15 Fashion Trends That Offended The World

• We often try to look our best when we
walk out the front door but it’s hard to keep up with every trend. But what are some fashions that we all ended
up hating? And when did the designers go to far? Here’s fifteen fashion trends that offended
the world. 15 – Low Slung Jeans
• A lot of the time, fashion ends up just doing the opposite of what was popular before. While the late 90s saw a return of flared
pants; tight at the thigh and loose at the ankle, this decade has reversed that. Popularised by Justin Bieber, among others,
many people wore skinny jeans that are tight on the calf but with a low, baggy crotch. It looks a bit like you’ve shit yourself
in leggings. 14 – Lip implants
• Around 1900, surgeons were already trying to give lips a boost by injecting them with
paraffin but it never really worked; probably a good thing as a hot meal could set your
face on fire. In the 60s it was silicone and now the most
popular is bovine collagen, meaning it comes from cows, or transferring fat from somewhere
else in your body. In the US alone, there are almost 30,000 lip
surgeries per year. • However, if it’s slightly over done,
then you end up with bloated fish lips, or the trout pout as it’s sometimes known. 13 – Mullet
• The mullet is often referred to as “business at the front, party at the back” but it
has to be one of the most universally disliked haircuts that has ever existed. And the name has an interesting history. Mullet-Headed has been an insult for a couple
of hundred years, even referenced by Mark Twain. The haircut was actually named by legendary
hip-hop group The Beastie Boys, on a track called “Mullet Head.” Ad-Rock describes it clearly saying “Cut
the sides, don’t touch the back”. • Seriously, it’s in the dictionary that
The Beastie Boys created the term “mullet” 12 – Fur coats
• In the old days, animal skins and furs were one of the only things you could wear
to stay warm in winter. However, now that we can make textiles from
coconut husks and, this is totally true, fermented wine, we clearly have the technology to make
amazing fabric, without all the animal murdering. • Many countries in Europe now prevent farming
animals specifically for fur and for certain species, the fur is banned completely. 11 – Socks and sandals
• If you are wearing a white sock, there are two things you can’t put on next. One is a black shoe, you’re not Michael
Jackson. The second is a sandal. Socks and sandals is a look which says “I
have given up on my appearance”. • Surprisingly, some studies have found
trace fibres on roman sandals, which suggests that the world’s most famous sandal wearers
may have begun this horrific combination. 10 – Louis Vuitton fakes
• Louis Vuitton were one of the first companies ever to use a branded material. They started out making travel cases and used
brown and beige stripes, and later their famous monogram, to help customers identify their
product. • But, ironically, their brand is now the
most faked in the world. So those wallets and handbags have gone from
being a symbol of exclusive wealth, to being associated with celebrity and cheap holiday
knock offs. 9 – Ramones t-shirts
• The Ramones were a hugely influential punk band, active from the mid-70s to the
mid-90s. And although they were quite a big band, this
isn’t why you see their t-shirts all over the world. • Recently, major fashion retailers like
H&M have started selling massive quantities of band t-shirts, like The Ramones and Nirvana,
just for the design. There are plenty of kids out there wearing
one who have no idea who the band are. As you can guess, true fans are pretty annoyed
by this. Hey ho.
8 – Orange tan • In much of Europe and North America, tanning
salons and fake tan creams are an enormous business, as people try to cheat their way
to that perfect summer glow. • It used to be that tanning was a sign
of poorer, outdoor workers but this changed after the growth of air travel in the 1920s
and 30s, and through icons like Coco Channel. • Fake tans first appeared in the 1950s
and are still a growing market, despite the many orange disasters you see walking the
streets and occasionally, you know, running countries
7 – Cultural appropriation • The great thing about fashion is that
it can take inspiration from anywhere and anything. The not so great thing, is that it takes them
and then hands them over to wealthy white westerners. • This year, Channel released a boomerang. It cost $2000 despite the fact that it is
basically a fake version of traditional Aboriginal art and culture. The Maasai tribe had a similar issue with
Louis Vuitton in 2012, since they copied Maasai styles but without offering any compensation. 6 – Jumpsuits for men
• The 70s were a very strange time for men’s fashion, with trends like wearing a belt over
a knitted sweater or having a collar so high, it looks like your being protected from vampires. But worst of all has to be the male all-in-one
jumpsuit. • Unless you’re flying a plane or doing
maintenance, please have the top and bottom of your clothes separated, guys. 5 – Nazi Zara
• Zara create new designs in a fraction the time of most other brands. This means new clothes are hitting the stores
all the time, which is part of the reason for their success. • But some items could have done with a
bit more planning. It was supposed to have a fun, wild-west feel,
with a sheriff’s badge. • But a lot of people saw it and wondered
why Zara were selling a Nazi concentration camp outfit, complete with a Star of David. Awkward. 4 – Adidas shackles
• Another similarly insensitive step came from Adidas. A new line of basketball sneakers were due
to be released until someone pointed out that the fun, yellow, plastic shackles that came
attached to them might not go down to well with their black audience, you know, because
slavery was a thing. 3 – Flash thong
• Nude beaches exist so people who want to be naked at the beach can run wild and
free, there’s nothing wrong with that. • But this nightmare piece of swimwear,
very sexily named the “alter lateral flash thong” is so much worse than someone being
naked. Even Paris Hilton was offended by the sight,
tweeting a picture with the hashtag #isthisajoke? 2 – Coloured afros
• Fashion magazines and catwalks are never as representative as they should be, with
the majority of the models being very thin and very white. • But when Vogue had a white, blonde model
called Gigi Hadid on their cover in 2015, they put her in an afro in every shot, and
the question is: why? 1 – Giant Fur Keychains
• There’s nothing wrong with accessorising your bag, and there’s nothing wrong with
keychains. But not when the keychain is BIGGER THAN THE
BAG. • At that point you’re likely going to
forget which one contains all your things and which is a useless whenever you reach

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  1. I haven't read all the comments, but from what learned here's what it consists of:
    – 50% bashing on the vids use of cultural appropriation
    – 50% answering the question

  2. Hate that big companies are trying to sell band tees as a fashion statement not for actual support of the band.

  3. Slavery exists everywhere, and millions of white people have been slaves throughout history. Let's stop pretending only black people have been slaves.

  4. I was enjoying this until you mentioned' cultural appropriation'. So white people believe that the world must be completly segregrated on cultrual and ethnic grounds? I am mixed race Dolan so what can I wear? Take your racist bs and poke it up your anus please.

  5. Nr. 11 – I shamelessly wear socks and sandals for about a third of the year. One of my online avatars have even been socks in sandals, just to annoy people.
    Nr. 7 – I'm sorry to say, that's stupid. No, it's absolutely retarded. You could borrow from whatever culture you damn well please, you don't owe the "originators" anything. I'm happy to offend anyone, if I find something from a culture I like and decide to wear / use. This isn't a trend, it's what cultures have done since the dawn of trade and migration, and we're talking thousands of years.

  6. The weirdest fashion trend I've ever seen is either those purposely muddy looking jeans or clear jeans THAT AREN'T EVEN JEAN MATERIAL

  7. I remember in elementary school, everyone had those wrist-band/bracelets that were shaped like animals, cars, appliences, etc.

  8. I don't think socks and sandals are a sin. I personally don't wear them but my best friend does and he's pretty freakin' cool. For goodness' sakes, the Romans did it! It is really interesting how much fashion changes over time. The clothes my parents wore in the late 80's early 90's are in style with the makeup from my grandmother's generation. Some fashion trends deserve a come back and some should stay in the darkness forever.

  9. low slung jeans originated in american prisons when gay prison inmates would deliberately expose their boxers to other inmates to advertise their willingness to provide "services" why it got popular on the outside is beyond me

  10. The one time I remember using socks and sandals, I twisted my ankle so badly it swelled, I put a sandal on that foot because I thought a normal shoe would be too uncomfortable, and then my mom got tired of using a cast on that foot.

  11. We're not talking about endangered species here, these animals are in no danger of going extinct. Many animals killed for their fur are pests that would have been shot anyway, like rabbits, weasels, and foxes. In many parts of North America (like northern Nevada, where I'm from), the government doesn't just permit, but actively encourages people to trap beavers and similar mammals because they're so destructive to public and private property. Deer have no natural predators in many parts of the world, and hunters keep them from overpopulating. I guess there's no reason to RAISE animals just for their fur, but what's the harm in wearing fur or leather in and of itself? Would you rather that the material just went to waste? Not everyone is going to go vegetarian, so we're always going to at least have leather from domesticated animals lying around.

  12. You want to see a liberals head explode? Ask about the benefits of multiculturalism and then have them explain “cultural appropriation”. They will double speak and back peddle like no other. It’s funny.

  13. HOLY FUCK!! its actually danger dolan!! i subscribed when you first started but slowly stopped watching since it wasn't only you

  14. Dumbest fashion trend i've ever seen?

    It's gotta be historically neutral content creators on youtube, jumping on the identity politics bandwagon for views and subs. Seriously Dolan…. white hatred, a trump joke, and other such bullshit…number seven isn't even a real thing.. Seriously – what the fuck happened to this channel?

  15. Cultural appropriation is not an actual thing. A boomerang is a boomerang, clothes are clothes. If someone else sees another person or group of people's fashion sense, and decides they want to make similar outfits then oh well.

  16. Ok just because you're a card holding liberal doesn't give you the right to degrade people who have fur coats. Like you stated, people have used fur for thousands of years. Just because you're too emasculated to kill your own food or use warm natural fur, don't force your "opinion" on others. It is just an "opinion" fur is bad not actual fact. Man up Sally.

  17. I quit watching Dolan's videos and unsubscribed a year or two ago, because of two reasons: 1) the obvious major change in that it's NOT JUST Dolan making videos anymore, but like 2 or 3 other fucking people who I wouldn't want to fucking hear in the first place, because I had subscribed originally to Dolan's channel(s) because I liked the one guy alone, hearing his voice and the content HE MADE! 2) the one bitch that became part of the "Planet Dolan" crap, had done a video shortly after the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and went right the hell ahead and mentioned some spoilers in a video without ANY warning at all! Not all people can afford to go out and see a movie at the theaters, so usually they wait for DVD or Blu Ray release (and once upon a time, VHS, Laserdisc and even Betamax), which was the case for me. I bring all this up because, out of pure boredom and curiosity, I wanted to check out ONE video on the channel tonight. I picked this one. Wrong choice. Seriously, take your PC fuckery and go shove it up your ass! (Also "hipster/fuckboy" fuckery as well)

  18. finally your going back to the good old dolan no more cartoon hentai shit i swear doopie is just the hentai model we needed on this channel ..not

  19. Cultural Appropriation is real, there is a difference between being inspired and completely stealing something from another culture and calling it something different

  20. so there is a trend at my elm school where girls DON'T wear UNDERWEAR!. I ACCIDENTALY SAW MY CRUSHES BOOBS WHEN SHE FELL OFF THE MONKEY BARS AND GOT KNOCKED OUT!. I quickly pulled down her shirt then realized her PANTS WERE PANTS HER DOWN WITH NO UNDREWEAR TOO! I pulled her pants up picked her up and took her to the nurse

  21. Fun fact. Hawaiians, Japanese, and more all love to where socks and sandals. It could mean you are Hawaiian or you like Japanese or Chinese culture!

  22. The world? Or those whiny liberal idiots that think everything should be censored and completely controlled to THEIR specifications?

  23. Liberals: cultures are unique! Also liberals: we are all one people. Universal mixing of races and cultures will just bleach all the natural diversity that earth has and replace it with those South Park cunts

  24. SJWs praise businesses for using foreign shit wrong but when a normal person appreciates the cultures of something it’s racist. This is why all the Weebs became Neo Nazis for Hitler-San or what ever those 40 year old virgins say

  25. Trumps tupay should b a offence to the USA lol😂😂😂😂😂it looks like a dead animal on his head.

  26. I'm pretty sure every human being on earth knows who niravana is. and really that is the dumbest thing to be offended by.

  27. Woah woah woah, the fuck's with the sudden bullshit about "cultural appropriation"?
    It's far more offensive to the world to act as if any culture isn't worthy of being appreciated by others. And outright racist to imply it should only be experienced by a particular group of people.

    Leave your brainwashed white guilt outta your videos. You might harmfully influence the views of the kids watching.

  28. Cultural appropriation… I’m not gonna say too much on the subject, I’m a white man, I don’t have much room to talk, but yeah. It isn’t chill, it can be disrespectful (don’t wanna talk for anyone!).

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