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throughout a show or at comix developments many characters are introduced that simply disappear over time or never make it out of the planning stages sometimes viewers don't even realize the character is gone well other times their absence is plainly obvious why were these characters left behind was there a reason today we're going to take a look at eleven for gone cartoon characters removed from television and the reasoning behind their absence miss cerebellum from the Powerpuff Girls 2016 in the original 1998 Powerpuff Girls series one of the recurring characters was miss cerebellum she was the mayor's aide and usually went above and beyond her role of assisting him proving herself to be far more capable than him and wits courage and physical fitness she was also known for always having her face cut off only showing her body which was very tall and shapely despite being a significant part of the original series and serving as a role model to the girls miss bellum did not appear in the 2016 reboot of the Powerpuff Girls she made one brief appearance in the episode bye-bye bellum leaving behind a note stating that after working for the mayor for ten years she accumulated 1,000 vacation days and decided to use them all at once when asked about the decision to remove her from the series an executive producer NIC Jennings told the Los Angeles Times that we felt like miss bellum wasn't quite indicative of the kind of messaging we wanted to be giving out at the time so we sort of had her move on and that was a good choice I think on our part many fans were unhappy with her removal from the show thinking instead the real reason was that modern parent watchdog groups demanded that she be removed for having a busty physique and to voice whatever the reason there has been no further confirmation from Cartoon Network over the matter it seems like miss bellum is on vacation leave indefinitely do you know what it is that makes a man girl bellum miss Sara bellum the brains behind the man are you surprised by my tears strong men also cry strong men also cry Colin from The Simpsons Lisa Simpson is no stranger to love interests from Ralph Wiggum to Milhouse to Nelson to a plethora of one-off characters but perhaps one of her biggest love interests was Colin from 2007 The Simpsons Movie Colin was one of the original characters created for the film and was voiced by Simpsons veteran tress MacNeille the two of them meet while trying to raise awareness to the citizens of Springfield about the pollution in the town's lake which serves as the catalyst setting off the events of the film their moments together in the film are brief and when the family finally returns to Springfield after being driven out Milhouse claims that Colin had died but his last words were however Colin appears right after he says that showing that Milhouse lied poorly and the two of them walk off holding hands it would appear that the two of them broke up as they aren't seen together again after the movie Colin himself has made one appearance since the film as a background character in the episode Lisa the drama queen it's unknown why he hasn't made many appearances since the film but the Simpsons is known for its heavy use of using the reset button at the end of episodes and the film appears to be no exception rose's twin from american dragon jake long one of the major arcs featured in disney's american dragon jake long was the development of the life of rose an initial antagonist later turned ally and love interest it's revealed later on in the series at the Hunts clan the main antagonist group kidnapped rose as a baby due to her unique dragon birthmark and then raised her as their own interestingly during the sequence we can see that Rose actually had a twin sister towards the end of the series Jake is able to wish that she had never been kidnapped allowing her to live a normal life in the series finale Jake is able to get a glimpse into her new life but we never see her twin sister it's unknown why she never made another appearance after Rosa's former life was restored as her parents made a few short appearances some fans believe she either died went to boarding school or was kidnapped by the Hunt clan instead of Rose as a result of Jake's wish it's possible that there was more planned for this character in future episodes but it never happened because of the show short time on the network there were plans for a third and fourth season of American dragon but Disney ultimately pulled on those opting instead to end the series at its second season Cartman's dad and sister from South Park one of the biggest mysteries of South Park has always been who Eric Cartman's father was so much so that even a few episodes were completely dedicated to the mystery such as Cartman's mom as a dirty 200 and 201 then I guess I won't tell you about your father my father not that night get your attention you know nothing about your dad right I know enough my mother's a hermaphrodite so he is actually my father you really still believe that garbage initially it is shown that carbons mother was both his mother and father dude having both male and female genitals but later it's revealed that his father was actually Jack tenorman whom he killed and fed to his son Scott tenorman as a former grotesque revenge however initial images from the unaired original pilot for South Park show that there may have been plans that were very different for carbon's family life in the original version of Cartman gets an anal probe creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker produced too much content at 28 minutes whereas Comedy Central could only air 22 minute episodes their solution was to cut down much of the pilot including a scene showing Cartman's family sitting down to dinner this scene showed a generic looking girl character who was presumably Carmen's sister and his father after cutting the scene Matt and Trey were left with only his mother in the pilot which led them to explain why his father was never there hence we have our subplot from the modern series Bosko from the Looney Tunes just as Oscar the Lucky Rabbit prefaces Mickey Mouse as the original icon of Walt Disney there existed a character before Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck that filled the role of looney tunes mascot this character was bosco who appeared in the short the talk inca kid in 1929 and was created by X Disney animators Hugh Cartman and Rudolph Isaac Bosco's initial look was based on that of Felix the Cat and appeared as somewhat of an anthropomorphic animal however his personality was based on blackface characters from popular minstrel and vaudeville shows from the 1930s in 1933 Harmon and izing broke off from Warner Brothers keeping the rights tabasco to themselves eventually the two of them again working at MGM and continued making bosko cartoons while he initially appeared the same as in his Looney Tunes incarnation he eventually was redesigned to appear as an identifiable black boy after only a handful of cartoons featuring this version the character was discontinued since then Bosco has made a few surprise appearances in tiny toon adventures and Animaniacs appearing as a doglike creature he also made a cameo appearance in Space Jam and a background portrait Warner Brothers contains the current rights to all Bosco films and potentially allowed the character to appear in Tiny Toons in Animaniacs in order to distance the character from its previous offensive incarnation either way the character has not made a reappearance since then and is unlikely to do so given his history Charlotte Braun from peanuts Charlotte Braun was a very minor character from the original peanuts comics making her debut on November 30th 1954 she was initially intended to be a sort of female counterpart to Charlie Brown despite being obnoxious dominating and loud mouthed she repeatedly goes out of her way to deny any similarities to Charlie Brown much to his annoyance Charlotte Braun lasted less than half a year in the peanuts series with her last appearance being on February 1st 1955 the reasoning behind the removal according to creator Charles M Scholes was because he simply ran out of ideas for her storyline however in 2000 more information regarding the retirement of Charlotte Braun was revealed it turns out that Scholes received a lot of negative feedback and letters about the character with one in particular asking him to remove the character permanently the letter came from Elizabeth Swain – which shows actually responded along with a rather interesting sketch of Charlotte's the letter reads dear miss Swain I am taking your suggestion regarding Charlotte Braun and will eventually discard her if she appears any more it will be in strips that were already completed before I got your letter or because someone writes in saying that they like her remember however that you and your friends will have the death of an innocent child under conscious are you prepared to accept such responsibility thanks for writing and I hope that future releases will please you sincerely Charles and Scholes at the bottom left corner of the letter there is a sketch of Charlotte's with an axe in her head it's unlikely that she actually died like this as it would have been immensely dark for the light-hearted peanuts series rather it was more likely that it was intended as a joke nevertheless Charlotte never made another appearance the letter now sits at the United States his Library of Congress 555 954 72 from peanuts continuing with a review and two four gone peanuts characters will take a look at the minor character five five five nine five four seven – more commonly referred to as simply five his unusual name as the results of his father's depressing view on the prevalence of numbers in modern society choosing to name each of his children after a number rather than a protest it is simply his way of giving in to the trend with their last name being their zip code the same zip code of the area where Charles Schulz is living at the time he created the character many viewers remember 5 as one of the children dancing in the iconic a Charlie Brown Christmas he appears in many famous penis films usually as a sign character I began appearing less than less in the comics starting off as a background character until he disappeared completely after May 22nd 1983 it's unknown why disappeared as unlike with Charlotte Braun there were no overwhelming negative reactions to the character 5 made a brief cameo in the 2015's the peanuts movie where his name appears in a list of test scores Sparky from Fairly OddParents in 2008 Nickelodeon introduced a new main character to The Fairly OddParents with poof the fairy baby at the beginning of season 6 the character was introduced as a way to freshen up the series as shows usually do whenever they begin to feel a bit stagnant poof was able to keep things fresh for a little while but soon enough a new character was introduced to freshen things up once again this character was none other than Sparky the fairy dog introduced at the beginning of season 9 you don't want that one he's not too bright I was wanting the dog about you what do you want me to say I know a lot of words cuz I just dated dictionary Sparky was first revealed at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con by creator Butch Hartman Hartman explained that he really enjoys adding new characters because it really expands the show timmy turner loves animals I obviously love animals and we don't have magical animals on the show Sparky was met with almost immediate negativity by fans and critics alike claiming the character to be unbearably obnoxious and pointless Sparky appeared frequently through season 9 as a main character but did not return for season 10 similarly to poof who only made a single appearance through the whole season according to Mattie Taylor voice actor for Sparky Nickelodeon executives removed the character due to negative reactions from fans and the network it's unknown what happened to the character in universe or if it will ever be explained season 10 premiered with the debut of yet another character a girl named Chloe who timmy is forced to share his fairies with we'll have to wait and see if this character will follow the same fate as Sparky and poof eggie from hey Arnold what are the most recognizable background characters in hey Arnold is Iggy often referred to as the coolest kid in Arnold's class however his popularity was put at stake in his first and only focus episode Arnold betrays Iggy infamously referred as the worst episode in the series in the episode Arnold discovers that Iggy where's bunny pajamas and finds it hilarious he makes Arnold promise not to tell anyone in school about this – which Arnold agrees through some unfortunate events where some of the other kids guess what Arnold thinks is so funny the entire school finds out a key secret he is convinced that Arnold broke his promise and despises him Arnold tries to make it out to Iggy but he refuses to forgive him the only way he'll forgive him is if he does the walk of shame in the bunny suit Arnold goes through with the grueling walk which Iggy eventually feels guilty over Arnel becomes bigger towards 80 afterwards and the two aren't seen as friends anymore fans and critics alike and universally despised of this episode due to the way stinky Sid and Iggy are portrayed in a very negative light is viewed as a very mean-spirited episode when compared to the more uplifting tone of the rest of the series as a result he was never seen as a main character again being relegated to a background character for the rest of the series he's slated to appear in the upcoming jungle movie so we'll have to wait and see if they're willing to give him another chance it's a non background character I wonder where he is now where's that Roosevelt Franklin Franklin from Sesame Street Roosevelt Franklin was a muppet on Sesame Street from 1970 to 1975 his name was clearly a simple reversal of President Franklin D Roosevelt he even went to a school named Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School where he ended up teaching the class more often than not Roosevelt was considered one of the main characters of Sesame Street in its early years appearing in many episodes books and even getting his own record album he was however dropped from the cast due to letters complaining about negative african-american stereotypes the character was scrutinized for either being too black or not black enough with viewers citing the way Roosevelt was presented as an African American puppet yet spoke more like a white individual there were also complaints that the producers of Sesame Street were ignoring the fact that traditionally black verbiage and speak exist instead presenting black characters as speaking more like the white middle class as a result of these criticisms the character was retired only making further appearances in books and a single cameo in a 2014 episode porygon from Pokemon the key suppori gone from the Pokemon series is an interesting one as it's a whole species of Pokemon that has been banned from appearing in the long-running television series including its two evolutions porygon two and four Egon z4 Egon originally appeared in the 38 episode of the original Pokemon anime titled Electric warrior pori on which aired on December 16 1997 there is no official English name for the episode as it was never aired outside of Japan in the episode the artificial Pokemon is shown to be created by a scientist named dr. Akihabara this episode is infamous for causing over 600 children in Japan to suffer from epileptic seizures and vomiting with many being hospitalized the scene in question is a four second long instance where Pikachu uses an electric attack on a group of vaccine missiles the explosion causes the screen to flash red and blue and a strobe light effect causing the seizures interestingly enough the actual scene that caused all these seizures didn't feature porygon at all a rather a Pikachu given that the episode was centered around porygon entirely it seems more than likely that the species was banned to avoid any further connection to the episode Pikachu is also the series mascots and banning him would be rather difficult and unlikely the episode was broadcasted only once and never received any sort of home media release the show then went on hiatus for four months the episode caused all Japanese television shows to air disclaimer before the program four years afterwards asking viewers to not sit too close to the television and to only watch in a brightly lit room you you

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  1. Fun Fact: There were originally 12 entrees in this list but I removed one to shorten it to now just 11. So that character is super forgotten haha anyways, thanks for watching! Don't forget to LIKE the video and check out the awesome narrators in the description or right here:
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  2. Oh so you can’t put a woman with a curvaceous body and a seductive voice but you can have two girls twerking

    For Shame Cartoon Network

  3. One of the most forgotten characters we all should be talking about is Sta'abi from monsters vs. Aliens, I know she's new but I love her so much she didn't appear until the later series of monsters versus aliens and even now no one even knows about her because she only appeared for a short period of time due to the show being canceled!

  4. You should've included Rachel from The Amazing World of Gumball or the Janet girl form Johnny Test

  5. Miss Bellum doesnt fit the message. . .but having kindergartners twerking on a drug trip saying yasssssss and you know putting yourself into it to be a love interest for a kindergarten is fine. . .

  6. Most of these I have no issue with, some I am actually glad about. However, there is one I find absolutely RIDICULOUS.

    The whole point of Sara Bellum was to show that a girl isn't defined by looks alone. Her name itself was a reference to her intellect, cunning and personality. It is completely beyond my ability to comprehend why anyone would think removing her was a good idea. Moreover, the "watchdog parents" of this upcoming generation are the same people that grew up watching shows like Invader Zim, Teen Titans, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Rocco's Modern Life, Totally Spies and (most importantly) The Power Puff Girls.

  7. Yes, the beautiful yet strong, capable and very intelligent woman role-model "wasn't quite indicative of the kind of message (they) wanted to be giving out."

  8. Wow removing an independent woman and has a strong personality specially the important person on the city why miss bellum has to ba remove why

  9. I don't remember but I swear I did saw that Pokemon episode and it was all it English maybe I can be wrong but I swear to you I saw that full episode.

  10. If the PPG reboot really thought Ms. Bellum was "inappropriate," they should have reanimated her appearance rather than get rid of her. The idea of her character was to give the girls motherly advice at times that were needed.

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