12 Acceptance, Critics and The Monkees from How The Monkees Changed Television

Peter Tork, who’s pretty brilliant, said they
probably got a larger audience for this anti-war point of view than even The Beatles did because
TV was free and young kids couldn’t always afford to buy an album and The Beatles weren’t
on TV every week, The Monkees were, so their message got through to those kids on a more
regular basis. Who can guess who’s Peter Tork sitting with
at the Monterey Pop Festival? Janis Joplin! There’s a whole lot of talk about how nobody
took them seriously. People in the music business took them seriously
because they were selling millions of records. They hung out together. They played music and jammed at each other’s
houses over the weekend. They were all friends. It was the critics who didn’t take their music
seriously and as I was discussing before we started their music has legs and is still
around so the critics were wrong for once.

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