2017 Lifestyle Rewards Trip: Prague & Budapest

it's a beautiful day here in Prague and such an honor to be here with our asia-pacific family celebrating their success getting to see them live out their dreams traveling the world living the Genet's lifestyle [Applause] you [Applause] you [Applause] we are in a beautiful budapest right now and we have been having an amazing time with the team yesterday we went to visit Citadel castle district and also Salomon Tower and we had a fun time watching the image that's going on among the night we had been an afternoon out on a boat cruise one day up on the roof tile taking in the sunshine with the river all the slides was an incredible day there on the river traveling with loved ones to try and rid of it what else you can ask for is a very special moment and something that we can tell you [Applause] you I believe traveling together really does bring out the best in everyone amazing I really enjoy seeing a smile on a lot of my team members faces some of them have been on their first trip ever and just the joy they don't have to spend all of this money but they do they treat us like VIPs it feels like you know as if we are the owners of the company and also we really feel a part of them and it makes me more motivated to get back home bring more people to the next [Applause] if you're new to this business you've seen incredible famine we're having the things that were saying make it your mission to put for that commitment to work hard to be here because we do it's going to be all work that this trip has been incredible I am so proud today to be part of a company where we can celebrate the success of 830 leaders in 17 countries around the world and they're here to celebrate for their success and what they've created in the company they created I hope to see you here next year [Applause] [Applause]

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