40 thoughts on “$17,000 Ultimate Gaming Setup – 2017

  1. why tf would you put your pc where your feet would sit under your desk? doesnt make sense doesnt even look good lol.

  2. My Gaming Setup:
    Apple Earphones
    Laptop trackpad mouse
    Hard bedroom floor
    Please subscribe to me so I can get 1,000 subscribers. That means I can get monetised and can afford a gaming PC 😭

  3. this guy is so ungrateful,i would kill for a pc like that but he is replacing it because he thinks its not good enough and he even just says meh only a maxed out macbook pro

  4. I am 12, I wanna live off YouTube and twitch. So having a dream gaming room is what I really need. But my family is not rich. If I ever get a expensive gaming Pc then I would be lucky. All I have right now is 3 chairs, a keyboard on one and a box on the other for my mouse, and an old chair that isn't even for gaming. And I play keyboard and mouse on Xbox (Which is not what I want)

  5. I am confused it is either THE ULTIMATE 17,000 GAMING SETUP and all of the budget is spent on RGB lighting and has a terrible computer, or it is ULTIMATE BUDGET SETUP and it has 1060ti and i7 or it is GAMING PC BUILD DESTROYED *GONE SEXUAL* so which ones are not clickbait?

  6. Would you be able to make my room exactly like that by sending it to me I’ve tried to make my gaming setup good but it’s not my desk and chair used to be a homework table and now I’ve tried making it to a gaming place for my ps4 I wish I had a pc and all those other things in that video but I managed to buy a gaming pad and an alien ware mouse and I also managed to get my mums gaming laptop which is a strix and my to monitors I found on the rubbish days

  7. 0:42 "I got a chair that I can't wait to get rid of"

    I'm just biting my lips and and thinking wtf I've never sit on that kind of chair.
    Look how poor I am😂
    And he wanna get rid of it.
    *crying inside

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