2020 Food Trends

(upbeat music)
(crowd cheering) Capers on all that stuff. Yay! Ooh ooh!
Thank you, it’s good to see you again. Ooh ooh.
So good seeing you! Everybody, she’s been here a couple of times but it’s a new year and these are some of the hottest food trends in celebrity nutrition. Say hello to my old friend, Keri Glassman. Hi!
(crowd cheering) It’s been a few years! How you doing? How you doing? (laughing) I love a deviled egg but I like the paprika on top. Okay, so lots of trends this year. The first one, spiced everything. And I know that you are a spicy lady. Savory not sweet. (laughs) You like spices, okay. So the first one over here we have za’atar which is a mix of spices and even seeds too. We’ve got sesame seeds in there and sumac. And then we have harissa over here which we have cumin in it, which is good for digestion, and also some chili peppers so that’s nice and spicy.
All celebs talks about the cumin.
So you could even sprinkle this right on here like this. Wait, but where?
You can try one of these. Wait, but I’m gonna have one but what’s that? Okay, so then this is Aleppo spice which is like a nice medium spiciness. So if you’re not a super spicy person, that’s a good one to start with. All right, well– Hell yeah, try that one out. I love a deviled egg, ooh. Right? And you can put these on anything. Vegetables, hummus, anything. Mm!
Okay, so our next trend, and I love this one, is butters. And when I’m talking about butters I’m talking about things like nut butters and seed butters. I mean, PB and J, peanut butter, right? We’ve had that for years. It’s time to move forward.
It never gets tired to me. By the way, me too,
What all’s going on? but we can add a little variety in here. Spice it up a little bit. We’ve got macadamia nut butter, watermelon butter and pumpkin seed butter.
(crowd whispering) And all nut butters and seed butters are gonna have protein and healthy fat and antioxidants.
These are really good. Aren’t they delicious?
Uh, huh. And you can even try, you know, dip some apple in there. Put it on a cracker.
No, I wanna juice them as a purest first. Okay, perfect. And watermelon butter, by the way, has some iron and zinc, and pumpkin seed butter has magnesium. I can’t eat watermelon on TV.
They’re all delish. Okay, on Tuesdays? Thursdays, Wednesdays.
No, on TV. Oh, TV. (laughs) (laughing) Okay, no watermelon TV, all right. Okay so, let’s move along here. That’s really good. The next one– Wait! (crowd cheering) Can we buy this in the store or do you have to make it yourself? You can buy these in the store, you can make them yourselves but– What’s this one right here? This is pumpkin seed butter. Wow, that’s really good. Wait, one more, let me just test this. You know, you can keep eating and I can just start talking about our next trend. Anchovies.
I like that one the best. So I know, you like anchovies, right? Right! And sardines, you like that right? Do I? Okay, so yeah, just go right in for it or have it on toast. Anchovies I love
(crowd cheering) because, you know, they are known as the bacon of the sea because they’re nice and salty, right? They’ve got hair on them though. You can’t ferret them ’cause then you’ll see their ugly faces– But you know what just mix them up and throw them in whatever. They’re not just for Caesar salads, they’re high in omega-3 fatty acids which are good for, we know are anti-inflammatory and good for heart health. So love those. I eat a lot of anchovies. I eat them regular, I like them out of the draw, I like this. I also like anchovy paste. I always have anchovy paste. I love that. Everything and– You are on trend! And I like the anchovies
(crowd cheering) when they come with the capers too! I like a caper. Okay, so our next trend, we are moving right along here to… You can, you know what, just here. I’m gonna move this along for you ’cause I want you to enjoy all of this. (mumbling with mouth full) So plant-based everything. We saw, last year 2019, we saw non-meat based burgers everywhere. This year we are gonna see them go mainstream into fast-food restaurants even and so we know that a lot of people have been jumping on that. But even Hollywood jumped on it. At the Golden Globes they served a vegan menu. We have two of them right here. We have golden beet soup and king oyster mushroom scallops which are not scallops, they are mushrooms so– No, I’m familiar with the scallops. Everybody’s going for this plant-based thing but one thing I always like to tell people, you don’t have to dive in this hardcore, you don’t have to go vegan to be plant-based. You can do a big green salad.
The mushrooms are really good. They also come in the lobster. Yeah, they do. And oyster. Right, super fun. Super fun to do that but again, go. You can do lots of vegetables and then even just add in some cheese if you want or just reduce the amount of meat you’re having. You don’t have to go hardcore vegan. But you enjoy that. I’m moving right over here to our last, our other, our next one, I should say. Which is, yeah, you’re going right back to those anchovies. I love it. I love it! Lasagna! Lasagna is our next trend here. And I know it’s not, obviously we know about Lasagna. But Lasagna is definitely having a moment. I think maybe because– That’s meatless? So this– Is there eggplant in there? So this is meatless. There is eggplant in there. I love eggplant! But so what people are taking out the meat and using veggies but also taking out the noodles. (laughs) Leave me alone, Keri.
It took me second. Leave me alone, Keri. People are using, people are even taking out the noodles and using vegetables like zucchini for the noodles instead. Yeah no I– I think it’s because it’s a comfort food and the world needs a little comfort right now. I’m not the best cook
(crowd clapping) but in my five things I cook real well, Lasagna is one. Amazing, I love that.
I can make it meat or I can make it eggplant. So then you are the ultimate tester of this. Yeah I do, I do love a Lasagna. Well, there’s no salt and pepper and all my stuff here. Okay.
It probably won’t taste as spicy as I like. It’s okay.
Well, we can add some! Where’s the hot sauce? We can add some Aleppo. Add some Aleppo over there. All right, but I wanna get to our last trend. You’re gonna enjoy it with, you’re gonna like this with this. Are you, you add, oh you got your hot sauce on there.
Go ahead. Go ahead, Keri. Okay, our last trend over here are mocktails. So we know that a lot of people do dry January but people are jumping onto this mocktail trend
What do they do? forever where they don’t drink alcohol for January.
Who are those people? Some people. But some people now are doing it for the long haul and really enjoying non-alcoholic beverages. We have toast right here which is a non-alcoholic champagne. I made one over here with lime juice and ginger beer, which is not beer, and then a spicy jalapeno kombucha drink so… We got that? Wait, what is this? ‘Cause we have to fun too if we’ve even, you know, even if you’re not drinking you gotta have fun, right? Well, why didn’t you put the champagne in a champagne glass? You know what, I’m gonna blame someone else for that. The show?
(laughing) Cheers, Keri.
Cheers, 2020! (crowd cheering) It’s pretty good. It’s good right? It’s good.
look, for more information on all these trends, and by the way, this right here, this is the bees knees. I love that. And the other stuff to but this right here? Mm, hmm. Go to wendyshow.com. (upbeat popular music)

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