24 thoughts on “2019 $325 Xeon Gaming PC!

  1. Thanks so much toasty bros! Im worried on how I can build this pc because I never built one before can someone help me :/

  2. Next up: $2 Gameboy benchmarking on Fortnite,Pubg,Shadow on the Tomb Raider,Battlefield V,GTA V,and especially Roblox

  3. I've been going through some bad stuff lately and i sincerely want to tell you guys that for some reason your videos really help me to stay calm and relax. Thank you so much guys.

  4. I have a Xeon x3470 non overclocked with a rx 560 4gb in my system. Fortnite runs fine no studders at all.

  5. Could you stream on this? If so how many fps you think? And if it couldn’t support streaming, what upgrades could I make? Sorry for all the questions but plz help! I’m so close to building my first pc

  6. I literally just used the x3440 in a build one day ago hahaha, what are the odds. Great video gents!

  7. I want to build a PC around 600$ with a r5 2600 16gb ram and idk what GPU, for it to be 600 or less the gpu needs to be used so I wanted like an rx 570 580 or 1060, is ebay good to get these used?

  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-core-I7-8700T-ES-QN8J-1-6GHz-6Core-12threads-35W-14nm-Socket-LGA1151-CPU/143326646560?hash=item215eef1120%3Ag%3AT74AAOSw%7Ey9dJ0mq&LH_BIN=1

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