39 thoughts on “100 Years of Fashion: Men ★ Glam.com

  1. 유행은 돌고돈다는 말이 괜히 있는게 아니구나.. 1955년 패션 세련된거 보고 깜짝 놀랐음

  2. 1965 was scary but 1995 was even scarier because I remember people looking like that and just thinking it was normal

  3. Wtf happened to us after 85? If anyone ever accuses me of being stuck in the past, I'll have no other choice but to thank them. lol

  4. The women's fashion video was super interesting, but the men's one is so boring, it's just pants with a shirt, and sometimes a jacket thrown in. Men need to step it up and wear more interesting clothes.

  5. あのヤンキーの起源は85年だったのか…

  6. Fashion without a nod to hippie fashion of 60s and the vibrancy of punk aesthetics of the late 70s or goth culture of 80s …and I haven't even watched to the end but I imagine alternative grunge ripped jeans iconic 90s isn't here either…

  7. I wanna see old-school FUN fashion. Where can I find examples of it?
    And I mean fashion that didn't follow the dandy trends too much. Stuff with unique cuts but still an old vibe. Stuff with color.

    Some of the stuff in the video fits but none of it is really what I'm trying to find. I want more fun. Funner.

    What type of fashion would come closest to the wilder things we find in Legend of Korra's fancy parties?

  8. Youtube Recommendation
    Sighs* What the hell should I know about this ,do I dress that bad or Youtube think soo ??

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