62 thoughts on “3 DIY Spring Denim Trends | ANN LE x The Sorry Girls

  1. Not liking the first pair of jeans as much. I would just keep it dark denim not 2 different colors. That's just my personal preference. Good job though! 😊

  2. I am so happy that you did a collab with the sorry girls because when youtube changed everything with the youtubers people are subscribe to, i lost you! but not i have found you again and clicked the bell!

  3. Those patch jeans are life! That's the style now! Love itI just uploaded a Boyfriend Tag and we recently got engaged, if anyone wants to check it out that'd be awesome 😀

  4. I love your channel you inspired me you make my own, so I hope you will like to collab with me in a further video. Thank you!

  5. I really like the last one! I have a pair of dark wash jeggings. They have holes right at the corners of the top of the pockets on the bum, but I don't wanna just throw them out because they're so comfy and cute. Does anyone have any clue if the 3rd diy would work with a very stretchy cotton type material pant?

  6. I love both of your channels! I am so so happy that you did this collab. And I am deffinetely making one of these DIYs. Btw have a nice day Ann. 😀😘👌❤

  7. I love both of your channels and a lot of things you make are amazing but none of those three trends are my style
    and I don't get what's supposed look good about them. (That's not your fault though :D)

  8. Hey, guys. I had a too short skirt that I've over-cut it when I tried to shorten the length. I really love the denim so I don't want to throw it away. Anyone have a suggestion for me? Comment below, please help me.

  9. It's good of u Ann collaborating with other You tubers n I love all the three designs mostly the 2nd n the last one. 🤘3 of u rocks!

  10. Wow! I've been really loving the embroidered pants trend but didn't want to spend a ton because I wasn't sure how often id wear them but this is the perfect solution! I'll be on the look out for table runners now haha

  11. This is sooo cool! I love everything and I'm going to diy all 3 items as well!
    I came here from The Sorry Girls ❤️

  12. 2 of my favourite channels, awesome!! aplique jeans rock btw, I have so many floral table cloths why didn't I think of that?!

  13. These turned out awesome. BTW, corset is pronounced cors-sit. It's just something I notice a lot of people who don't normally wear corsets will often mispronounce.

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