2017 Motor Trend Awards Live from Los Angeles!

ok ladies and gentlemen please welcome your host for the evening Justin Bell well thank you very much welcome to the automotive industries equivalent of the Oscars the motor trend awards it’s great to see so many people so many car people here in the audience tonight and to all of you watching on the motor trend channel across America and in fact around the world tonight thank you very much for joining us we’re coming to you live from the ACE theater in the heart of Los Angeles and it’s very fitting that were having this event right now in this city Los Angeles is where motor trend started 68 years ago and it’s still one of the most important cities in terms of its global influence on cars and car culture almost every car maker as you well know in the world has an advanced design studio right here in Los Angeles because for more than 70 years automotive trends motor trend’s if you like see what I did there have started right here this make no mistake about it is our town motor trend’s founder robert peterson announced the inaugural motor trend car of the year award in 1949 and wow what a different world we live in today that year cadillac beat ultimate meal for the win because it’s new overhead valve v8 developed more power and wait a few pounds less than the new old engine it was the closest wins but it set the standard the motor trend car of the year recognized and rewarded excellence tonight we’re here to recognize and reward excellence once again throughout the automotive industry tonight we will announce motor trend’s sports utility of the year truck of the year person of the year and of course the big one the 2017 motor trend car of the year the car truck and got ya we know what you came here for the car truck and sport-utility awards are the result of a series of exhaustive testing done by the motor trend staff every new or significantly improved vehicle launched in America over the past year everyone is driven and evaluated against six key criteria advancement in design engineering excellence efficiency safety value and performance of intended function you got it so now before we start handing out all that glorious hardware behind me a little bit of housekeeping for use social media addicts that will be the hashtag empty awards 17 that’s right NT awards and the number 17 so make no mistake about it we’re in for an amazing evening but just to make sure we all know how this works if you’re a finalist be happy about it bask in the reflected glory of your very talented car company behind you and if you’re fortunate enough not to say the word lucky because there’s no luck involved you will work very hard but if you are one of the winners I insist please come up stage right or stage left to accept one of the beautiful awards behind me and then perhaps would like you to say a few words great now let’s get to the first of the award for this evening sport utility of the year well this is our first time at the honda proving grounds off-road course they built for is we’ve got a 2.2 miles winding road courses got a lot of elevation changes to a seven and a half mile oval altogether it’s one of the components that will use to help determine our SUV of the year thumbs up real sleeper the Cadillac almost had too much distracting tech I gave it a thumbs down kia sportage and also the for titanium both allowed plenty of wheelspin thing we could actually little bit sideways quite happily and we may actually be one of the first groups to test the Tesla p90 d off-road it’s got four-wheel drive went up our super-steep Hill fine test just like the Nissan Armada ditch and that took a landcruiser then sexy don’t trip in the dirt quiet symbol full technology is a good chance of taking home the golden calipers that has to be the to present the award for sport utility vehicle of the year please welcome MotorTrend executive editor mark rechten did he make thank you all for coming tonight sport utility vehicles are quickly becoming more important than cars you know that the SUV or crossover or software if you will is on pace to surpass the midsize sedan as the largest segment of industry sales but in terms of the vehicles place in the nuclear family the SUV has pretty much already assumed that mantle in this year’s competition we evaluate performance SUVs off-roaders for the whole family luxurious SUVs a green cross over from the future with Goulding doors and ultimately the winning SUV some of these entrance stretch the idea the old-school idea of what makes a sport utility vehicle but every single one of them passed with some measure of confidence and offroading test stiffer than what most Americans would ever consider doing to their family vehicle after more than a week of performance testing at the scorching-hot proving grounds going to honda motor outside of California city the judges were able to narrow the group of 19 contenders down to six finalists for the 27 MotorTrend SUV of the year they are the audi q7 GMC acadia of clap if you want jaguar FPS mazda cx-9 mercedes-benz GL C and tesla model x each of these contenders offered what we were looking for smart packaging a great ride sometimes surprisingly responsive handling innovative technology strong relative value sharp design and top-notch safety from that group we performed an even deeper evaluation on a drive loop near too happy and determined are three podium finishers they are you can plot again if you want the audi q7 jaguar f pace mercedes-benz GL C let’s take a look that is the only car that says luxury on the box and is luxury when you open it up best of everything that we’ve seen three forgetting at the cargo space know how to make it feel luxurious but sporty nine-speed transmission and a two liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine what a combination this is a home run for mercedes the first rule of sports car SUV but better design is a 11 out of 10 this year will drive and that is new i get nine out of ten I performance intended function is I think intended to look hot dr hot convey a bad-boy image absolutely within the brand’s core belief of building fast elegant beautiful vehicles it’s very clean it’s kind of simple and elegant that that virtual cockpit display and everything you do with google maps it was a complete blast and no other car did that for me cannot attend on the safety product it very well deserves merit and consideration for us in the year just just when you look at everything still a little dusty of these podium finishers there was one SUV that hit every single measurement dead on the one that consumers will get into and say yes this is exactly what I was looking for this is the one SUV that will meet the expectations of the consumers who actually buy these things design safety luxury performance and dare I say of a premium vehicle value ladies and gentlemen the winner of motor trend’s 2017 SUV of the year is the mercedes-benz GL C we get on up here ladies and gentlemen good evening i might start by thanking at low in the entire mixture and team for this truly fantastic award now you saw on the screen behind me in and heard the name is this is a really competitive segment in as you can tell from the accident near a really competitive marketplace so we are truly humbled to win this award for GLC as a sales guy got to tell you it’s a dream come true to have a product like the GLC going to make a few thank-yous thanks to a massive design and engineering team back and took up thanks for the whole team at mercedes-benz USA and thanks also to our deal is not only here in California but also across the nation and finally thank all of you have a great evening and thanks again congratulations obviously to Adam and everybody at mercedes-benz if you win in the SUV category i think you’ve beaten the best of the best next up truck of the year which motor trend first began awarding in 1978 times have certainly changed as you’re about to see the motor trans truck of year testing we were at chrysler’s proving ground for other dynamic testing as well as long as much as 30,000 pounds on the heavy-duty pickup that’s actually my favorite part of the years like the big monster Julie’s that can tell 30,000 pounds we put 30,000 pound trailer zone which is actually why we’re standing out here in the desert today because we’re just a few miles from the Davis damn this is the essay ej20 807 standardized towing test so here’s the ridge line which is the answer to a question that may be a lot of people actually are asking the new songs don’t look so hot and they just look like like your Ford milks in the Sun a little bit i really like the work truck that’s honest it’s a single cab it’s got a bad seed comes hoping for a little more of the honda ridgeline Ford has really done a super duty of a job but we’re kind of asked me which one is really advancing segment to present the award for truck of the year please welcome MotorTrend senior features editor jonny lieberman as you just saw we had six trucks in contention for the golden calipers this year they range from the lightest of the light duties to the heaviest of the heavies they are the Ford f-150 the ford superduty the honda ridgeline the nissan titan the nissan titan XD and finally the ram heavy duty after thousands of miles of sea time a week of testing and ton upon literal ton of towing us judges were able to narrow the field down to three finalists the ford f150 the ford super duty and the honda ridgeline of all the images very much like a car for surfing there’s a there’s a storage container for wet stuff you’re just a suburban family you can we need the full 10,000 pound towing fast for people who were going to get an SUV but maybe they you know if you like they actually put something in the back of it I was found myself quite fond of the first of the acceleration of the f-150 the tennspeed the upgraded 3.5 liter twin-turbo v6 and you getting this f-150 and it just skips up there like it and diesel quarters like we’re gonna have to tell you that automatically lower so you can lower it without getting out of the vehicle applied on chunk and like driving yeah you know it makes it nicer for the guy that owns the Ford is much flatter even with 30,000 pounds hang on the benefit the trucks away the same with about the same powers as a second 29 seconds flat versus 325 you don’t figure it just goes to show how much better driving and handling that for it is now normally when you give these sort of speeches you want to wait until the very end before you announce the winner and not this time and might keep these guys in their seat until I say it but the winner of the 2017 MotorTrend truck of the year is the ford superduty hang on much more to come what makes the 2017 super duty so super like all great trucks it’s no single thing looking through the lens of our six key criteria however the reason for the big for twin is obvious first advancement design you can look at the super duty from any angle and know instantly it’s a Ford that’s hard to do moreover the super duties interior advances the second segment by a decade at least next engineering excellence an area where the Super Duty absolutely shines strength 925 pound-feet of torque is not only more than the competition it’s more than a bugatti veyron max payload of the f-350 is north of 7,600 pounds meaning you could stack a 7,000 pound f250 in the f-350 is bed and still have more than 500 plant pounds to play around with then there’s knowing we hooked a 30,000 pound trailer up to an f-350 and it barely noticed it had 15 times hanging off of its fifth wheel another of our six criteria is performance of intended function in my career I’m not convinced i’ve ever evaluated any vehicle that hits this particular criteria quite so square in the job to call it a knockout would be an understatement Ford has put all other truck makers on notice the 2017 super duty is the trickiest truck that’s ever trucked now enough for me coming up here and get your award good evening my name is Todd record i’m the new truck group marketing manager for ford and really appreciate one first Johnny the great introduction thank you so much obviously we’re very proud of our truck as well but you said it all certainly wanted to thank MotorTrend its entire staff for this outstanding Honor this is truly a prestigious award for super duty and a great honor for us this is johnny said the toughest smartest most capable superduty we’ve ever built and now I’d like to introduce Craig spots who’s the Super Duty chief engineer Thank you Thank You Todd I’d like to recognize and thank the entire team entire superduty team from design engineering manufacturing suppliers everybody to countless too many to mention here this is the first all-new superdude in 18 years we really set out to raise the bar and deliver the best super duty ever for our loyal customers so wanted to congratulate the team and again thank motor trend for this award thank you thank you very much guys at great words and congratulations to the entire ford truck team now this is a very special award motor trend’s person of the year is selected from the annual MotorTrend Power List which names the 50 key individuals who have had the biggest impact or influence on the global automotive industry over the past year number one on this power lyst is our person of the year and presenting that award tonight is motor trend’s Detroit editor Alisa Priddle this is what you do when you’re short Thank You Justin so this next category is not where one where you can put each contender on a drive loop further it takes vigilant observation of the automotive landscape are collective knowledge and all of the interviews that we can get to recognize the excellence of the people who make up our power list and the motor trend person of the year is the one who tops that list well you don’t get great vehicles without great leaders and talent and this industry has outstanding designers and engineers regulators and problem solvers thinkers dreamers and the number crunchers who make it all feasible this year’s winner can be considered controversial and polarizing he’s an entrepreneur and a Pied Piper when it comes to convincing the public to part with their money to buy a car he has only worked for the same model maker for a dozen years but managed to turn old-school ideas on their head and make everyone take notice he’s pushing the boundaries of Technology and design alike and explaining his train of thought with the transparency that is refreshing but he doesn’t just think about his products he thinks about the whole consumer ecosystem around them he is not just reimagining the machine that changed the world he’s reinventing the way that it’s made and sold and in his spare time he’s working on rockets designed to be reusable transporting people by pneumatic tube and planning to colonize Mars you can debate the success but he was the most talked-about person in our industry this year and beyond the automotive space because his aspirations are no less than changing the world ladies and gentlemen and it gives me great pleasure to announce motor trend’s 2017 person of the year is Tesla CEO Elon Musk let’s watch mr. musk could not be here this evening but accepting on his behalf is Franz von Holtz thousand Tesla’s chief designer there’s nothing I could say better than what you on would say so I’ll just leave it at that Thank You motor trend on behalf of your musk and yeah that’s it thanks I think I speak for all of us Thank You Iran mask for making everybody feel like object underachievers have to tell my son I don’t design rockets or anything actually anyway congratulations very very deserving winner that award now it’s time for the very exciting stuff before we get to our final award we have a special announcement from motor trend’s international bureau chief sounds very double-oh-seven like apart from this one hasn’t had a haircut for a while he is our resident OC by way of London Angus Mackenzie thanks Justin and great to see everyone here tonight at this events been a long time coming for me personally and wonderful you could all be here and it’s typical you know we could do car the the easy way we could spend a day or two thrashing around our favorite cars along some of our favorite roads and then sit down over beer and pizza and argue over which one we liked best or we could simply conduct an office Paul you know the car with the most votes wins and the money we didn’t spend on gas and hotel rooms we could spend on a nice long lunch instead except we don’t do it the easy way as you know car the year contenders are judged against a set of clearly articulated criteria and the way in which each contender is evaluated needs to be fair consistent and repeatable over many years of testing around the world I’ve seen how cars being driven on different roads and the different conditions could lead two entirely different opinions informed about them now the hundred proving ground in Mojave California has therefore been a key element of our car of the year judging program since 2006 the 4300 acre head facility enables every judge to get behind the wheel of every contender in a driving environment that provides that can system baseline the judges can concentrate on evaluating each contender against the criteria instead of worrying about traffic way to make the next turn or even staying in convoy the vehicle dynamics area is not only useful for limit testing such as the Mediterranean figure eight but also as a venue for group walk around to evaluate overall design fit and finish interior packaging and other vehicle features you know there are occasions when it’s a hundred and four in the waterbag a vicious desert winds gusting across the scorching Tomic that deciding care of the year with an office Poland a nice long lunch sounds like a great idea but choosing carry the year is not about doing it the easy way and thanks to the generous support of the people at Hyundai have allowed us to use is superbly equipped facility for 10 years now we’ve been able to do it the right way and i know some people from Hyundai who helped us over the years greatly I here tonight Matt see who’s being with us every year at the proving ground thank you Matt and Chris hood and gym trainer and miles from the PR team thank you to you guys for your support we couldn’t do it without them and once again it’s great to have you here and we’re getting onto the big award for the night thank you which they played music during that what Thank You anger thought about the hair joke and now for the award that we really all have been waiting for it is the award that started them all almost 50 years ago it is time for car of the year power there is always fascinating always brings together and interesting mix of vehicles and this year was one of the best ever we had electric vehicles chevy volt tester we have hybrids we had sports cars we had luxury sedans we had sports sedans it was a really intriguing mix of vehicles of course the first couple of days were spent at the Hyundai proving ground if you check out the mirror in the Cadillac ct6 it’s both a mirror and the video display what kind of suspension engineer thanks that a customer wants to drive along going like this the whole time but maybe I’m just not millennial enough to get that sharp dynamically exe is outstanding my least favorite or second least favorite car of the whole event of the prius was a huge debate some of the shapes and sizes almost remind me of like a vintage continental Lincoln or something like that wonderful revelation is this new genesis g90 and you will every single time to save your knee like that to pressure to present the award for car of the year please welcome MotorTrend editor-in-chief and low before we announce our last order the evening i just want to thank Justin Bell for his excellent job hosting love your suit Justin and all of you for coming out to our second annual MotorTrend awards gala I know there’s always a lot going on this week and I hope you’ve had a great time so far because we plan to be back next year bigger and better now since we have a lot of very powerful decision-makers in the room tonight I’d like to ask a favor Media Days for next year’s LA auto show begin Monday November 27th 2018 what do you say we celebrate the motor awards that night you guys come on out have a drink some food and some last on us again then starting tuesday everyone on my team would be happy to come to all of your events right yeah the USA and save the date sound good thank you ok alright enough on to the final award we have 23 all new or significantly updated vehicles in contention required the year 2017 and as you just are we spent a solid week of testing driving analyzing this field of truly excellent contenders before making the cut down to 9 elite finalists they are the Cadillac the audi a4 the cadillac cts six chevrolet bolt EV chrysler pacifica Genesis g90 jaguar XE tesla model s 60 porsche 911 and volvo s90 now after all the testing and driving you can make a strong case for any one of these as our winner so we had to go deeper and spend another couple of days living with and driving these cars over hundreds more miles in the real world when we were done three finalists stood out to our judges when measured against our awards key criteria the Chevrolet bowl TV chrysler pacifica and volvo s90 have a look like the simplicity of it all I like the choice of words i like trace materials which can exist as just refreshing sleek and is making a statement you’re not trying to be a German rival they’re not trying to be another Jaguar why anybody of modest means we’ll be shopping any other electric vehicle is suddenly the question everybody left you fit for adults in their no problem and that’s a real challenge of the second car this is a thirty thousand dollar car and has that range and I think it’s just a massive braver an American car that actually has a global context and attractive very handsome you know multi passenger vehicle that really like the interior like the treatments impressed with how little body roll second-best jumping car it’s got a beautiful exterior design and tremendous functionality and doesn’t look like a job boxing moves which is very difficult to do you know it’s right at the top ok so what does our 2017 car of the year well it’s quiet it’s surprisingly fun to drive it’s also unconventionally good-looking a marriage of thoughtful packaging and intelligent design our winners not only redefines engineering excellence but energy efficiency as well our car there is a breakthrough statement that says a car can be all of these things and a great value all without burning a single drop of gasoline ladies and gentlemen i am proud to announce that motor trans 2017 car the year is the Chevrolet bowl TV thank you are i can promise you there will be a party tonight absolutely awesome awesome awesome arm we’re absolutely thrilled we are humbled to the whole motor trend team thank you chevrolet we like to say that our North Star is to find new roads and without doubt Pam and the team really bought one about finest moments with the bolt EV so hear from the people that really made it happen Pam SE Cupp couple of words so usually Alan does all the talking absolutely so I’m after we are thrilled we want to thank MotorTrend tremendously you know I think that’s the bolt a great car just have the chief engineer the car is here with me and I hope you all get a chance to drive it and thanks for the recognition thanks everyone well what a night so far quiet electrifying really please join me in once more congratulating our winners sports utility of the year the mercedes-benz GLC truck of the year the ford superduty person at the air of course Tesla’s elon musk and the 2017 motor trend car of the year the Chevrolet bolt EV now to those of you that didn’t win an award commiserations really better luck next year remember it took the Caprio like 20 years the win his first oscar and to do that he let us they didn’t sleep with the bairdi but he had to fight the bear also i can’t remember you got you got going to fight with a bear and slept inside a horse i don’t suggest any of you do that with this award will ultimately be worth it thanks for everyone here in Los Angeles at the theater at the Ace Hotel we have some lovely people that supported us of course on the screen on the stage behind me you’ve seen some absolutely beautiful things and it’s very tough to work alongside head and Johnny basically so i really like to thank Robert Albert for making us all look so lovely and thank you wait for the comment about my suit and the ace hotel and Woodson and Rama field so thank you very much and to everyone watching across America and indeed around the world tonight on the motor trend channel thank you so much for joining in this celebration of automotive excellence now as you can imagine we could only show the tip of the iceberg on the content on the detail on the research and the testing they did so make sure especially if you’re watching this at home that you check out the extra videos a ton of content on every form of platforms that motor trend has and read all about the contenders how they went about the testing their independent thoughts it’s all there as well as the motor trend Power List which is online right now motortrend.com or in the giant here i have 1 182 page January issue of motoring magazine it is perhaps the most beautiful cover that you have ever seen so also for everyone here in the theater tonight there is a copy for you to take home before you leave a little ahead of time so goodnight everybody i hope you enjoyed the evening i believe there are more free drinks outside thanks very much for taking this monday night and we’ll see you next year

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