48 thoughts on “$1000 AMD Ryzen 3600 + Navi RX 5700 Gaming PC Build for 2019!

  1. For those who are curious:

    I suck at RUST and don't have the time and effort to really get into it, hence why I'm not benchmarking it. It takes too long to get something started that would actually tax the system by itself and the built in benchmarking tool for it is broken.

  2. I want to play fortnite on epic settings and still get over 100 fps. If I play on 1080 is that achievable?

  3. Anyone know whether is should get the 2700x or the 3600. I need a cpu for productivity and gaming. Rn, the 2700x 50th anniversary is going for around $230 on newegg, should i get it?

  4. For anyone in the uk it’s garbage. I customised the pc he made and it was 1300 and was so happy. Then went to checkout and came to over 2000 in tax shipping and stuff

  5. does the b450 bazooka need a bios update or is it like the volt v2 a320m when you said it did but it didnt?

  6. AMD's releases recently was a huge slap to intel, but it seems like NVIDIA is hard as rock to beat. I'm not saying AMD GPUs are bad, I'm just saying NVIDIA always have something that will separate them from being compared heads on with AMD, or maybe AMD is avoiding a direct confrontation? Good job on making Intel a joke these past few weeks though. They have but one choice and that is to lower their price tags!

  7. I already have a rx 570 8gb and need to know what micro atx motherboard and processor would complement my gpu the most for under $500?
    It would mostly be used for light to moderate 1080p gaming, light vr titles and some occasional triple 1080p monitors for racing games

  8. Great video as always ^ very informative. Got a very high tweeked version of your Scattervolt $600 pc off Amazon. Never bought from them. Hoping I get the pc in SA soon. Just 1 think i would recommend reviewing some videos on camera angels as the viewer can't see what you explaining sometimes. Otherwise keep it real & been the BEST place for new PC builds I've seen on You Tube 🙂

  9. I’ve been using the same windows key that came with a dell 990 optiplex it’s worked on my last 5 pc builds heads up 🙂

  10. I want to get into PC gaming and just starting to learn tiny bit of it. Wondering if the pre-built requires overclocking or do they do that for you?

  11. i wonder how long it takes to boot into rust with the 4th gen pcie ssds? They have like 5,000mbs speeds. Can someone test that out?

  12. My brother is gonna buy my a gaming pc and I’ve been looking everywhere for a good pc what’s the highest FPS I can get playing fortnite or other games

  13. You mentioned "if you wanna build this yourself for 935, or have it prebuilt from CUK" so many times it got annoying.

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