24 Hours In Paris: Fashion Week Edition | Karlie Kloss

Rise and shine! We’re going on a run! That’s rude. This is the secret, underground tunnels, to get out… without the paparazzi seeing you. This is so fancy. Ok, so this restaurant is so cute, it’s called Wild and the Moon. and honestly, Paris didn’t have a Juice Bar or any kind of vegan, healthy thing for a very long time. Actually, there was a place
called Bob’s Kitchen, which might still exist in like the Marais and it was like
very small. This is like really exciting this is LA coming to Paris. You get a different food from Wild and the Moon So, we have, carrot cake with coconut rice flour raisons, carrots and all sorts of other good stuff and then a really yummy sauce with cashews and what else was Cashews, vanilla, Beautiful. Look at that, come on! I think this one is my favorite. Bob, how’s your soup? It’s hot, but it’s really good! What is it, carrot ginger? Carrot soup. Ok, so we’re going to pick up our girl Emma, at zee bristol. And I am, driving through the streets of Paris Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Let’s do it! So, some of my favorite things to do in Paris, is to just stroll through the city This is champs-élyséess, so there’s a lot of really good shopping along here there’s There’s just so much beauty here. I mean look, cruising around the city, no matter where you look, there’s a beautiful site there’s a beautiful site right there! And there’s another one right there! another one! It’s so pretty! Ok, so this place is super touristy, but super iconic. The hot chocolate is the best in the world. There’s always a line at Angelina’s, so you just have to know what you’re getting into. It’s worth it trust me. So good! I have a sugar high right now. A chocolate coma. So now I’m going to the Off-White show I’m gonna walk in this show! I am just ready to roll pulling up soon, we’ve got paparazzi trailing us literally look, we’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 The show is gonna be great and then afterwards there’s a YSL dinner and it’s Amber Valletta’s birthday, you have to look at this real quick, cause this is where the show is I’ve come to a Bruce Springsteen concert here, I’ve come to a Beyonce concert here I’ve walked in Alexander McQueen shows here and now I’m about to walk in an Off-White show here! This is so cool! Exciting! It’s currently 6:40, The show starts in 20 minutes, basically just sat down for hair and makeup and nails and the whole works Bonne nuit! It’s been a crazy 24 hours in Paris, and thank you guys for watching Bisou! Bonne nuit! Ok, for real, bye!

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  1. You should try Nasi Goreng and Sambal Belacan from South East Asia countries. Differentiate from other super models that actually eats healthy foods! Try it once and you'll love it !

  2. et sans moi pour gerer de faire plus pour toi que de te baiser , c'est mal barré mais moi j'ai l'option de la rotation sectorielle?

  3. il faut que tu retrouve ton etincelle et fasse de ton argent qu'elle fait exister meme avec le mariage et une famille quitte a etre actrice plus que model.

  4. Can someone tell me why HPP has landed on some food-hysterics watchlist?
    I know what it is. I do not know, why people would be freaking out about it.

  5. et je suis un tres bon mentaliste et presque voyant pour savoir que sans moi tu te marie ensuite. surtout pour chercher mon mode de vie et en faire le tiens alors que le miens est consacrer a la nature.

  6. et pire la psychologie a toujours ete pour moi le principale critere de communication avec les gens qui cherche a etre social.

  7. I love how she goes from globalized "healthy" vegan foods to full on traditional French butter croissant and chocolate drink

  8. I love the white suit in the end❣️😽Paris is a beautiful city, I loved the restaurants when I had visited in the past. But if I was to go again, I would opt for the galleries and the fashion boutiques.😽😽💕💕

  9. i always love your 24 hours in (…) videos sO MUCH oh my gosh ahdhfbfj they're always the perfect proportion of Karlie Being A Dork™ and the wonderfulness of the place you're in and i just :') really enjoy them :') they always make my day :')

  10. You know Karlie, you are beautiful, you are smart and there are so many qualities which I admire you for. But seeing the images of you being in Rome with Ivanka Trump at the Nonoo and Hess wedding made me ponder. I know its your friends' wedding and differences should be set aside. But where does one draw the line at differences when Ivanka and her father's administration condones separation of asylum seeking children from their family (along other things). Erasing the time limit allowed for asylum seekers to be detained. Getting court orders to revolve the privilege of providing toothbrushes. Human beings detained in horrid conditions which has contributed to deaths. I cannot enjoy your beautifully edited, up-beat, fun Paris video knowing that your next stop is Rome. For those who are going to say, "You can just unsubscribe". I am. I have been here since Day 1 via Casey Neistat and I still believe you are a trailblazer in educating the public's perception of a model. Maybe I am getting too old, too jaded but people needs to start standing up for their beliefs even if it is as minute as unsubscribing from a channel.

  11. LOL, almost looked like she was gonna hit her her head on the ceiling at the end in that hallway.
    Those stems though, blondie, my word, in that yellow dress, bread and butter right there for sure 🙂

  12. When I went to Bob’s kitchen for the first time I was talking about you with my friend in front of the waiter and he told me “yeah btw Karlie comes here quite often” haha ! And I also really enjoy wild & the moon

  13. Always exercising and eating little bit of restaurant meals 😄 There is so much beauty here shows cars and a street 😂 Coffee sugar addiction all day and sleeping pills at night.

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