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hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Liang Cheng of love and taste out I'm gonna show you three great summer outfits for the season with three different purchase shoes I'm gonna cover business casual your weekend getaway and of course weekend casual outfit first up grab these made in Italy leather loafers love the lighter brown leather on these loafers the lighter brown definitely more for the spring and summer season so it's not as dark as the usual ones that you see it's very dressy very professional perfect for work is a great summer of business casual outfit got this checkered linen blazer the Co is matches perfectly with the outfit you got the brown the navy and this overall beige color so lighten things up with a summer season check your blazer from some supply runs brother this dress shirt and of course some nice blue dress pants I'm gonna finish off the look with some Brown accessories this is a watch from P so this has a brown leather strap with full details husband at least Cory's got some sunglasses this one appeared like this and I have a brown briefcase a little bit more casual with this one and finish off the first look all right second outfit this it's definitely one of my favorite shoes for the Samba season if I have to tell you get one parent this is it this is a light suede loafer they see you got this classy go for both but now you have this leg or suede color lighter coats are great and you can mix and match with so many things so the shop cows in love I'm so with this base layer of just a t-shirt and of course I'm bone with some white jeans and then very simply just going on this length place area this is like a beige off-white kind of color and really breaks up this look with the white pants and the blazer the word t-shirt and this outfit just easily just tuck this in really toss pull it over a little bit perfect to finish off this look I'm wearing my new IWC funnel trap watch I just got this recently this is the perfect watch for indication dressy but you can also dress it down perfect with this kind of outfit indi watch there's gold details on their numbers so though kind of matches with the beige the Y and the shoes if you're doing that weekend getaway a short weekend trip this is a perfect bag for this outfit this is a leather duffel bag for baldie and I just love the color details with the beige and the red comes real with this humble brown leather this outfit is perfect for so many occasion this is my weekend getaway outfit this is perfect for brunch the front rooftop chilling having drinks for front this is to me one of the best sharp casual outfits with a summer season last but not least this third and final outfit of this video we got these brown suede sneakers well love about these sneakers that they're very light actually the brown suede details is very dressy very classy so this is definitely a pair of sneakers they're not like your high peas or your trainers that you can actually dress this up or dress it down again going with a brown shoes option in this video this one actually kind of like the darker Brown because you can kind of see this suede texture more and doesn't make the outfit off differently well this we can cap it off then I'm just going with a plain white t-shirt and some blue ripped jeans this office perfect for them really really hot summer days where you just can't wear it anymore layers so you're just gonna wear a white t-shirt here's a quick tip on how to look good in just a t-shirt and jeans outfit it's all about the accessories so I have this necklace that I really love to wear when I'm wearing the t-shirt kind of add something to the outfit and then of course you cannot forget above the watch so right here I got this mobile steel band watch definitely more casual and I got the blue to match with the blue jeans a simple way to change this outfit up it just add a short sleeve shirt and now you have an outfit so just a quick summary of this video we got the brown leather loafers perfect for business casual perfect for the workplace then we have the suede loafers which in my opinion one of my favorites for summer season perfect for short casual outfits you can literally wear it for anything and then of course you have these brown suede sneakers really nice and casual but you can still dress it up or dress it down there you have it three quick and easy summer outfits for the season please subscribe you guys haven't already thank you guys for watching

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  1. Great looks but fantastic watch selection! The Portuguese Chrono is one of my all time favorites. Congratulations

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