2019 Trends for Textile + Surface Pattern Designers (YOU NEED FOR DESIGNS THAT SELL!)

okay hi everyone I’m Lauren from Lauren
Lesley studio and today we have special guest Elizabeth silver on to talk about
2019 trends for surface pattern designers so elizabeth is an amazing
surface pattern boss she’s a licensed artist and knows all about trend she
does tons of trend research and has a really cool newsletter for you guys that
we’ll talk about in just a minute Elizabeth would you like to kind of
introduce yourself and give everyone a little bit of background about who you
are and how you got started as a surface pattern designer yeah definitely thanks
so much for having me Lauren I have I studied surface pattern design in
college actually and when I graduated I was living in New York City and I
designed for bedding and then table linens and finally for baby apparel for
baby gap and then I wanted to leave New York City I’d been there for about nine
years and so my husband and I moved down to Raleigh North Carolina and I went
into freelance so I have been freelancing for about six years now and
I have a lot of different types of clients do a lot of client work for
party paper so you can see my work in Party City for like wrapping paper and
gift bags a lot of stuff in different like TJ Maxx and Marshalls and Target
and kind of all over the place and I also licensed my artwork so greeting
cards and rugs and also gift bags and wrapping kind of stuff a lot of
stationery and so that is kind of a me in a nutshell
awesome and for those of you who don’t know me I’m Lauren I have been a senior
textile designer for the past ten years and I’m really excited because my
outdoor rug designs are selling at Target this season so if you’re in need
of a go check that out but now starting as of February 1st this
year 2019 I’m starting as an surface pattern designer so I’m really
excited to go to blueprint in New York and meet a bunch of other surface
pattern designers but yeah so let’s get into some of the trends so first we’re
gonna start talking about Elizabeth Atlanta gift market trend PDF so if you
sign up for her newsletter you get all sorts of really great trend insights
that she puts together and kind of does all of the research ahead of time for
you so to get the free PDF you can visit her website and sign up for her email
list on the link is here and I’ll also link it in the description below so let
me pull up here here is her PDF and so Elizabeth if you
don’t mind going ahead and kind of explaining what is important about
America’s Mart gift and Home Show why is that important for surfers pattern
designers definitely thanks so much yeah so I went to a in Atlanta they have a
two times a year is America’s market and Home Show and they have like three
buildings in downtown Atlanta that have showrooms of gift companies home decor
companies rug companies apparel companies all kinds of like giftable
things stationery and they have permanent showrooms down there and so
they have different shows throughout the year but the gift and Home Show is a
time when they also people who don’t have permanent show rooms can also come
down and kind of set up a temporary showroom and they’re all showing their
wares for people for buyers who who buy for their stores you know for their gift
stores or their home decor stores or their boutiques all that kind of stuff
so it’s all in one place it’s basically like going to 150 Gift Show gift shops
at once so it’s like a perfect you know opportunity to see what’s going on
in the gift world in a stationery world in the home decor worlds so I
had gone since 2013 and so I wanted to check it out because I’ve been going to
search X every year and this year I decided to skip Sur text and go to
America’s mark I see ok cool so for those of for designers who are kind of
new at discovering trends or finding trends how did you out of you know you
said this is like going through hundreds and hundreds of gift shops how do you
decide what’s a trend versus something that’s not a trend when you were just
kind of overwhelmed by seeing so many – fur um art and gifts patterns you figure
out what is a trend like actually quite overwhelming I have to say and also I
would note that like this is the stuff that’s like going to be in stores
shortly you know they’re selling their current line but it was designed
probably a year ago at least you know six months to a year ago you know and
then it had to be produced and then it’s you know the samples are ready and
they’re hoping people are ordering it and it’s gonna go into stores right so
this isn’t necessarily like the cutting edge things that are coming right you
know out of you know very trend forward person’s brain necessarily it is stuff
that’s probably a little bit older but still it hasn’t fully gone into stores
and trends kind of do tend to last at least for a couple seasons or a couple
years and one thing I noticed is there is you know there was definitely a lot
of stuff that we’ve seen before stuff that you know wasn’t brand new one wrap
up or like roundup that I read you know kind of hypothesized that the reason for
that is that people are you know a little bit nervous that you know they
want to see something that has sold already and is a proven you know good
best seller or whatever and so they’re a little bit scared maybe to jump into new
things the wrap-up that I was reading was talking about you know like for
economy reasons but I don’t you know I don’t know but there is a lot of stuff
that we’ve seen before so like the farmhouse trend with a lot of like home
decor stuff with you know big script lettering brush
strip lettering and sort of like the like galvanized metal and wood you know
whether wood and sort of that that sort of style was you know really prevalent
saw a lot of stuff that I’m sure you could recognize like flamingos and
llamas and unicorns and mermaids and all those kind of like fantastical creatures
that we’ve seen a lot of you know in in the in the market and the big thing that
we see at all these places all these gifts shops are Christmas trends right
Christmas is a big big seller and so yeah you can see I’m kind of talking
about some of the things that we’ve seen already Christmas farmhouse was a big
thing and you know Buffalo plaid I say that green Buffalo plaid was a little
bit newer but red Buffalo plaid was definitely still in there and lots of
articles some really you know things that we’ve seen in past Christmas is the
kind of like vintage red truck with the Christmas tree is still out there but
just fine to figure out what is you know a trend I think that for me it’s just
kind of what pops out like you know as something a little bit newer that I that
I see you know a couple times more than more than just like one little
interesting thing so be having you know studied trends for the past couple of
years with my newsletter it’s like I feel like I’ve seen it all so if it’s
something that kind of like perks my interests and says like ooh that’s kind
of weird or like oh I haven’t seen that like even if it’s just one like animal
off to the side it’s like oh yeah you don’t usually see like you know I don’t
know what animal but that if I then see it again later in the day and then again
then I’m like okay that could be something and so I try to highlight
trends that are that could you know spark something spark some creative
basically and that aren’t necessarily like every
you know I’m not gonna feature unicorns because everyone has seen a million
unicorns and it is still trending but you know really what I do right I think
that as a designer once you sort of get into that process of researching trends
it’s almost sort of intuitive like something that does like you said kind
of perk your interest or you are kind of responding to innately then you know and
especially if you start to see it over and over again you know they say that in
order to buy something you have to see it seven times and so I think that as as
designers it’s like well you know we are sort of picking up on an evolution of
things to like one design trend could naturally evolve into something else or
it could marry with another trend I don’t know like I remember just in rugs
the trellis and lattice patterns were so big for a long sort of a two-color
and now they’re sort of starting to be a little bit dated but it’s like okay how
you know how can we evolve that trend how can we maybe make it a three column
multicolor or maybe and make it a little bit more global you know there’s
different things you can do to a trend once it’s starting to kind of get some
to age on it I guess to make it evolve and grow yeah yeah okay okay so so the
this first page just for fun was kind of things that I couldn’t make a full like
trend board out of but I just kind of want to call it out because again I kind
of perked my eye and I thought they were sort of interesting so last year for
2018 I did a trend guide of a roundup of surtex and national stationery show and
one of my trends was called anatomy class and it was sort of about a female
anatomy you know like naked ladies boobs like
literally there were cards out there with like you know like the whole like
female anatomy like real like ovaries and stuff like that so so that is you
know has been trending the female form has definitely been trying
but this little this first image with the like really really happy jumping
around naked ladies just maybe smile and say I just wanted to kind of call it out
because it’s sort of you know it reminds me that that trend is still going and
they just seem like they’re loving life so much that I was happy about it and
the second one is I had also recently in my newsletter sent out a trend about
floral crowns on animals being so huge in illustration and greeting cards and
things like that and one interesting thing that I saw it was a green box
which also like is kind of owns oopsy-daisy and they do wall art right
and so one of their artists actually a couple of their artists had you know
floral crowns was still big with the animals but one sort of like evolution
of that again as talking about how to make it something newer and different
and kind of bring it forward was having sort of dessert and food items as crowns
on animals so I thought that was an interesting take and then the last thing
that I showed there it and that I saw a couple call-outs of at the gift show but
couldn’t really find enough reference to say it was a trend was this sort of the
idea of pills and pharmaceuticals as like a little bit of you know a joke or
just like something something kind of interesting so that card says hope they
gave you the good drugs didn’t get well card by Lionheart prints Oh cute okay
cool so my first trend that I wanted to call out was called plant puns and as I
say here food puns have been around for a while we’ve seen you know tacos and
sushi and pizza and give me a pizza my hard and that kind of thing but I saw a
big you know a big showing of plant puns because house plants have been a really
big trend and now that’s sort of evolving so now we’re getting sort of
the two things together the food puns or the ponds I should say and the house
plants are coming together and planters and different
products have all these kind of you can see okay yeah and here to make Franz and
just like all these kind of like silly little puns on plant life so that was my
first call out I love puns so this is making me really
happy my second one is called Masters of Ming
and this was a trend that actually I think it started probably in the home
decor world and maybe with your rug experience you’ve kind of been seeing it
around but I sort of pay more attention to gift and stationary because that’s
sort of my you know lane for what I design so I hadn’t really noticed it
necessarily until it sort of started seeping into what I do but you know I
guess already in home decor is seeing these kind of Ming vases and these
chenault’s re vases with this you know like traditional Chinese look to them
the blue and white has been you know those vases have been you know a
decorative item that you can get for your home for a while and now sort of
it’s becoming a surface pattern thing where you can see there feature it is
like you know a tray that has those vases and you know napkins and prints
where those vases are being drawn out and illustrated and used for you know
for artwork and I also like the kind of the take on it where it’s like
sculptural pumpkins up in the top right where yeah they use the kind of imagery
but they put it on a pumpkin and so that’s just kind of you know something a
little bit different so I thought that was I noticed a lot of that around
markets cool yeah I’ve definitely seen this in
home decor and there have been trends and rug with kind of related to this
more but a little bit more like shibori or batik or things like that the indigo
thing is definitely around and support yeah you’re right I agree and then this
last one is sort of I think it’s I think it’s gonna kind of emerge I sort of
hedge my bets when I talk about it and in the intro but it’s been sort of a
graphic design trend for a little bit papercut progress is what I’m calling
this and so it’s sort of these paper cut paper sculpture flowers which are really
beautiful and you can buy something like this on Etsy the very central image is
like an Etsy image that you can buy this kind of decor for your wedding or your
party or whatever and the top Center and then the top left’s are both sort of the
graphic design versions of it where you know it’s a poster for one of the gifts
companies and the center one was an invitation and that’s where that kind of
imagery was used but then going around the show I was seeing a lot of the home
decor companies had these sculptural wall art that looks like paper cut
florals you know they were made out of ceramic or resin or whatever but they
kind of looked this 3d paper cut look and then kind of looking into it I saw a
couple other references a wallpaper like that looks like a faux the bottom left
is like a wallpaper that looks like cut paper and and I’m seeing it a lot for
like decoration decoration items so I think that if there’s a way I’m not sure
because I mean I’m an illustrator I’m not you know paper sculptures but you
know if there’s a way to sort of give that cool flat you know flat turning 3d
look to some of your flowers in illustration or whatever it could be a
really cool technique you have a dimension
was really interesting I haven’t seen that that’s cool so those were my three
big you know trends that I took away now I wouldn’t necessarily say those were
the biggest trends of market because like I said some of the biggest trends
the farmhouse look and you know I I still saw a lot of llamas and that kind
of thing those were you know bigger trends but those are ones that we’ve
seen before so what my trend book kind of highlights is you know hopefully
something that’s a little bit new and kind of sparks your creativity and you
know makes you ready to design some new stuff for your clients and for your you
know portfolio did you see any spots yep yep not quite as many I think that one
might be fading okay well I don’t know hopefully if that’s my opinion is so
yeah I’m going to Costa Rica on Saturday for my honeymoon so I’m gonna get to see
some real sloth the best I’ve never been so I’m excited okay so next we’re gonna
get into the trend of the month which if you’re part of Elizabeth’s newsletter
then you’re gonna get this every month from her so we are in March and she
recently released a new trend called sunshine day so is what can you explain
this trend and kind of the impact that that has also on surface pattern
designers yeah definitely so well we’re all ready for spring right I mean this
is it slam today here and rainy in Raleigh North Carolina but we’re ready
for spring and I have been seeing a lot of sunshine lately as in on gift
products so you can see from this board there’s a whole array of rugs reading
cards mugs wall are all kinds of things here and they’re all kind of sporting
that bright sunshine look with the Rays coming out of it a lot of like wordplay
and puns not on here but I on this board but there was one that I saw that girls
just want to have Sun which I love and I think it also goes back to we’ll be
talking you can see there’s some you know or
and pink and like it’s got that living coral vibe on the top but also mustard
yellow is so huge so it’s kind of perfect that this this ties right into
that too cool all right so also in those of us newsletter she
mentioned that Apartment Therapy has just released a pattern of the year
which they’ve never done before so I was really intrigued by this and had to look
it up so I’m gonna actually pull up their web page we can drop that for just
a minute because I was really intrigued by this and good job for Elizabeth for
finding it cool it’s I’m happy because you know we’ve of
course we’ve been here in color of the year for a long time but as they
explained in this article they were just you know they’re like all right enough
with this color of the year we’re ready for and I’m like as a service pattern
I’m totally here for it so they kind of described I mean definitely links of the
article if you you know hopefully but check it out because they talk about
their process of kind of narrowing it down and some of the other contenders
which were I think they said blush botanicals was a big one that they
thought about and trying to remember what other things but basically the
pattern that they named was animals but not animal prints that we think of in a
traditional way but the full animal so leopards zebras and cheetahs kind of you
know walking around and I’ve definitely I agree with this I have seen this for
the past year or two I featured a couple of these in my newsletter in fact so I I
definitely agree that this is this is up-and-coming I’ve seen it as wallpaper
it looks amazing and when I was at America’s mark I didn’t necessarily see
that many cats kind of like walking around necessarily but there were still
a lot of like animal prints more than I was really expecting for the gift world
so I was kind of seeing you know a part of that a version of that
yeah I’m really loving this and I been seeing a lot of like big cats as
well like whether it’s like tigers or leopards or 100 percent yeah I’ve seen
this a lot so it’s really interesting that Apartment Therapy called this out
especially because they have such a big focus on home decor I don’t know what
coming from our rug bat and obviously we you probably wouldn’t put this on a rug
I don’t know you know it’s not crazy it is crazy but it’s also not you know it
could I don’t know how saleable it would take a minute for like now everything
takes a while to kind of seep into like what people are going to put like a rug
is a big investment right right like anthropology could probably pull it off
but other than that yeah but it’s not gonna be you know definitely your
trellises or you’re kind of more safe option but some of the more trend
forward places might start featuring this and you know as it if it has legs
we’ll have to find out you know we won’t know until next year or the year after
that if it’s still kind of around but I could see it seeping into you know some
rug fashion mm-hmm okay so yeah Apartment Therapy saying that it’s a bit
maximalist but we’re seeing a shift away from the stark minimalism which I mean
that kind of resonates with me as well because I’ve I’m a little bit of a
hoarder – I think every artist is with all their supplies and whatnot um but
yeah I love maximalism I love kind of that boho global feeling so but yeah
they’re saying that you know even in pattern and like surface design that it
is a bit maximalist and I think also the idea of kind of layering patterns
together a coordinating patterns together in the home is going to kind of
be a big trend coming forward – definitely yeah so here is this other
big cat on like the bathroom wallpaper mm-hmm
um and I’m sure we’ll see it in like throw pillows like that’ll be kind of an
easy way for people to incorporate this trend oh yeah definitely
um but yeah they kind of just talk about like you know why a pattern of the year
like you said we’ve always heard about the color of the year and I will link
this article the description below so you guys can
check it out on your own but just yeah and it has some good when you read it
has some like suggestions I’m kind of like I said what they well they’re other
contenders were so those are other kind of big things that are happening so yeah
little hint as to what’s going on in the home decor world and also you know it
translates to a gift and stationery and and kind of everywhere yeah it
definitely makes sense than gift and stationery for sure but I love seeing it
I love seeing home decor get more creative like this too it’s fun all
right okay so I’m going to touch a little bit
on living coral because it is the color of the year and we just talked about the
pattern of the year for Apartment Therapy so I couldn’t leave out living
Coral and I do have another youtube video that I’ll I’ll put the slide up
for you guys so this is also in my youtube channel
if you want to watch the full video but I’m just gonna give like a really quick
summary over living coral so living coral kind of embodies our need for a playful
expression I see it as a very happy color on it’s very bright and fun and
representing the fusion of Modern Life Pantone and coral is a nurturing color
that appears in our natural surroundings so when I first heard this I thought
what natural like you know and I think of nature I think of greens and kind of
browns but maybe that’s just because of where I live but then I started to think
about it yeah it was kind of like oh yeah like I guess coral really does
exist in the sea but I’m not in the CEO or it’s in a sunset and things like that
so um Elizabeth do you agree with this would you think a coral as being like a
natural color yeah I think I’m on the same page as you
yeah I wouldn’t necessarily think that it’s to me it’s sort of like that pop of
color you know a little bit different than what I would I normally see in my
actual surroundings but I guess depending on yeah you know sort of in
the Caribbean or wherever they have a lot brighter colors around them so it
sort of depends I guess yeah I mean I definitely see it like you said
Caribbean I see it as a happy like beachy color and it I it even reminds me
of weddings like I feel like bridesmaids dresses and things like that but I just
don’t usually associate this color with nature but again yeah I mean it could be
a flower or you know color for flowers things like that but I just generally I
think of like more neutral stones and yeah I think we just need to leave the
east coast and move to or while you’re in Hawaii and then we would be living
that living coral lifestyle that I like that idea let’s do it but yeah this is
kind of how I traditionally see coral being used just like in you know kind of
beachy weddings or as prom dresses things like that but when I started to
do some trend research I did see how living Coral was starting to influence
home decor which was really cool to see so again this is kind of how I
traditionally imagined coral being used in the home if at all and again I am on
the East Coast so I kind of saw it as a you know in southern coastal homes kind of
a little bit of a preppy vibe but as I was doing my trend research I was
beginning to see it being used in these like fresh modern ways that still looks
like very sunny and cheerful but kind of gives a thorough back with the
mid-century modern looks work just kind of like the modern art on which I
thought was really fun and new it felt very fresh and then also seeing it as
kind of this smart and fluid evolution from millennial pink which has been so
big over the last you know two to three years it makes it a very commercial
choice as well which we don’t always see Pantone making a commercial choice but
you can see it even in you know this rug or pillow or dishes it’s just it seems
like it’s a very kind of easy color to incorporate with colors that people and
consumers have already been buying over the last couple years
definitely it also looks great in an outdoor patio space if you’re you know
not this bold inside then your patio is a perfect place to kind of bring some
personality and some pop and it it’s like I’m going really well with soft
textiles I like drapery as well it gives your
indoors a little bit of a pop if you’re feeling a little bit bold and with that
bright coral color inside and the navy and indigo blues kind of pair really
well with the coral as do teals and also I was noticing some exterior
uses bringing some like vibrancy and some personality to the outside of that
home and again it kind of depends on I think where you live where this would be
suitable but even if you just painted your door a fun pop color yeah that
could be really fun okay so to watch the full video I’m gonna weep or I’m linking
this other video here so you can just click on that to watch the full video of
living coral okay so next I wanted to let you guys know about my trend guide
for 2019 so I did a ton of trend research and I’ll let you know kind of
what I was finding in terms of color and then we’ll touch on a few other
things so this is my ultimate 2019 trend guide that I’m giving away for free so
you can download the PDF and I will link that in the description below so be sure
to check that out ok so some of the color trends I’ve been finding for 2019
include this blush and forest green combination and like I mentioned earlier
millennial pink has kind of been out and about for quite a while now but we’re
kind of seeing these muted tones coming into the blushes and seeing it kind of
contrasts really nicely with this grief is really beautiful so sorry I
love this combination this is this is kind of yeah like a new look that I
think is really pretty I think what I was seeing a lot of last year at the
stationery show was sort of millennial pink and like cobalt and this is just
kind of pushing it a little bit farther towards you know obviously towards the
green and then the pink is a little bit deeper and it’s kind of again like a
nice evolution but really unexpected right and what was it two years ago that
Pantone’s call a green it wasn’t this cane but it was a green so I think it
kind of got everyone thinking about greens a little bit more seriously
because we didn’t see especially in home decor we didn’t see a lot of greens but
also the house plant trend I think has kind of influenced us to think about and
tropical all the tropical patterning that we’ve been eating for years yeah so
shades of green I think are definitely gonna be here for a little while okay so
the next slide is hello yellow so I’m a I’m a lover of yellow anyway but I was
really excited to kind of see some different shades of yellow coming out
whether in clothing they we have sort of some muted like butters and mustard
colors but also even in these hair trends you’re seeing this like really
really bright fluorescent yellow on those which was really fun so iridescent shine is the next color
trend so this isn’t exactly one color but your you know kind of this
mother-of-pearl look we’re seeing everywhere whether it’s in these hair
trends or in clothing or indifferent like kind of home decor or accents it’s
really 100% and in the gift in the gift market and stationery market hologram
foil is so huge like that a couple years ago that was like the new thing and it’s
still holding on like the metallics of like gold and silver and copper are
still big but the hologram foil and that iridescent look is is big in markets as
well that’s so fun I love it I feel like I’ve even seen it and silverware like
four oh yeah definitely yeah I had a trend like this a couple like last year
called oil slick and it was sort of the like rainbow effect on and the same
thing I had some silverware featured as well it was sort of like a deeper
version of this but similar yeah cool really pretty okay so the next color
trend is lavender love’s so again I think that millennial pink has been so
big for the last two to three years so this is sort of another evolution of the
millennial pink it’s kind of these softer lavenders and kind of soft
purples and again last year was ultra violet for the 2018
color of the year now this isn’t ultra violet but I do think it is a spinoff of
that to get think people thinking again about Purple’s what Purple’s are people
excited about what they want to see on their clothes or their shoes or in home
decor or in you know stationery and gift so I think that these colors are a
little bit softer and they’re kind of easier to use so here is millennial pink
that we have been talking about a lot and I don’t think it’s going anywhere
quite yet again we are kind of seeing these evolutions and kind of these
spin-offs of millennial pink but I think these colors also kind of play back and
work well with millennial peak and I don’t really think it’s going away yet
like I think that pink is still big big big yep
agreed and like now pink is coming into into play I think
after like award season right there was so many dresses out there I don’t really
follow fashion too much you have a lot of like fashion inspiration and home
decor inspiration whereas my trend boards tend to be really like gift and
stationery and a little bit of home decor so that’s kind of like my my
perspective on it but I’m from award season you know I know that all the like
dresses were this like hot pink fuchsia so that’s you know another thing to kind
of mix in there cool yeah I love seeing like all the different shades of pink
and I love the bright colors too this is a little bit more soft and muted but
yeah I think especially in home decor we were seeing sort of the blushes come
through a lot yeah but um hot pink I love so that’s exciting
okay so pastel perfection so I feel like pastels have been out for a few years
it’s not like the most new thing but I do think that some of these color
combinations in the pastels are a little bit new and different so I was really
loving just the softness of this and love seeing it also on kind of more
winter items like this winter coat for example or more lost please painting the
pepto know traditionally I guess we think of pastels as being associated
with Easter time or spring but yeah seeing these pastels being applied in
like totally different ways is exciting so peach perfect is the next color trend
and I think that this is sort of related back to living coral it is a lot softer
and more pastel again I’m gonna say it again but I think it is related kind of
to another evolution of the millennial pink seeing kind of what pleased with
that or how it can shift and change a little bit but I think these soft peachy
colors are just on point and I really love it they play nicely with a lot of
other colors okay so the pink green and gold is just
another sort of color combination I was seeing over and over again yeah
and the I called this royal blue Sun because I feel like the cobalt blues the
Royal Blues we’re mixing really nicely and having that amazing contrast with
these really bright sunshine colors these yellow colors and I feel like yeah
we’re seeing it in all different ways whether it’s in fashion or in artwork or
in these like bottles or stoneware whatever’s at the bottom left I can’t
remember exactly what that what product that was but yeah I feel like we’re just
seeing it yeah it looks gorgeous yeah okay and soft sage I feel like what
we were just talking about earlier with all the greens the house plant trend
tropical trend and greenery being the 2017 Pantone color of the year it’s just
really gotten people thinking about greens in a different way and really
paying attention to greens more um so I was noticing this kind of soft sage
trend come up all over the place whether it’s in house house paints weren’t sofas
and home decor or fashion and just again with these um succulents they kind of
have that exact same color yeah I agree I have heard that sages is trending as
well and I feel like I haven’t seen it as much in my work but it’s probably
just a matter of time because it’s probably starting in fashion in home
decor and then it’s gonna kind of filter in got to yeah I think it feels really
fresh so I love it but yeah okay and so the next one is called spice turmeric
earth and I think this is just sort of a new new neutral if you will I think that
gray is starting to finally kind of make its way out and we’re turning towards
these really hot neutrals I don’t really see the chocolates coming back in yet
but I think that’s kind of where we’re headed but I think first it’s gonna be
more of these kind of like spicy colors that you would see in your kitchen but
it coming into fashion i think first most
of these images are fashion images we kind of tried to play with this in home
decor I don’t think they were quite ready yet because everyone’s at this
point bought a gray sofa so it’s not gonna shake but I do think this is where
it’s heading and you know it’s a great color for like leather furniture things
like that so I think we are gonna see it coming up more and more over the next
few years okay so you got all of my color trends but I wanted to go over
some of the other trends that I’ve included in my free trend guide so I’ve
included illustration trends that I’m not going to share with you you’ll have
to go download the PDF in the description below to get these trends
but I’m also included a section on print and pattern trends and surface design
trends and textile design trends so definitely go check that out
yeah a lot of great stuff in there thank you so this is my website if you want to
get my free trend guide you can either go into the description or you can go to
my website at Lauren Leslie comm slash frnd and you can download it there
definitely share a comment or share any ideas if you see some trends coming up
in 2019 that we didn’t mention let us know in the comments below we would
really love to hear from you if you have any questions just let us know yeah
definitely alright so your assignment for it today is to go ahead and research
trends in your niche so whether you are more in the gift and stationery like
Elizabeth or if you’re in home decor fashion whatever it is start researching
some of the trends in your niche and create a one page trend board for a new
trend that you discovered because there’s no way that we can possibly see
every single trend that’s coming out this year these are just ones that we’ve
noticed and we’ve shared with you so create a one-page trend board and upload
it to the design tribe Facebook group and share it with other designers that
way we can all mutually benefit from each other’s research and
save time so to join the Facebook group I’ll go to the design tribe Lauren
Lesley you can see the link below on the slide and you’ll have to answer a few
questions and just make sure that you are actually a designer it is a private
group but we would love to have you so please go over there and join and if you
like this video to get notified please hit the little bell subscribe to my
channel give this video a thumbs up we’d really appreciate it
and in the future if you want to listen in the car as you’re driving or whatnot
we do have a podcast version and I’m putting all the audio on the podcast of
these conversations so go ahead and subscribe to the design tribe podcast
you can listen on iTunes and Spotify I’m at Lauren Lesley studio on Instagram and
Elizabeth do you want to give your Instagram yeah definitely I’m at East
silver design and yeah you can subscribe to my newsletter at Elizabeth silver
comm slash fresh yep there we go each silver design and Elizabeth silver comm
slash brush has where you can subscribe and the 15th of every month a new trend
board and all kinds of resources for designers for illustrators and you know
creative freelancers basically so would love to have you on all right well thank
you so much for coming on and really enjoy talking to you about all the
trends we’re seeing in 2019 thank you so much Lauren all right thank you guys for
watching we’ll see you in the next episode

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