2 Tricks for Finding Trend Trades

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a trend trading session here. If you are joining me for the
first time. Welcome. Happy to see you here. That’s my book Adventures of a Currency Trader.
I’m also the author of trading by faith and what I’m going to do here is just double and
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we’re good. Okay. Um, I’m the best selling author of adventures of a Currency Trader.
I’m also the author of trading by faith, which many of you have read. And today is the launch
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We don’t have a jingle quite yet. Just kidding. We’re not working on a jingle. But I do want
to talk to you today about something that’s been on my mind for a long, long time. And
it’s been a really popular subject across all trading in stocks and, and currencies
and futures and whatever else. It all starts with the story of those turtle traders. You
know those turtle traders. So back in 1876 Abraham Lincoln. Richard Dennis, or maybe it was Dennis. But anyway, Richard Dennis and his
business partner Steve Jobs. I’m sure I’ve got that wrong also had an argument in the
office and their argument was Could you teach someone to trade? Could you could you literally
just give someone a bunch of rules and Could you teach them to trade and thus began the
fable story and history and mythology around the turtles, the turtle traders, traded futures
contracts, and there were a number of people admitted to the program. They were taught
a set of rules by Richard Dennis, and only a few of them were able to survive and obey
the rules of the trend trading system. And those that survived or all of them were called
the turtles. And all they did was follow a system which was a breakout of an average
daily range and whatnot, and they were supposed to just follow the rules and what has happened
now is that all those those people were successful these rules, although they can still apply. Theoretically, it’s really tough for you as a day trader
and me as a day trader to actually make any money with those rules. Now if you want to trade those rules automatically,
I’m going to show you how you can do it. But I also want to talk to you about a better
way to think about trend trading. And it starts with the basic principles of successful trend
trading. And I want to share those with you today. And I want to continue to share those
with you over the course of the next few days. So rule number one of effective trend trading
is going to be of course, the risk to reward ratio. Let’s say that your
this is your reward to risk ratio, let’s put the reward in front your reward has to be
10 to 20 times greater than your loss. So let’s say that you’re on average losing trade
is $100 you’re winning trades need to be 1000 $2,000 because as a Trend Trader, you’re
winning percentage is most likely going to be low. That’s number one problem is just
because you set a profit target that is a massive win larger than your loss doesn’t
mean that you’re going to be successful. In fact, it can just absolutely ensure that you’re
not successful. So Principle number two that most people don’t talk about when it comes
to trend trading is you have to have a system that anticipates anticipates is from the Greek world and to
support days which was Aristotle’s actually best friend in junior high they used to hang
out together by the swing set and smoked oysters behind the gym. That’s not actually true.
Okay, you need in order to be a Trend Trader. You need to have a system that doesn’t just
catch a trend once it’s already obvious it needs to anticipate the potential
for a trend. And the reason for that is there are so many people following the same set
rules of trend trading that have been around forever that those systems and those methods
start to break down. Because once everyone knows it’s a trend, it’s probably too late
to do anything about it. However, if you have a system that effectively anticipates trends
that you can start trend trading before it’s obvious to everyone else, that you are in
a trend. Now there’s a problem with this is the age old problem of developing systems
that actually work there are only a few financial instruments in the world left that you can
do this with and some of them are low priced stocks that most people aren’t looking at in some
cases or even the bio stocks the farm stocks that’s that’s one and number two. exotic currencies which most people don’t
look at, which means we can anticipate something before it starts and most people aren’t looking
at it. And that means trend trading isn’t necessarily dead. In fact, on these financial
instruments, the trends are enormous. And here’s what we do. And when you are trading
a trend system together with me, here’s what we’re going to be doing. We’re going to look
for periods of consolidation which are rule based periods of time Look at that I made
everything just kind of disappear and come back periods of time where the market is in
consolidation and what the market and we have to we have to do that on a set number a small
number of financial instruments that is proven to work doing this anticipating a trend and
then we’re going to set trades up which trade the breakout in either direction now years
ago, I created an automated system that did this and I have revised that automated system, refined it, improved it and rebuilt
it. And it’s the best than it’s ever been. So what we want to do is we want to watch
for this period of consolidation. And then we want to trade these breakouts in either
direction. And we want to have a profit target that is 20 times greater than the loss. So on average, the profit target
will be at least 20 times and in some cases larger than loss. Now, I’m not looking at
any of your questions or comments right now because I’m live and because I’m doing all
of this by myself. So I’m sure there are questions coming through. There may even be the occasional
troll or jerk inside of the session, in which case we just want you to know that we love
you and we’re sorry that everyone was mean to you in school and there’s no need to be
aggressive here. We love you. Okay, um, but I know most of you were happy to be here.
Alright, so this is part of the brand new system that I’m going to teach.
Now. I’m going to continue talking to you about this all week long but also Saturday, I’m doing a live webinar to kick
this off and teach this system share the new indicator. And I’d love for you to be a part
of it. That’s the website that you go to, to be a part of it. I’m not asking for some
gigantic investment. I’m asking to be paid for my time. When I teach a course, I’ve actually
hired the 19th ranked trader in the world to be on our team that’s out of everybody
in Europe, and even all over the world. One of my lifetime members, Jason Smith is helping
to teach this class. He’s ranked 19th in the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s ranked
higher than that already. And he’s been given now over $100,000 to manage from Darwin x. He’s the real deal.
He’s going to help me teach this class and I’m going to compensate him for that.
So if you go to this website, I’m going to ask you to buy something I’m going to ask you to come along for the
ride. And this is going to be a fantastic time. So I’ll let the website explain all
of that. But what I want to do is I want to teach you this method for triggering these breakouts. I want to
teach you this method for anticipating trends when they come out. I want to share this with you what I’m doing
now. And what I’m going to do over the next 30 days. There’s a little message on that
website about what I want to do in the very near future over the next 30 days, but I’ll
let you figure out what it is when you hop over once again that link I don’t know why my monitor is really enjoying
giving me a hard time today. Check that out. That’s pretty crazy. Alright
so go to Bookertrends.com grab a spot inside the class. I love you all.
Thanks for being here. You’re the best ever. I will see you on the other side. Bye for
now. Everyone. Doo doo doo doo.

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