25 After The Monkees from How The Monkees Changed Television

Micky Dolenz is gonna leave the country
and go to England and become a director for 15 years and he directs children’s
television programs that are classics in England right? So he was going the Ron
Howard I’m not gonna be Opie anymore thing and then he got drawn back to the
states for their 20th anniversary tour and has been touring ever since but had
he not given up being a director who knows where he might have gone with his
directing right but he couldn’t get taken seriously as an actor here in the
States even though he’d had his own TV show
when he was 10 and he had his own TV show when he’s 18 and they were both
hits. So but his acting career nobody believed right because he was just the
goofy guy. Mike Nesmith wanted to be more of a songwriter and a country songwriter.
Nobody took him seriously. He started the First National Band. It didn’t work. He
ended up going off and you know running his own video company and he’s now a
millionaire so he’s happy and Davy Jones probably had it the worst because being
a boy teen idol — look look how hard it was for Justin Timberlake to grow up
right — I mean that is the hard position for a man to grow out of. So we’re not
good with Renaissance people. The fact that you can have more than one talent.

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