195 Dresses

[MUSIC] I know that it’s so hard
to find modest prom dresses these days. I have so many memories of going
to stores and looking and looking and finding the
good one and it being too expensive or finding one that
worked and just thinking, why would I spend all this money on
something I have to alter? I just thought it would be good
to have one place where you could go and know that you
could borrow some modest, good dresses and not have to pay. I had an idea of just going
around and asking institutes and people who have already
graduated for dresses, if we could have them and maybe
rent them out. Of course being in young women,
the first thought that came to my mind is what a
great personal progress project that would be. Thinking that I would be
a 10-hour project, I started on it. And since then it’s
really grown and it’s a lot more work. We went through the Institute
and through Facebook with friends of people who were
older, and the result was 195 dresses within two
or three months. So some of the dresses were
modest and some weren’t. Their goal is to make every
dress that they have modest. For mutual a few times the young
women would get together and all the leaders and we’d get
a few ladies in the ward who knew how to sew just to
bring their sewing machines and teach all the young
women how to make shrugs for all the dresses. Yeah. A shrug is a little jacket that
you can wear over a dress and it’s able to cover your
shoulders and your back and your arms. I’ve learned that service makes
you happy and it makes you feel like you’re doing
something important. It makes you feel good
about yourself. I really feel like none of this
would have happened if it wasn’t for the service
of other people. I really love just taking
the girls in and showing them dresses. They’re really excited
and it’s just fun. And it makes me feel
good that– I know what it’s like to go
shopping and how hard it is. And it’s just nice to know that
I have that many dresses in there that I know
that they’ll like. What we finally decided was to
take a deposit of $30, a fully-refundable deposit when
they came and took the dress. And then their responsibility is
to get dressed dry cleaned and have it come back
in good condition. And when they bring it back they
get their full $30 back. Their hope was that the dresses
would come back even more modest and more
fashionable, and they have. When I went to prom a lot of
the girls in our group actually used some of the
dresses from my project. And when I see someone who’s
modest, I feel like they understand who they are. With Charity, of course she has
a whole slew of younger sisters that are watching and
she has tremendous effect on the people around her. As me and my friends are
modest, we’re always comfortable. We have a fun time. We love each other
for who we are. Modesty is, I think, a
really big part to living a virtuous life. I think that’s really important,
that we’re willing to follow the leaders in our
church and our prophet and do things they’ve asked us, even
if it means being different. And you do you feel different
when you go and you’re modest. but it’s a good different. And there’s a confidence
that comes. And when you have other friends
that are modest, it makes it so much easier. The benefit of having a young
woman who has a virtuous heart it’s tremendous. And Charity has done that in all
areas, but especially I’ve appreciated that she’s been able
to work on this project. She’s been a great example
for everybody around her. When you know you’re doing right
and you’re living a good life and trying to do what the
Lord wants you to do, there’s a light that comes into your
life and people do notice it.

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  1. This is amazing. I feel so lucky to live in Utah, where we have stores that sell only lds apropriate prom and wedding dresses. It's great to know other places can be so lucky too.

  2. Wow, this is amazing. I go to a school that has strict guidelines for prom dresses and I really wish I had a place like this near me that I could get a modest dress. Keep up the great work (: Hopefully I'll be able to find one in the store and get alterations or something (:

  3. This is wonderful! I hope my daughter grows up like this — confident and beautiful and independent from the influences of the world. Thank you for your great example!

  4. Wonderful! Just wonderful! when there is a will there is a way. Love it that you are being such an example of service and modesty.

  5. This is so wonderful. I am very glad that someone had the courage and diligence to put together this project. Modesty truly sets people apart from the world.

  6. This may come off as trite, but I promise it's a sincere question: Why are Mormons so afraid of shoulders? I honestly just don't understand the apparent obsession with covering them up.

  7. I am male, and I really appriciate when girls and women show show selfrespect through for example how they dress! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I Like modest, alot more then non-modest! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you all! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Amazing, and such a great idea! I am so proud of your righteous desires to make a difference in this world! And Sue, it was so absolutely wonderful seeing you again! You are so cool!!!!

  9. @Kreature8888 That's a fair question,it's not that we're afraid of them, but it's a standard that our church leaders and prophet have set for us and that we choose to accept for ourselves. When I wore tank tops in high school I was always adjusting the straps, and it was distracting for me and those around me. Now that I'm older I wear shirts with sleeves so I feel comfortable in public and with my family and friends, and also to show respect for my body and for the guidance of a prophet of God.

  10. @Kreature8888
    Hi. Mormons are not "afraid" of shoulders nor are they "obsessed" with covering them up. We simply feel it is immodest to be revealing. When you start showing shoulders, you want to start showing more chest, then more back. Then you start wanting to show more and more of other body parts. Where would you draw the line? Well we draw the line of modesty before what the world considers the norm. We believe beauty comes from the heart.

  11. @Kreature8888 There are several reasons, many are individual. One answer is that it is not really an obsession with shoulders, we bear them often when we are wearing a swimsuit. It is more a commitment to preparing young people for what we believe will keep them strong in the faith and prepare them to make further covenants. Most of those covenants are made in the temple and members who have been to the temple wear undergarments that cover the shoulders as a symbol of the promises they have made

  12. Hey Fullers! Nice to see you made the big time ๐Ÿ™‚ We think of you guys and the good times in Cache Valley! It's amazing to see how grown up your girls are. Seems just like just yesterday your house was "stuck" to ours. Andrew & Kimberly

  13. I am a YW leader in Mesa and I think this is a great idea! Any one know how do get our YW in contact with the Fullmers, so our YW can have the opportunity to possibly "rent" a dress?

  14. @stacygu3 Jessica Fuller is the young women in charge of Sue's Closet now. You can reach her at 480-464-5456 or you can talk to Melanie Brown who is also working on the project. Her number is 480-567-6822. Good Luck!

  15. @farnsworthlash Sue's Cloest is located in Mesa at 520 N Emerson, Mesa AZ 85201. You can send the dresses there. Thanks so much! Also, if you live in the valley someone could come pick them up from you. Email Melanie Brown at [email protected] to schedule a time for her to get the dresses.

  16. @nrhinton90 @farnsworthlash Sue's Cloest is located in Mesa at 520 N Emerson, Mesa AZ 85201. You can send the dresses there. Thanks so much! Also, if you live in the valley someone could come pick them up from you. Email Melanie Brown at [email protected] to schedule a time for her to get the dresses.

  17. @dsmomof3 Sue's Closet is alwaysaccepting donations if you would be willing to make some shrugs or donate some dresses. Sue's Cloest is located in Mesa at 520 N Emerson, Mesa AZ 85201. You can send the dresses there. Thanks so much! Also, if you live in the valley someone could come pick them up from you. Email Melanie Brown at [email protected] to schedule a time for her to get the dresses. Thanks so much for your support!

  18. @pmtucker2 The three things that Sue's Closet needs are dresses, shrugs, and money to buy cloth to alter the dresses. if you would like to help with any of those things you can send it to Sue Brown's house (where Sue's Closet is located) at 520 N Emerson, Mesa AZ 85201. Thanks so much for your support!

  19. This kind of made me cry. I want to be modest! So much! But its so hard- I can't find anything modest (and affordable while we're at it haha). And I'm torn between conflicting desires and you guys are so lucky you have other people to strengthen you and be modest with you at your school. And I WILL wear something modest.. because its the right thing to do. But I'm afraid I'll feel insecure and I don't know… "uglier" and different to everyone else. But the project is wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job!!

  20. It is marvelous that there are some of you young ladies out there who are doing something about this. Immodesty is a breeding ground for so many ugly and disgusting sins. Plus, for some of us men it is quite distracting. Especially those that are going through a Repentance Process. Keep up the good work and don't compromise your standards, ever. No matter how unpopular they might be. You will be respected for it in the long run.

  21. Fishers 1st Ward in Central Indiana has started a similar project. Each year they take the dresses they have collected and do a fashion show for the mothers and daughters. At the end of prom, even more dresses are added to the collection for next year's show and for "rental" by the young women of the community. To see the Young Women keeping the bar high is a true great blessing in our community.

  22. Very moving….
    Thank you for sharing….
    I would like to share this video to many moms and daughters here in the Philippines ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. i love how your name is charity, and you kind of preformed one. i actually really love that name. and that sounds like a great personal progress project ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. How awesome! It is very hard to find modest prom dresses in Russia, too! I might borrow the idea ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great job!!

  25. Her younger sister came and spoke at a fireside and talked about continuing the project. You could sense her strong positive example and the spirit shining through her life.

  26. Hey Everyone! I was so moved by this video. Im an LDS youtuber with a modest clothing line and I'd love for you to join me on my channel. I post weekly videos on fashion, beatuy, life advice and always end them with a Spiritual focus of the week.

  27. @justshootme2011 we are discouraged from wearing anything that is too revealing, tight or short. we believe that our bodies are temples and that we should do our best to keep it sacred. wearing modest clothing is one of the ways we could do that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. This is one of the countless reasons why latter-day saint women are the best!! Now I've just gotta find one that can put up with me, ha ha ha!

  29. a friend sent me this , very inspirational first time I don't feel like someone wants to brainwash me .
    but what do you mean by modest?

  30. Wearing clothing that protects your body. Or in other words, something that covers your body in a way that you would be ale to wear andstandproudly in front of god. Its not exactly modest because Im still learning, but I hope it helped. =]

  31. I wish every girl could see this and live by this. Should this happen world-wide, the effects would change the human race for the better.

  32. I would refer you to Mormon.org. In our 'For The Strength of Youth' pamphlet, we are told to not do anything that would 'arouse those feelings and emotions that should only be expressed in marriage.' In short, if it makes another person feel lusty to any degree, we shy away from it.

  33. Thank you for sharing this video with us. I am going to start a project myself here in Monterey, CA!!!

  34. You girls look SO SO BEAUTIFUL. True beauty really comes through in a modest dress. You see the colors more vibrantly. Your face looks more beautiful. The heart and spirit of the girl is more noticeable. BEAUTIFUL.

  35. This is such a great video! It would be so amazing if they had a place near the temple where you could purchase or borrow appropriate and modest dresses! That would be so incredible!

  36. I needed to watch this! Sometimes I feel the youth of this time is just no good. You gave me hope, sweet Charity!

  37. hi i am 12 so im new to yw and i have trubles with finding shirts now so thanks for posting this. i have a better under standing

  38. Our stake in Indiana also has a similar project, and it's been such a blessing to have for the YW! I was able to find a modest dress that wasn't too expensive, but I have many friends that could not afford or did not want to spend money on a modest dress. This has been a great opportunity for many YW to find a modest dress for free and feel beautiful and still comfortable and modest at prom. I'm impressed by other girls that organize similar projects. It's a huge blessing for the girls and helps encourage modesty.

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