10 Times the Impossible Became Possible…

There are people in the world who can be an
inspiration and example to others by doing absolutely incredible things in a different
way. Incredible and unbelievable things seem to
happen in pretty much everyone’s life. Those situations where by chance, it suddenly
becomes possible to set amazing personal records or complete nearly impossible human feats,
showing how sometimes the things that seem totally impossible become entirely possible. So who are these people who’ve achieved
the impossible? Guess you’ll have to watch to find out. Ready to be surprised? Well then, let’s get it on! Blindfolded Slackline! Slacklining is without question one of the
most dangerous and extreme sports the world has to offer. Walking unattached on a line just a few feet
off the ground is enough to give most people a serious case of vertigo, not to mention
the people deep in the culture who slackline across gorges and canyons thousands of feet
above the ground. But some people take it even further beyond,
as if it weren’t already crazy enough, and actually try to slackline blindfolded. Signoret, a French daredevil, undertook this
absurd challenge in China in 2018, slacklining across two mountains, almost half a kilometer,
without the assistance of his visual center at all. The French adrenaline lover somehow didn’t
make a single misstep on his 25 minute long trek in the sky, finally crossing the finish
line with one more world record than he had set off with. Truly an accomplishment of unmatched heights. Fastest Skateboard Speed! People of all ages love skateboarding, but
some aren’t satisfied with simple ollies and kickflips, and need to push the sport to new
extremes and carve their names into the books of skateboarding history. Of course there are physical limitations on
how fast the wheels of a board can carry a person, but as more and more skilled skaters
step up to the halfpipe, the outer edges of possibility get pushed further and further. Kyle Wester is one of those incredible people
pushed by nothing more than the desire to be the best that skating has to offer, and
push the sport to impossible extremes. In 2016 the skateboarder set out to claim
the world record for the highest speed ever achieved on a skateboard. Kyle was able to pick up enough speed to completely
destroy the world record, reaching a peak speed of 89.41 miles per hour, with nothing
more than his body and a skateboard. Still, the daredevil managed to do the impossible
and prove to the world that limits were made to be broken. Insane Snowboard Jump! Snowboarding is one of the best winter activities
around, particularly if you’re a thrill seeker. While many only snowboard for fun when winter
rolls around, some, like Christian Haller, seek to master the skill in a way that’s never
been done before. After some serious planning, training and
mentally preparing, in June of 2016 at the Perfect Hip public snowboarding contest in
Italy, Christian proved to the world that his name belongs among the snowboarding elite. Christian peaked at an unbelievable 37 feet
above not just the ground, but the ramp itself, showing that with enough dedication, maybe
it’s not so impossible for people to fly. Impossible Basketball Shot! YouTube has become the home for some absolutely
insane stunts and feats, with each new unbelievable act seemingly being topped within no time
at all by more and more daring tricksters, and when it comes to basketball trick shots,
few groups are more astounding than How Ridiculous. In a long time friendly competition for the
world record of highest basketball shot ever made, the group and their good friends and
rivals Dude Perfect faced off for years, each literally topping the other in back and forth
shots that are each more and more amazing. However in 2016 the How Ridiculous team had
their hearts set on crushing the previous 162 meter high record held by Dude Perfect,
and set out to sink a shot from the top of a mega-dam in Switzerland, a whopping 180
meters, or 590.5 feet, high. The Australian team planned to be out there
at least 5 days before making the shot, which is still a pretty liberal estimate in my eyes,
but astoundingly, through some impossible luck, they managed to make the insane 590
foot shot on only their third throw. They made the impossible as easy as one, two,
three. Narrow Escape Wingsuit! Wingsuiting is the closest humans have come
to flying so far. This extreme activity requires extensive training
and immense bravery. That being said, for Uli Emanuele, the danger
wingsuiting alone provided just didn’t seem to be enough. On one trip to the Alps in Switzerland, Uli
noticed a narrow hole in a rock formation, high above the valleys below. For the next three years, Uli trained and
prepared to try to do what everyone told him was impossible: glide right through the center
of that insanely narrow gap in the rocks. Whatever the preparation was, it seemed to
do just the trick. He absolutely nailed it, leaving the world
with this absolutely breathtaking footage of his unbelievable aerial acrobatic skills. Slicing a bullet! Many people work their entire lives to accomplish
something incredible, and with the right combination of determination and talent, actually end
up in the Guiness book of world records. Issao Macchi is one of these incredible people. Spending his entire life training with a samurai
sword, the Japanese man may be the greatest swordsman alive today. With a series of world records under his belt,
including most tatami mats cut in under 3 minutes, and being able to slice a tennis
ball flying at 161 kilometers per hour in midair, there aren’t exactly many contenders
even able to come close to his level. But what must be his most incredible accomplishment
has to be the time he cut an airsoft bullet in half in midair. Still, the lifetime of training and dedication
worked out, and Issao Macchi was able to prove that slicing bullets in mid air isn’t only
possible in the movies. Longest Time In Ice! Humans are pretty resilient creatures. Give us enough time and we’ll make it in almost
any environment. Still, there are obviously limits to what
humans can survive, and when it comes to extremes of temperature, the human body simply can’t
function at super cold temperatures, it’s impossib- wait a second. Did you really think I was going to say that? Of course not, not when the incredible Iceman
Wim Hof exists. This insanely driven man is without question
one of the most daring and extreme individuals ever to have lived, currently being the holder
of 26 different world records. One of Wim’s most unbelievable talents is
his ability to control his internal body temperature. The superhuman daredevil holds the longest
record by far for spending time in the ice, sitting comfortably in it for one hour and
52 minutes. Through years of yoga and meditation, Wim
Hof has pushed his body to do the impossible, so if he can do that, there’s no telling what
amazing things you could do. Drowned Alive! The world famous street magician David Blaine
has made a name for himself with his absurd and death defying stunts. Blaine’s been buried alive in sand, frozen
solid in a block of ice, and hung in a box in the sky without any food for forty four
days! But in 2006 the illusionist tried not only
to top himself, but the rest of the world, by breaking the Guinness world record for
longest time holding his breath underwater. Blaine spent a full 7 days underwater in a
glass aquarium with air being fed to him through a tube. However, on the 8th day, needing to hold his
breath for a solid 8 minutes and 59 seconds, the magician had to be pulled out about 2
minutes early. Never one to take defeat though, he spent
the next 2 years training, and in 2008 came back and not just broke the record, but absolutely
demolished it. What had previously been thought of as the
absolute limit for the world record, about 9 minutes, was blown past by Blaine, and the
illusionist managed to hold his breath for a breathtaking 17 minutes and 4 seconds. It really goes to show that with enough determination,
anything is possible. Or maybe at least for David Blaine… Highest Wave Jump! Surfing is quite a difficult discipline to
master on its own. Given enough difficulty, eventually you’ll
reach a level of surfing that it might seem like no one can pull off. And that’s exactly the spot where only Sebastian
Steudtner fits in. During a competition in Nazaré, a perfect
surfing spot in Portugal, Sebastian managed to ride one of the biggest waves the world
has ever seen. While numbers on how big the wave was aren’t
exact, estimates show this wave being about 71 feet high. To give you some perspective on how incredible
managing to ride this wave is, if Sebastian had made one wrong move, the force of over
1.4 million kilograms of water would’ve absolutely crushed him. Managing to perfectly ride through it was
without a doubt one of the most incredible feats the world of surfing has ever seen. Highest Free Solo Climb! It’s hard to imagine a more extreme individual
than Alex Honnold, because some of the feats this American climber has accomplished should
be completely impossible. It’s still hard to believe some of them even
with all the video evidence that exists of them. Honnold is what’s known in the world of mountain
climbing as a free solo climber, meaning he climbs mountains with no safety equipment
or harness, just his own hands, feet, and nerves of unbreakable steel. One of the most impressive of the many, many
records Honnold holds, likely due in part to there not being many people insane enough
to even attempt to top him, is for free soloing El Capìtan in California, the largest granite
monolith in the world. On June 3rd, 2017, Honnold became the first
person to ever free climb the 7500 foot mountain. Honnold climbed the behemoth stone mountain
totally unassisted. Talk about upper body strength! It’ll probably be a long time before anyone
daring enough tries to take on this record, but until then, Honnold proudly holds what
most would have thought to be an impossible world record.

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