10 Easy Ways to Style Jeans with T-Shirts | Men’s Fashion | Casual Outfit Ideas

what's going on guys this is Marcel from one dapper screen and today we're gonna take a look at a classic combo of two pieces and that's a pair of jeans with a t-shirt we're gonna look at ten different ways to style them as simple as it is there's a lot of versatility so let's jump right in with look number one we're starting off today's video with a pair of gray ripped jeans now these jeans actually weren't really ripped up in the first place they are from Topman and they were just a simple pair of great jeans but then I dropped him off at a store in New York to have them customized and ripped up with a pair of white high-top sneakers from Coach in this case and a white t-shirt that's from All Saints a little oversized so here a very very simple version of the jeans and t-shirt look I think just adding like a little bit distressing to your jeans or something that already makes it stand out second half we got a pair of white J Brand Jeans these are very clean in comparison and so clean actually then am I talking in the Uniqlo t-shirt that I'm wearing up top and then I'm adding a linen blazer from H&M that I picked up recently and finishing off the bottom half with a pair of 10 suede tassel loafers from Ankara Flores my own brand we just updated them for the spring and cuffing up the pants here and adding in a belt so you can already see that the overall vibe of this is gonna be much much different than the first look it's what we went from straight grungy to very dapper but still with the same base of just having a t-shirt and a pair of pants so the styling is that's really what I want to open your eyes to today then we got a pair of simple black jeans from mango man these are fairly skinny and a black t-shirt up top from old limp normally I would wear proper socks in those chelsea boots in those black leather run cards for salty boots but for the purposes of this video I just skip that then I'm ripping off the tag of this black Zara denim jacket that I picked up obviously just now to create overall an all-black look and again jeans and t-shirt really straightforward but if you stick to one color make it monochrome and especially a stand off color like black that will really like draw somebody's eye then you have yet another vibe if we're looking before we have a pair of jeans from Club Monaco these are my absolute honesty they're probably my absolute favorite jeans because they're so versatile up top we have a white t-shirt yet again and then I'm currently lacing my Doc Martens and yes it's the summer but especially for this look which I'll get to later I just think Doc Martens definitely work in the summer still it's to me one of the few exceptions of boots that you can wear in the summer then a large cuff on the pant as you can see very stylized for this Canadian tuxedo Canadian tuxedo is where you wear a denim jacket together with a pair of denim jeans like I am right here tucked in the white shirt if you know my buddy Chris Sean Millington you might get this look if you don't check him out I this was definitely inspired by him but I really like it it's another option of styling jeans and t-shirt then we have a pair of AllSaints jeans that is a lighter wash a more natural wash so you see like where it is washed out you see there's a little bit of a warm undertone they're minimally distressed and I actually had them tailored so they fit really nicely I just rolled up the cuffs once and I'm wearing my white and tan on Karen Flores skater sneakers and as you can see I'm picking up that white and tan on the upper half as well I have a white t-shirt and then you can wear an easy way to rock this look it's just with a shirt up top but unbutton that and in this case it's a tan shirt from Zara also from Zara are these ripped jeans that I just picked up and I really really liked them so if you guys like them you can get them in a store near you probably right now wearing them with a with the all-black the skater sneaker from McCarthy floor suede on suede in black with some white detailing and that white detailing I'm picking back up with the t-shirt up top and so okay I'm in the middle of moving to LA right now in all honesty so I sent both of my leather jackets to LA unfortunately so I wanted to wear this look with a leather jacket but then I just you know I subbed in a zip up Hoodie which also worked for me in this white and black look now let's look at another way we can style the same white J Brand Jeans that you saw in the second look before this time with a pair of Navy perforated Saturday sneakers also from Ankara floors as rolling up the cuffs once again and here we have a wearing and more fun with the t-shirt itself so up until this point is like how can you style a simple t-shirt but now of course you can also wear the jeans and a t-shirt look with a striped t-shirt which makes it a little bit more fun and then if it's too much you can tone it down a little bit with the denim jacket like I did here both pieces on the upper half are from Uniqlo for look number 8 I'm still in white jeans but this time we're in distressed white jeans these are from Zara they're actually kind of like the black ones but I went for a size up honestly because they didn't have my size so that's why they look a little bit more relaxed and obviously this look is all about the color having having a simple look like a jeans and t look allows you to play around with pattern like we just did or with the color like we do here with this bright orange Uniqlo shirt perfect pair for the Ankara Flores Saturday sneaker in the burnt orange so I'm really happy as simple as this look is I add a standout look and I really really like it even if you've rolled down the jeans here it still works and you know I don't really roll down my jeans much look number 9 second-to-last back in the raw denim jeans from Club Monaco and the first we're wearing a simple pair of white sneakers white low tops these are on card floor Saturday sneaker our classic sneaker and this look is merely to illustrate that you can have fun with a logo tee with something like this obviously you know how many ways can you wear a t-shirt differently but a logo or something written on it definitely is part of it but I really like this box bangin little pocket that's something that's fun to me maybe keep it classic with something like that instead of you know going all out idioms on your chest last but not least we have a pair of jeans that are cut off I saw them in a store and they looked a little bit much to me at first they're from Zara but as I'm standing at the register I literally turn around just pick them up cuz I like them this look is merely to illustrate that you can obviously wear the jeans and t look with denim shorts as well and wearing a pair of white and gray suede skater sneakers from Akari floors and picking up that Greg and in the t-shirt from Uniqlo that has just a simple pocket it's a nice little subtle detail that will definitely elevate your look overall and the t-shirt particularly and in this case with a pair of jeans and that's it for me guys thank you so much I hope you enjoyed these 10 inspirations for something that is at the very base a simple concept just to illustrate you know that there's a few things that you can definitely do with this jeans and tea combination to make it stand out a little bit more let me know your thoughts um below in the comment section thank you guys so much and I hope to see you soon with the next video until then as always stay dapper

46 thoughts on “10 Easy Ways to Style Jeans with T-Shirts | Men’s Fashion | Casual Outfit Ideas

  1. If you're every stressing about what to wear, you can simply throw on a pair of jeans with a crisp t-shirt and pull off a classic look.
    I hope I showed you guys different ways you can have fun and mix it up when pairing these staple pieces. What's your favorite way to wear jeans with a tee?
    Also, don't forget to follow me on instagram.com/marcelfloruss for more outfit inspiration 🙂

  2. 1: not feeling it
    2: great look, but i would do a jacket that's not a blazer (i.e. more casual jacket)
    3: it's great that you are wearing chelsea boots and not sneakers, but i hate how tight those jeans are
    4: nice look, something i would wear, but with contrasting denim colours
    5: nice casual look
    6: it's a cool, laid back look, but i do not dig the holes in the jeans
    7: yes, this is a fine one
    8: the jeans actually look good on you. slim is better than skinny. when wearing bright colours (that are in the same family), just do either the top or the shoes. don't have them both in same/similar colours cos it comes off as trying too hard. in this case, i'd say a blue tee and those sneakers
    9: good direction, but i would opt for a better fitting tee
    10: sad to say, but it looks rather sloppy. i'd opt for cleaner, better fitting pieces

  3. 100% perfect. Really nice looks !
    I’m often a bit frustrated not to be able to dress like that in Chicago. It would often be overdressed. Your looks are so European (as I am/ French). That’s why I like them so much !
    Best style channel from far. Not for everybody I’m afraid but really the best from my point of view. Glückwunsch !


  5. Тебе не надоело в женских колготках ходить? 🤣
    Если ты гей, и тебе это нравится, то скажу тебе откровенно, женская одежда на мужчине смотрится смешно. А главное, это негативно скажется на твоих половых органах.
    Выброси все эти колготки и купи мужские штаны😁

  6. Probably you can try showing how to style with single tops (like a piece top instead of having another piece over) with shorts/jeans/chinos etc and what kinda accessories and shoes can go well with it

  7. Hei man,
    Pliss collab with someone have a black skin and what outfit you must choose of it?

    Sorry my english is bad 🙂

  8. I see that you wear a lot of white tees. I usually avoid them, not because i dont like white tees but because i havent found the perfect one (i live in Vietnam so i cant purchase those Uniqlo tees in America). I dont like the fact that white tees are a bit see through and it is kinda awkward to show off my nipples, so although i have many of them (12 or 13), i dont wear them much.

  9. I have a question. How do you know if your jeans are too skinny. I ordered a pair of Burberry Slim Jeans, and when I wore them they felt great around my waist and thighs, but felt a little bit tight around my calf area. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been so used to wearing Straight Jeans. How are slim jeans supposed to fit? I don’t want to look like my jeans are too skinny.

  10. Thanks, good stuff.I'd like if you could make a video detailing specifically how to reason about a) ankle fitment with pants (like baggy vs. tight vs. rolled), and b) tucking part of your shirt in to reveal your belt.

    The reason I ask is that I am 6'3" so it can look like flood-pants sometimes, and over the years, I came to learn that if your pants are too short, it makes you look taller, which is great if you are 5'6" and you want to appear taller, but for me I often need the opposite so I don't look like stretch armstrong or like kramer from Seinfeld.

    I organically discovered the "front shirt tuck" to reveal my belt, and I think it's an awesome idea. Sometimes I wear like a reddy brown belt that perfectly matches my watch but no one sees that detail in my outfit because my shirt isnt tucked in. I'd like if you could show me some ways to help me gain confidence with showing/hiding ankles with common types of pants and common types of shoes, and with tucking the corner of the shirt in like that. I need some good logic to appeal to.

    As one example, I look killer AF with skinny jeans and desert boots, and comically bad with baggy jeans and desert boots. There's something important about this ankle zone and waist zone. How do I know if showing my belt is a bad idea for what I'm wearing? How do I know if cutting the outfit in half with a strong belt-line is a bad idea when I have long legs? etc.

    I feel like part of your reply to this will involve your bias towards whatever, but that exact logic you used to get to that point is what I want to hear. I want to know where it goes off the rails and where you need to know certain things to execute properly.

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