10 Things EVERY Gamer Parent Should Know

the phrase gamer for life means more now than it ever has and many of us who have been at it a long time have little gamers to pass the torch on to hi folks its Falcon and today on game ranks ten things gamer parents should all know number ten if you go to sound and power options which is accessible by the old school control panel or simply pressing the start button and type in the words power and sleep then clicking additional power settings you're confronted with an option of choose what the power buttons do and one of the choices is do nothing you want it to do nothing if you've ever sat with a laptop and a child you know what I'm talking about their feet go everywhere and by everywhere I mean specifically at the power button for some reason I don't know how they know that that's how you turn the computer off while you're in the middle of whatever it is you're doing but they do if you make it so that that button doesn't do that then they're forced to find other buttons that ruin what you're doing at least they can't shut it off though number 9 this is in no way an insult but children aren't as good at games right away despite what all popular common knowledge says than adults in fact as children are learning they often need help and when a kid struggles with a game and asks you to play it for them you may end up playing a lot of games for them so it might be smart to be careful what games you introduce your child to gaming with it has to be something that you don't hate that doesn't necessarily mean for your own personal taste on them but as with anything kids are always always learning and that means you're always always teaching and if you're teaching games that means always always playing the game until they get it it can drive you wild so choose wisely number eight I just alluded to it in that one but don't force your gaming preferences on your kids just don't it doesn't matter what they like if you're an old-school platformer gamer who has a very specific collectathon cute animal mascot preference if they like for tonight or Call of Duty for that matter don't take a big dump on them remember this is another human being with their own thoughts taste feelings emotions preferences it's okay not to understand why they like it that's perfectly when they're old enough he'll even argue with them have the conversation but when they're a kid when they're young when they're just finding out how great video games can be let them try the stuff out and that doesn't mean let them go hog-wild on something that's super addictive yes I know I mentioned that fortnight is fine but you do want to sit down with them no matter what game it is because you're the parent it's awesome that your kid likes video games anyway that's something you automatically share even if you don't have the exact same preferences just take that as a win in life number seven and this goes along with that don't do the whole classic Beatles approach to games where you only show them old stuff and then quote unquote work your way up to the new stuff like a lot of parents do with music what that ends up doing is kind of creating a close-minded jerk what you end up doing is making the new stuff into the forbidden fruit and when they see new games they'll sneak around as they play them you don't want that you don't want to be forcing some weird gaming history regimen on your kid it's just it's not gonna work it will blow up in your face just make sure that they're exposed to the old stuff as much as the new stuff and let them like what they like number six get used to playing video games at 2:00 and cuz that's when you're gonna be playing video games your kids are gonna go to sleep and it's gonna be later than you want it to be on that day that you have the ability to play video games at night they're gonna be like guess what staying up till 11:00 you're 5 why do you even want to stay up until 11 there's nothing for a five-year-old at 11 other than the video games that I the parent want to play No get used to it just accept it instead of trying to resist it accept it that way when you play you will treasure it you will have fun you will not be thinking I couldn't I couldn't do what I wanted it's only gonna make you resent your kids and you don't want that you want a strong awesome relationship with your kick-ass gamer children you don't like Fortnight tough play near Automator at 2:00 a.m. you're automatically in a better frame of mind for the message of that game anyway all right human existence and stuff I mean there's other ways to get to that state of mind but the cheapest is by far simply staying up very late number five don't get Kip your kid cuz the games got a bad review score they go into the store they say I want that game and your life I've seen the review scores for that two out of ten nothing good not on the plate not gonna play it no uh no way only ten out of ten games in this house Wow just saying that out loud it sounds terrible don't be that way at all let your kids learn a game is bad they may end up liking it it may set them on a path I promise you if they stick with it and continually have their mind open to new games which again is your responsibility as a parent to encourage it doesn't matter how bad that game is they spent their time unless they made you play the whole thing I mean if they like three or four get keep a little bit let's be honest most Tyler gamers don't really know what they're doing and it's okay to break this rule with them but once all systems are online I would say probably don't don't get keep and who knows you might even end up enjoying the badly reviewed game for some other reason that they may understand later in life Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 is terrible but it is like the room is two movies but four games I love playing that game even though it is the worst possible Sonic game and number four while we're on the subject of gatekeeping what is acceptable gatekeeping well specifically let's talk about games that are a little bit more mature and developing children's brains a kid is malleable they soak up everything like a sponge you cannot avoid this there are things you want kids to learn when they're a little bit older some language the birds-and-the-bees etc and it's not that you want to hide it from them it's that you want to mitigate some of it while they're very young that's okay now yes kids are gonna be passing around the adults-only games like I'm not gonna say I was a legal adult before I played Conker's Bad Fur Day or anything like that same goes for Grand Theft Auto but again like a six-year-old doesn't really need to play either of those games you'll know when they're ready and once they're ready just let them play it don't be puritanical but know that developing minds act differently in response to new information number three keeping that in mind it probably comes up as a no-brainer you've been playing games your whole life but games ratings are by no means an end-all be-all when I said you'll know when they're ready in the last point that's what I'm talking about here yes a game might not be for a six-year-old it might be for a thirteen-year-old but your six-year-old might be at that level kudos to them for being at that mental capacity and maturity level as well Congrats you're a good parent and you know that it's okay to let your game play that stuff but if your kid isn't at that maturity level there's a reason those things are there think approach all of these games on a case by case basis and try to be near trend number two this one is going to sound like a no-brainer but I know a lot of people who haven't thought this way yet if you don't have a switch get a switch the Nintendo switch is something that isn't just great for kids it's great for parents I've seen tons of hardcore gamers who because of the process of having children fell away from gaming a bit and getting their kid a switch not only gave their kid access to probably some of the best games out there Nintendo is a powerhouse and that's just this generation once they get to that Virtual Console or whatever they call it this time around the thing is gonna be a monster for you but on top of that it's going to be for them if you have the money get a couple of them play together enjoy the fact that it's a machine that was built for parents and kids and it accommodates other people in the house let's say you want to watch a TV show while your kid wants to play games or vice versa it's possible number one I alluded to this earlier in the video look kids are a handful they do tons of crap they are not supposed to do even if you tell them they're not supposed to do it you can set clear boundaries and there will be times that they cost them just because your console has parental controls on it and they're not just for covering up the anime titties they're also there to require parental authorization to use credit cards so battlefront 2 was really a Hellfest when it came to the loot box situation and a kid could easily spend $3,000 doing that oh and if you think that that's not the case no you're wrong I saw more than once in the news very similar stories to that so get acquainted with the parental controls on your console you don't need your nest egg spent on player unknowns battlegrounds items it's not hard and it takes hardly any extra time out of your day to go to the parental controls and flip a couple of strategic switches and add a password just a thought that said it is super rewarding to be a gaming parent and guiding your kids in a responsible and yet enjoyable fun and nurturing manner even if you're not one already this is gonna be useful at some point in your life for at least some of you if you have your own tips or you have questions either leave a comment or talk to your dad about the birds and the bees I don't know if you got to this point in the video and you don't know that stuff I wonder anyway if you enjoyed this video please click like if you're not subscribed now is of course a great time to do just that we upload brand new videos every day of the week and the best way to see them first is of course a subscription as always we thank you very much for watching this video i'm falcon you can follow me on twitter at falcon the hero we'll see you next time right here on gamerankings

37 thoughts on “10 Things EVERY Gamer Parent Should Know

  1. My father introduce me to ocarina of time i introduce him in black ops zombie man i miss those evening playing split screen with my father those are my most precious memory … :')

  2. If I was a parent, I'd introduce my kid to a variety of different games (Platformers, Fps', strategy, rpg, etc.) to find their tastes then work our way out.

  3. I'm a gaming sibling, like I mean I'm 11 years older than him but anyways. As it turned out that he's not interested in gaming. I felt so betrayed that I almost disowned him. Well, I guess the decision isn't mine to make but still, I'm a gamer, he's not, he grew up watching me play games but he decided that it was childish and dumb, and I'm still salty about it.

  4. I’m not a parent yet but even I see the potential of the Nintendo Switch thanks to what they announced in February this year: Fire Emblem Three Houses, Link’s Awakening, and Rune Factory 4 and 5. Not to mention some great games from popular developers like Platinum Games and some of the developers that were famous for the 2D Castlevania. Bottom line: If you didn’t get a Switch yet, get one as soon as possible.

  5. Life hack.

    You like GTA?
    Buy your kids Lego City Undercover, free-roam, easy, multiplayer. My 5 year old loves it.

  6. A great start-off franchise is Zelda, considering the fact that it has installments on almost every Nintendo console, and a great story.

  7. I finished god of war 1, 2 and dark watch on ps2 when i was 5, 6 years old – _-.. I have best dad ever 🙂

  8. My father introduced me to Mortal kombat when I was 6 and well it did not do anything to me, and plus my brother is 9 and he is watch Jackseptieye and he is fine
    Edit:of crap nvm number 3 explained

  9. -I have a story to tell about a Nintendo switch for anyone who's interested, there are no children involved in it though.
    When Falcon said 'get a switch', it immediately put a huge smile on my face, since I just bought a switch for my boyfriend's b'day. I'm chronically ill and I have problems with walking, and just moving in general. My boyfriend helps me with everything (even though I tell him i'm not a baby and I can do things on my own, he still does it anyways, we're both very stubborn 😂) and I wanted to give him a present he deserved. He wanted a switch for such a long time, but they're still expensive ofcourse. And since i'm sick like I mentioned before, I can't work anymore sadly. (My diseases get worse and worse, there is no cure for any of them). Since I can't do allot because of my illnesses, I game, draw and paint allot (even though it ain't easy i'm colourblind, in pain 24/7 and have shaky hands due to my illnesses, so it takes a while to make something). Anyways I sold some paintings (I personally think i'm far from an artist, I absolutely hate my 'art' and it's not that i'm selling paintings or drawings constantly- I wish – and after a while I got the money to buy my boyfriend a switch! I was very proud and so happy for him. The look on his face and his gratitude made every cent worth it. He ofcourse said that I shouldn't have gave him such an expensive gift and that he doesn't do anything special for me, but he does, especially at his age (we're both adults but he's 6 years younger than me). Anyways i'm saving up for a switch myself since I wanted one for a long time aswell, but i'm very happy my boyfriend has one. (Don't worry he let's me play on his switch anyways). Besides, my parents got me a PS4 Pro like a month ago (because even though I want a switch really bad, I've wanted a PS4 Pro since it came out, btw- i'm 25 and not living with them lol) but that story is for another time. Thank you for reading/listening to my story! Hope you have a great day! 🌺

  10. Bruh I bought myself super Smash Bros for n 3ds and my dad took my n 2ds and straight cut the disk thing for SSB and put it in the n 2ds yep

  11. My dad and I are huge gaming fans, He taught me how to play cod, assasins creed, gta, and games like that

  12. So we went on holiday and there was a space invaders arcade game and my dad started playing it it was quite the site to see someone get a high score on that and can’t even place a block in Minecraft

  13. Children are always better then u guys you dogs go find some other content like if you are a kid gamer

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