted with a series of rainbow colored stripes stretching from the tip of the gun inwards. I didn’t understand what the meaning of
any of this was, until the bottle girl came in and gave us the final card. Printed upon it was the name of this last
game: Penetration. I looked at it in disbelief, but before I
could even begin to protest, Molly pointed out that with the chips we had left, we couldn’t
even afford the cheapest buy-in. Maybe this would finally prompt them kicking
us out. We were more than ready to be done with this. But after we once again failed to place a
bet, the bouncer came in to see what was up. We explained our situation and he told us
we’d have to get some more chips and told my wife to come with him. Minutes later he came back with a velvet bag
and handed it to me. It was filled with tons of chips! Way more than we ever had before. More than that guy at the roulette table. More than we could probably afford. “Where’s my wife?” I asked. But he was already gone. That’s when the bottle girl came through
one more time, with another card in hand and told me that there’s been a change. I turned around and looked through the window
into the game room, and what I saw was more upsetting and disturbing than anything else
I had laid eyes on that evening. Stripped down and shaking with fear… Molly joined the lineup of contestants. Number Three. Isolated Getaway. This… isn’t easy for me to talk about. If you’ve ever tried to make long-term plans
in a relationship, you’ll probably know what it’s like. My boyfriend and I had gone out for two years
and decided to plan a relaxing little getaway. You never think that this kind of thing will
happen when you’re planning our trip but… we ended up splitting up a month and half
before. Ideally, I would have waited until after the
vacation to break up with him, but when I caught him fooling around with his physical
therapist, I didn’t even wait a day before ending it. Lucky for me, I still had a suite booked at
the Grand Maritime Beach Resort. For whatever reason, even though he did all
the research and booking, the reservation was made under both of our names with my email
address! I figured it to be a good consolation prize
for the suffering he put through. Besides, I wasn’t going to let him ruin
my much needed time off. He’d already done enough damage. I’d be enjoying this vacation with or without
him. It felt amazing to hop off the plane and stuff
my winter jacket in my bag for the rest of the week. I breezed through the airport, at the end
of which this short chubby guy asked me if I need a ride. I told him I was looking for the Grand Maritime
shuttle and it turned out that he was the driver! I guess I lucked out because we didn’t even
have to wait for any other passengers. I’d be enjoying that sunshine before I knew
it. Once we arrived at the resort, they told me
my room wasn’t quite ready, but they offered to take my bags and let me enjoy the pool
and beach while they made the preparations. To be honest, that’s exactly what I wanted. I could worry about unpacking later. I got changed in the bathroom and found myself
a poolside chair. The resort was… not at all what I remembered
my ex describing to me. First, I expected more people. I mean, I was the only one at the pool area. It looked like there were some more people
by the beach, but I felt like it should be much more busy at this time of year. Still, I didn’t mind some isolation and
time to myself. It was also kind of a shoddy place. I remembered it looking much better in the
photos. Leave it to my stupid ex not to do the research… Who cares though. I was here, catching some sun and not at work. A couple of loose pool tiles could not change
that. I decided to take a look around the resort
a bit. Again, I was pretty unimpressed. Actually, it was kind of creepy. It felt as though it hadn’t been renovated
since the 70s and there was nobody around. It was like exploring the ruins of a forgotten
old resort. There was a smaller pool that I came across
was empty and filled with moss. The paintings on the walls were cute… or
at least they might have been several years ago, but the paint had chipped away so that
the eyes of they tribal figures that were depicted just looked like empty voids. I felt more like I was in a forbidden temple
than a welcoming beach resort. Corroded statues and broken fences were just
a couple more clues as to why this place was so empty. There was even a boat on the beach that was
turned over in the sand, gutted for parts and covered in graffiti. Perhaps the strangest part about it was the
tinny little speakers hidden in rocks around the resort which were probably the only evidence
that the place was actually operational. I decided to just go back to the pool and
tan until my room was ready. While I waited, one of the staff came up to
me and asked if I was interested in their complimentary massage. That sounded good to me. I followed him in into the spa building next
to the pool. I laid out face down on the massage table
and he began to go to work on my shoulders. It was… oddly quiet. No music or anything. Just the sound of him breathing and the kneading
of my flesh. It was a bit uncomfortable, but at the same
time it just felt so good so I tried to ignore it. Then it got more uncomfortable. The guy just presumptuously unhooks my bikini
and goes to work on that part of my back and sides. I don’t usually get a lot of massages, but
shouldn’t he ask first before doing something like that? Then I remembered why I was here and I thought
I should just let myself live a little. Someone else came into the room and started
talking to the masseuse in a language I couldn’t understand. It sounded like he was answering a bunch of
questions, and he sounded kind of angry. His voice got louder as he came into the room. It sounded like he was right next to my head,
so I opened my eyes and this guy was right there staring at me! I panicked, but I didn’t quite know what
to do. He started pacing around the table. Talking to the guy. It felt like his eyes were locked onto me. My relaxation level dropped fast and my nervousness
level was skyrocketing. This guy was unbelievable. But then, he actually grabbed my butt! I screamed out, “Hey!” but I couldn’t
fully turn away without exposing myself. I was just about ready to be done with this
massage. Why wasn’t the masseuse telling this creep
to buzz off? The guy didn’t even let go of me when I
yelled at him! What the hell? They just carried on their conversation, only
raising their voices, so I started kicking and thrashing my feet and screaming at them
to stop! Only problem was, I could raise all the ruckus
I wanted but we all knew there was probably nobody out there to hear me. I tried to fight my way out but the masseuse
ended my struggle swiftly when he dug his thumbs somewhere into my shoulders as hard
as he could. He must have hit some kind of pressure point
or something because that’s the last thing I remembered. I was out. I woke up. By the time I remembered what had happened,
I realized I was in a far worse situation. I was on a speedboat zipping through the ocean,
accompanied by only that strange man who had violated me. I could see the island off in the distance
and it was only getting further and further away. I jumped out of the boat and swam as fast
as I possibly could! I heard the engine die and the driver turn
around as soon as he realized I was gone. Before I knew it, the boat was back in front
of me. He told me it was stupid to try to swim back
and that it was further than it looked and yanked me back in. He was right. I didn’t have the stamina to swim all the
back to shore. As I stared off at how far it really was,
I saw a resort on the coast that looked far nicer than my own. Why couldn’t my stupid ex have just done
his research and booked a decent place? That’s when I realized something… The sign displayed above the resort could
just barely be read in the distance… It said: Grand Maritime Beach Resort. Number Four. Last Resort. I looked up and saw a ship departing from
the dock. A couple of jetski riders zoomed by the ship’s
wake, even managing to catch a little air. That looked fun. Maybe I could do a little bit of that later. I dug my toes into the warm sand and looked
at my watch. It was 2:03. It seemed like as good a time as any to grab
myself a drink. Afterall, the bar here at the Grand Maritime
was complimentary, so why not? “Lucy. Lucy, you OK?” I shook my sleeping girlfriend’s shoulder
lightly to see if she wanted anything. “Uhh yeah, I just fell asleep. What time is it?” “About 2. You were tired. You look dead.” “Thanks…” “I was just going up to the bar. Do you want anything to drink?” “You could grab me a Piña Colada I guess.” “OK.” With that, I kissed her and headed off to
the bar. When I got back with the drinks, my girlfriend
seemed to have wandered off, so I resumed my position on the lounge chair and stared
at the shoreline for a bit, full of hope that this was going to be the best vacation ever. This was so nice. About 15 minutes went by. Lucy still didn’t show up. Ten minutes more. Another 15 minutes. Where had she run off to? There was this old German couple at the chairs
behind us. I asked if they’d seen a blond girl in a
black bikini sitting here, and where she might have headed off to. They said they had seen her talking to “the
survey guy”. When I asked who the survey guy was, they
told me he was going around from chair to chair with a clipboard asking people if they’d
like to fill out a 15-minute satisfaction survey and that they’d seen him talking
to Lucy. I asked what direction they’d gone, but
neither one of them was sure. I immediately knew something wrong. Lucy was not the type to spend 15 minutes
filling out a survey, especially on vacation. The next closest person was an attractive
young girl sipping on a smoothie by herself. I asked her if she might have seen my girlfriend,
possibly with a guy holding a clipboard? She told me she wasn’t sure about Lucy,
but that she may have seen the clipboard guy. According to her, he had been going from chair
to chair and had asked her if she wanted to sign up for some kind of ‘island adventure’
thing, but she had politely declined. Apparently he was really pushing it but she
just wasn’t interested. “Excuse me.” We were interrupted by a guy who was about
my age, wearing long swim trunks. “My apologies for interrupting. I just happened to overhear you say you were
looking for your girlfriend. My wife seems to have disappeared off this
beach earlier this morning when I ran back to the room to get some sunscreen. I’ve been looking all over and haven’t
been able to find her.” “Yeah, I just went to bar and came back. She was gone, it’s been almost and hour
so I started asking around.” “Why don’t we both investigate. Knowing my wife there’s probably some spa
we don’t know about that they’ve both run off to.” “Yeah, you’re probably right. Let’s go find them.” The girl I was talking to said the guy with
the clipboard was headed down the beach to the left so we continued that way. “My name’s Mike by the way.” “Gary.” We continued asking around. One guy said that he’d seen the survey guy
come by but had told him he wasn’t interested. Another couple said they hadn’t seen either
of them. And then one chick said that some guy had
asked her to come down to the activity shack to sign up for some kind of rainforest adventure
and she’d said no. That’s when I remembered Lucy and I checking
into the hotel. She found this pamphlet with all these activities. I think she told me she was interested in
doing some rainforest hike or something. Mike and I decided to look for this activity
shack. We headed down the beach to the end of the
resort’s property. “Well Mike, I guess this is where we turn
back.” “I say we continue searching down the beach
for this supposed activity shack. I’ve already searched every inch of the
resort for my wife. I’m convinced they’re off the property
somewhere.” “I guess I’ll walk down a bit further
with you. I’ve got nothing to lose by checking.” We continued down the beach until we found
an empty shack. It didn’t look like an activity shack per
say, just more of a little hut. Before moving on, Mike noticed something in
the sand. He pulled up and dusted off a clipboard. There was one page on it, an empty spreadsheet
with the words “resort survey” crudely printed at the top. We looked at each other. Mike was wide-eyed. He flipped over the paper, and the back was
completely different, a colored advertisement with bright graphics of ziplining, a campfire
and a waterfall. Something here didn’t add up. I only saw two pairs of footsteps in the sand
heading out of the activity shack. Instead of leading back to the resort, they
led back inland towards a street. Something was not right here. Mike and I headed to the street where some
sand was kicked up onto the pavement. Someone had definitely J-walked right here,
so we headed across the street and into a rainforest. We decided to spread out a bit and cover as
much ground as possible. We made sure to stay within an earshot of
each other, so when we inevitably got lost, at least we weren’t separated from each
other. “Lucy! Lucy!” It seemed like we were totally alone in this
forest. It seemed useless. I was about ready to turn and go back. They couldn’t be out here… But that’s when I heard Mike call out to
me. “Gary! Over here! Come quick!” My heart jolted and I ran over to him. “I was looking around over here and I saw
something way off in the distance. There were three figures standing there. Two men and a woman. I was about to call out to them when the two
men jumped the lady and knocked her out!” I felt a sharp pain of nervousness and excitement
in my chest. Could it have been Lucy? I wanted to be close to finding her but I
couldn’t stand the idea of her not being OK. “When they noticed me staring they carried
her into a car and sped off. I think it could have been your girlfriend.” We ran over there. There was no real evidence to speak of, but
there were tire tracks that we could follow. Not only was it our best bet of finding our
women, but it was probably our only bet for finding our way out of here. We ended up following these tracks for 3 full
hours. It was getting dark by the time we came across
a little campsite. There was a bonfire that had recently been
put out, the wood was still charred and I could smell smoke. The tracks continued on from there though
and 30 minutes later we were finally led out of the forest where the tiremarks continued
on sand. It was a private little beach area hidden
by rocks on both sides. We eventually reached the end of the tracks,
where a Jeep was parked in the sand near the water and some footsteps led right into to
the ocean itself. Shoot. We wouldn’t be able to track them though
the water. And there were so many different ways they
could have gone. My heart ached as the hope inside of me began
to die. I stared into the same crystal blue waters
that I had just hours before, but now with an outlook of despair. I felt like I was never going to see her again. I looked over to Mike. “I have an idea.” I’d never ridden a jetski before but I was
going to have to learn quick. It was easy enough to get the hang of and
I soon found myself focusing more on looking for that boat than worrying about the controls. We were back in front of the Grand Maritime
resort now. There was a little speedboat whipping across
the current in the distance. A woman sat up and jumped off of the boat! She was thrashing in the water, swimming back
toward the coast. The driver of the boat turned back and pulled
her back in. “Did you see that?” “Yeah. That was weird. Let’s keep an eye on them.” So we did our best to follow this boat, making
sure not to get too close or follow him too directly at any point. We zig-zagged our way around, just staying
barely within an eyeshot. Eventually the boat pulled in next to a much
larger ship which was anchored out at sea. The guy tied a rope tethering him to the larger
ship, then climbed aboard dragging the woman with him. “You park yours up next to that speedboat. I’ll hide mine along the other side of the
ship and swim back around to this side. That way if they see yours we have a backup
to escape on.” This was it. If we didn’t find Lucy here, I was probably
never going to see her again. I parked the jetski and climbed onto the boat. We headed down a dark metal hallway, trying
to keep our footsteps as quiet as possible. As we traveled down, the sound of music thumping
from another room got louder. Some kind of party was going on on the other
side of this wall. There was a door on the side, or we could
just continue further down the hall into the dark. I decided to peak inside of the door and opened
it juuussstttt a crack. It was a huge room. Dark, with vibrant neon lights. Tons of people dressed up sat at slot machines
and blackjack tables. I quickly and quietly closed the door, hoping
I hadn’t been noticed. I nodded my head at Mike to continue further
down the corridor, which we couldn’t see the end of because of the dark. Mike put his hand out in front of me to stop. He motioned to his ear, and I listened… I could hear breathing at the end of the hallway. There was no doubt that someone was standing
guard. We knew he was there and he knew we were here. Then, as if to break to break the silence
and tension, his voice called out of the dark, and told us we weren’t allowed back here,
and to head back out to the casino. Mike whispered for me to keep quiet, then
spoke out to the guy. “Excuse me sir, I was just looking for my
wife. I believe she may have wandered back this
way.” The guard told him that nobody had been through
this way, but Mike insisted he double check. We heard the door he was guarding creak open
and Mike dragged me forward into the dark, to where we could see the end of the hall. He yanked on the door but it had automatically
locked, so he hid in the corner behind the door. [whispered] “Stand over there and wait for
him to come through.” I could see where Mike was going with this. I wasn’t convinced it would work but I couldn’t
come up with much better. The guard came back through the door and saw
me standing there in the hall. I said nothing. He told me that nobody had gotten back there. “Thanks anyways.” The voice came from behind him as Mike jumped
on the guy’s back, taking him by surprise before he had a chance to close the door behind
him! I bolted through the door and made it! It slammed shut with a huge metallic clang. I would be on my own from here on out. The room I found myself in was some kind of
lab. There was a row of several operation tables,
and these vertical tubes with a blue glow emanating from them. I inspected the first one, and it seemed to
just be an empty water tank, though it did contain what looked kind of like a scuba regulator
at the end of a tube. Before I could inspect any further I heard
a door being unlocked and I quickly dove behind the tank to hide. “We had no idea what we were getting ourselves
into. Please. I just want to get my husband and go back
to my hotel. Hey, what do you think you’re doing? Get your hands off me! HELP!” Two men, who looked to be employees of the
casino, slammed this woman to the operating table with her screaming all the while. I couldn’t fully see what they were doing
to her from where I was, but I did see the man’s pants drop at his ankles… And based on the screams I’m sure you can
guess the rest… It was hard enough to stand by and let this
happen, but I also kept imagining my Lucy in the same situation. My fists were shaking with rage. I was gritting my teeth and I could barely
contain myself. Still, I had the advantage of them not knowing
I was here, and if I was going to have any chance, I had to keep it that way. The girl on the table seemed to just give
up the fight, and the man doing the thrusting said “ten to one” then spewed out a bunch
of different numbers as if he was some kind of twisted odds maker. Then the girl, now stark naked, was pushed
out into another room. The second guy followed her out there with
a rifle gun! Whoa. I was in way over my head. I had no way to defend myself against that. I had to find Lucy and get out without getting
caught. The first guy went into a different door and
it looked like he headed up some stairs. I jumped up to investigate the rest of the
lab. There were more of these water tanks stretching
down the length of the room. What I found was that many of them contained
women, again, completely exposed, breathing through tubes. I recognised one of them as the lady we’d
seen jump off the speedboat earlier. The next girl looked in much worse shape. Her skin looked charred and her hair was standing
up in every direction. My hope was dwindling, but what happened next… I… I can’t even explain the feeling that shot
through me. It was Lucy. I nearly blacked out upon seeing her. I was feeling every emotion a person can feel
all at once. Her eyes were closed and she was just gracefully
floating there, breathing through a mask, but definitely breathing. I knocked on the glass, unsure of how to get
her out. She didn’t hear. *Knock* I knocked harder and her eyes shot open; you
could just see that they were immediately filled with fear; that she’d been conditioned
to expect abuse. But once she recognized me, everything changed. She put her hand up to the glass and I reached
up and did the same. Once again, I heard the door unlock and I
ducked into hiding. This time it was two men. One looked like he was native to the island,
the other was a foreigner. Both were wearing suits. The foreign guy had a drink in his hand. He was overweight and and seemed to have a
breathing problem. There was a metal tube coming out of his neck
that seemed to be regulating his respiratory system. “That really was quite a show you put on
there, I must say. I do understand the relevance, of games 2
and 3, when making such decisions, but what was the point of the first game?” The islander guy responded, “simply to break
them.” “I see. This one performed beautifully. A fine specimen indeed. No doubt I’ll be willing to shell out for
her.” They started talking prices and times. That was it. I couldn’t stand by anymore and watch this
frickin guy whore out my girlfriend. I didn’t care if I got myself killed. I just couldn’t sit there and hide anymore. I crawled out, the guy didn’t see me. I got a running start and socked the **** in
the face full speed! I shattered my fist but I didn’t even realize
it at the time. Before he knew what hit him, I grabbed that
fat **** by the back of the neck and thrashed his face into the glass. It didn’t budge, but it must have set off
some kind of alarm and a red light started flashing. I thrust his face into the glass, 2, 3, 4
times before it started to show a crack, which I noticed on the growing splotch of liquid
red now on the surface of the window. I reared back one more time, and with all
my might, shattered the tank on this guy’s skull. Water washed out everywhere with a greater
force than I expected. Lucy went sliding across the lab floor. I helped her get to her feet, but there was
no time for a heartfelt reunion. We ran for our lives. As we exited I heard the voices of yelling
men behind us. We made it to the hall where I had left Mike
and the guard. I wasn’t sure where the guard had gone, but
it was clear what has happened to Mike, he was beaten to a pulp and left sprawled out
on the floor. Then was no time to mourn. If we were lucky we might just get out alive. We made to the hatch. Somehow I was able to pry it open. We were back into the open air. Almost home free! But what waited for us on the other side would
possibly be my toughest challenge yet. The guard who had beaten Mike was standing
over the jetski I had pulled up in, which was on fire, and he continued to pour on the
gasoline. He turned around and saw us. Not knowing what else to do, I pushed him,
hoping to catch him off balance or something, and somehow it worked! He went crashing down into the flaming vehicle
before falling into the water. I had no idea if he’d gotten to the other
jetski but it was our only hope. “This way!” I took my girlfriend’s hand and jumped out
into the ocean. We swam like there was no tomorrow. *gasping for air* “Where are we going?” The ship billowed it’s horn over and over,
and I began to fear it might be a distress call. Still, if we got to the jetski, there probably
wasn’t much they could do to catch us. This was it. It all came down to the escape. We turned the corner around the outside of
the ship to where Mike’s jetski should have been… But it was gone… So that’s it then. It was all for nothing. “There! What’s that over there?” Off in the distance was Mike’s jetski! It had just drifted away from the ship! It was a long swim but we made it! The rest of the night was mostly a blur. I don’t remember much of when we crashed into
the shore terrifying the tourists who were enjoying the ocean in moonlight. I don’t remember the trip to the emergency
room, but I do remember when the pain of what they had done to me finally set in. The police came to talk to us, as did some
representatives from the resort. The casino was in international waters, so
it was out of the jurisdiction of the law. But they told us they were doing everything
they could to stop abductions on the land and keep tourists informed on the dangers
of gambling offshore. They had warnings posted all over the island,
but that didn’t stop people from being drawn to the thrill and they would find other ways
to lure people in. The resort wasn’t involved in any of this,
but of course they told us they would be striving to improve their security on the beach and
make sure people knew what dangers lie beyond their walls. They were kind enough to pay our medical bill
and we wouldn’t have to worry about paying for our stay either. They even offered a free week at the resort
at a time of our choosing, but I already knew we would NEVER be coming back. The pain of my broken hand was really starting
to set in. The police wanted to know more about Mike
and his wife, but we didn’t have much information to help them, other than the fact that his
wife was still out there. I asked if trafficking had always been a problem
on this island. His response made everything that had happened
to us that night seem even scarier. He scoffed at me and said, “if only it was
just trafficking…” Thanks for listening to Al Dente Creepypasta. Your total today comes out to $4,000 but if
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