2018 Met Gala Fashion Hits & Misses

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Diane von Furstenberg. Thank you. I was socializing Everybody’s here okay all
right ready yeah all right so the fashion heavyweights were on the red
carpet last night blah blah blah the Met Gala here to break down the hits
and misses a host of page six TV one of my faves Bevy Smith and of course the ever so shady Robert
Verdi. Up first Rihanna Lloyd go ahead. come on RiRi she only caught it one more
time the queen of the night she spared no detail no expense on the details
we’re looking at Maison Margiela artisinal and this of course is from
John Galliano so we’re looking at hundreds of hours of beating she went in
on the Pope mitre they call it the Pope hat and you know you’ve never seen this
on a woman in history now so she does it with a tongue-in-cheek attitude with
that RiRi flair and I just heard from part of her glam squad
speaking of sparing no expense she flew in 3,000 miles
Damone Roberts the eyebrow king of Hollywood just to bleach and shape her
eyebrows to match her skin that way the Hat really stands out. Amazing right.
oh the expensive at all but no I think she and Kim K to me where my favorites
on the whole red carpet all night. I gently flapped and has a Terkel lavish
fabulosity i do.i genuflect go from being a Klansman hat in my head
to now perhaps becoming a fashion go to moment for next season. Bevy. You know if you can
pull it off you sure cuz that major. Robert. I looked at the first thing I
thought was did Aretha Franklin have a garage sale and sell the Hat but I mean
I did love what I loved about this particular event is that she dressed for
her role across like the celebrity landscape and across fashions landscape
she is the Pope of fashion. looks like Kim is dripping in all 15
billion dollars honey she looks gorgeous and Versace now this of course is not so
revolutionary but it’s immaculate for her body and the thing I love about it
is that in last week before the boohahah with Kanye we forgot about the
fact that Kim put out a perfume bottle in
the shape of her body but she was like y’all gonna remember the day about this
kkkw fragrance darling cuz that’s exactly the way the fragrance about
Kanye wasn’t there and Kanye’s wasn’t there. She looks like a walking zombie she
looks like a hologram yes she does like it really looks robotic Lee beautiful
like it was carved in a lab that body it’s so perfectly tailored inside of
that Versace gown and notice the embroidered crosses on the hip and the
mahdis she didn’t go over the top with the theme and it’s a nice mix on the
carpet so they went over the top some people kept it sexy she went total Vegas. Robert. I think she had I think she had a couple of ribs removed
and I think that they were probably tender and juicy and she looks she’s a
beautiful girl she looks absolutely fabulous in this dress but I do think
that it’s not as an exciting version of what we’ve seen for the event for the
event yeah I respected the idea that she and Rihanna both did not have that big
gigantic tree making everybody triple that factor and she look a little like
noxeema jackson from to Wong foo continue talking about Katy Perry. Okay
Katy Perry well you don’t want to you know she can’t walk past Popeyes with
those wings on you know there’s one thing you can say about her she’s not a
chicken. Or worth $25 million dollars. You know the angel of Gabriel was a really incredible
religious reference I do think Lloyd you know Lloyd I think says this is the best
she’s kind of like reaching at this point yeah yeah well I mean yeah she is
reaching but you don’t expect much less from a pop princess like Katy I mean
this is her signature she had cupcake bra back in the day like this is here thing. I expect more than a Party City angel costume. well that wins man is about six feet
wide you know and think about it she’s getting a little long in the wings so
she has to reinvent she has to reinvent and we saw this trend across the board a
lot of chain mail that gold chain mail was a popular theme switch on trend for
that carpet and wings until she does right by American Idol she won’t end her
25 million dollars she won’t be right by me. Bevy, Cardi B. I prayed for Cardi B to slay her first Met Gala and she definitely let me know in the journey stock for Miss Tina look
and I just thought that she was the the not so virginal Madonna the epitome of
it she just about Cardi B no matter how confident she seems she always looks
scared in the eyes yeah but she looks frightened she doesn’t look I agree with that
like sexpot or anything she looks scared like what am i doing am i doing
everything right she’s also pregnant and this is a magnum event I’ve been to this
event in it is really that that carpet is some things to see but you know I
think this is a great reference for the the event it’s a religious reference of
Madonna and Child I think she did it beautifully I do agree with you you know
she’s kind of new to the game and these big crazy carpets are hard to hold your
own and she’s doing it yeah you know from reality TV yeah to actually people
are waiting on her on the red carpet you never thought she would get here but
this is Jeremy Scott it’s gem-encrusted so you know it’s incredibly heavy and
she’s carrying a baby it’s a lot going on on that stair hounds look really good
in that oh yeah this is money moves okay you know this is supposed to be her
night because she actually invented this entire theme Catholicism seeing through
the prism of fashion so I don’t know why she’s wearing a Confederate war widows
garments this is satorial self-flagellation perhaps she’s
repenting for her sins in the past because that’s the only way that this
makes sense. I don’t like it a costume of a costume she looks like Betty Davison
who whatever happened a baby baby James but it’s it’s like she should have this
is her this is her language she’s the cornerstone of this when we were in in
the 80s and I expected more I thought that she was gonna be stunting on the
pool end up being like the Rihanna of it all the pole yeah yeah yeah but that
would have been too expected for her she has partnered with Jean Paul Gaultier
for decades with these same themes she’s the original iconic lass but it just
kept me thinking like how do you say abuela in Italia. This feels like abuela showed up. Well that’s it they’re a whole bunch of fun aren’t they? For more information on my panelist go to wendyshow.com.

100 thoughts on “2018 Met Gala Fashion Hits & Misses

  1. Rihanna was amazing Beautifully Well Done ✅ Kim Kardashian West Wasn't All of that 👎🏾 Cardi B Was OKAY 👌🏿

  2. Madonna reminded me of a grieving medieval christian princess after her old grumpy father finally dies: her dress says 'graveness', but her demeanor and her eyes say "gleeee!"…! xD Game of Thrones-ey!

  3. My favorite was Lana Del Rey, it’s too bad she flies under everyone’s radar.
    Blake was my second.

  4. They all have worst dress. A dress to look like a pope or a saint is not a good dress at all. Stupid people thinking this as fashion. This is dumb.

  5. top 5 women was:
    1) RiRi
    2) Priyanka Chopra
    3) Blake Lively
    4) Cardi B
    5) GiGi Hadid

    1) Chadwick Boseman
    2) Jared Leto
    3) Migos
    4) Tom Brady
    5) Andrew Garfield

  6. If Kim and Katy swapped looks they would’ve said Katy’s wearing a prom dress and Kim looks like she flew down from the heavens. (Kim’s face was beat tho 😍)

  7. They should‘ve analysed Zendayas outfit cause in my opinion she was the queen of the Met gala 👸🏽 she was just SO gorgeous in this jeanne d‘arc inspired costume 🤤

  8. Lost ALL respect for bevy or however you spell her name. Every. Single. Comment. That was made, had some kind of racial undertone. Makes me sick.

  9. They barely covered anyone! Kim K's dress was nice but it was boring compared to the other on theme outfits people came up with. I definitely agree with Rihanna and Cardi B's looks being top 5. The other 3 in the top 5 were Blake Lively, Zendaya and Chadwick Boseman (who was the top dressed man of the event in my opinion).

  10. So many comments about women's ages. I don't care if you like or don't like the outfit, but damn Madonna's not a grandmother and Katy Perry's not that old.

  11. U gotta remember: Cardi B is pregnant as all get out and that dress looks fricking H E A V Y !
    Its not like she probably doesnt feel heavy enough!
    Bless her

  12. I'm sorry but the Met gala looked like a damn church goes halloween party to me. These celebrities heads are so far up their own asses lmao

  13. Why didn't Wendy have her wardrobe guy talking here? The Brit who calls her madam, he would have been great.

  14. I'm gonna go with Chadwick, Rihanna, J Lo, Zendaya, and Sarah Jessica Parker being my best. The rest of the men need to step their game up, they get a pass too easily.

  15. Kim K looks so fake to me I can’t look at her and think it’s normal. I can’t believe they didn’t bring up Lana! Or Blake :/

  16. I rmr when i first discovered cardi b thru instagram and she was just a stripper making funny videos, and now shes at the met gala… damn u go girl

  17. Madonna looked like a straight up witch; I just wish her gown was bigger.
    Rihanna & Katy Perrys looks were beautifully elaborate but also kind of a joke.
    Cardi B's look was also elaborate but her headpiece and hair styling looked thrown together.
    Kim K. looked flawlessly beautiful but she's boring and this is the biggest fashion event!

    Ariana Grandes look was my favorite- the beautiful sistine chapel print on the ballgown is elegant af.

  18. katy perry is a has-been. That note she sent to swift was another attempt to stay relevant. She is not sorry, she's phishing for publicity. She's over.

  19. Sad how few know what constitutes fashion. Dress like a slut and you have nailed fashion. Then look at how these people are dressed.

  20. Katy perry would have been perfect for the bird mutant from the last X-men movie with that outfit🤑🤑

  21. Why is it always ok to mock Christianity?? Can you imagine the backlash if the theme of the night was “scarfs hijabs and Islam”? It would NEEEEEEEEEVER happen.

  22. But let's confess, Katy angel is unique. KK is gorgeous, but too much herself trademark style and a bit simple. RIRI$ that detailed dress must worth a million but I am not a fan of the look on her face, which is intimidating. I like casual not serious but still showing respect to the event celebrities, such as Katy angel.

  23. They didn’t even do Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, SZA or Lana Del Rey and Cardi is wearing something similar to what Beyonce wore at the Grammy Awards last year , there’s nothing original about that look .

  24. A. Madonna is using the Vatican dress code as her inspiration because when you make a state visit to the Vatican you where black with a head covering.

    B. At least her butt’s covered

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