10 Best FASHION Purchases from 2019 I will WEAR in 2020 my Forever Wardrobe + 2020 Fashion Trends!

cheers to good health and all to come in
2020 hey everyone I hope you are all doing fabulously and thank you for
joining me for my first video of 2020 New Year the new decade and I hope you
all had a good Christmas and a nice little break I know I did took some time
off but I’m back and I thought a good way to start off the new year and my
first video of 2020 because you might be new to my channel and if you’re an
existing subscriber I thought 10 get it 10 decade 10 of my favorite fashion buys
from the last year and I’ll be taking them into the new decade I’ll be wearing
them in the new season and in my forever wardrobe you can kind of get to know my
style a little bit if you’ve just discovered my channel Hey hello thanks
for joining me don’t forget to click the subscribe but you can get a feel for my
style of dressing which I suppose is quite minimal I like to add in the
trends but I don’t go crazy with things that I won’t wear again I’m all kind of
now about building my forever wardrobe so having in staples that I will wear
more than just one season so hopefully you’ll find my channel what’s
sustainable this year I’m gonna try and aim for two videos a week that we’re
going live on Sundays at 4 p.m. UK time that was a definite that will definitely
be a video every Sunday and then I will hopefully be also having a video every
Thursday at 8 p.m. UK time but if things are little bit crazy and I maybe don’t
have time that would definitely be when every Sunday
and most Thursday’s of the year and I really hope you guys enjoy the journey
with me 2020 on YouTube because I have lots of ideas and I’m gonna be focusing
predominantly on fashion and style so if you have got any style questions or anything
you want featured leave it in the comments below as always but let’s get
in to today’s the video and of course I have my favourite refreshment of choice
but grab yourself a cuppa tea a coffee a herbal tea a juice a diet
coke especially vanilla one awesome bubbles and join me and let’s run
through my favourite fashion purchases of 2019 onto the first one first up is my acne
studios i think it’s called the toronto scarf i absolutely adore this I get so
much wear out of this it is grey, well actually black on one side and the other sides a light grey you can wear it reversible and literally
every time that I leave the house I’m just grabbing this in the warmer months
it’ll be great for me when I’m traveling on the plane I can use it as a blanket
and I already have a girls trip planned to Venice that I cannot wait for so
definitely be getting amazing pictures on that trip my acne Toronty scarf because I never
really had worn scarves before I could never really find any that I love and
these colors just fit perfectly within my wardrobe as you will see from my
favorite ten picks everything will be linked in the description box below I’ll
try to leave US and UK links because you guys are my biggest audience but of course
you can just change the country on the site if you are from another country and
watch my video hey my second best purchase has been my Doctor Marten Boots, these are the Pascall boots I do actually have a styling video and these I’ll
leave it linked in the little eye on the screen and I’ve always wanted to get Dr Martens boots but thought maybe I wouldn’t get much wear out of them they may not be
my style and not cool enough for them and I’ve heard that they can rip your feet
to shreds but these Pascal boots are a really soft leather and not once have
been rubbed or given me a blister I cannot recommend them and not only are they such versatile boots they basically go with anything from midi skirts to short
skirts to jeans to trousers to joggers if you were kind of going for a military
style absolutely love them through and through a really good quality and I
would definitely love to try the Jayden chunky sole platforms I will leave on the
screen and a tip from from Freya Killin I don’t know if you follow her
YouTube she says to put a sanitary pad in the back of your shoes on the heel so they don’t rub and you don’t get blisters which you don’t have to do with the Pascal boots on soft leather but if you go for hard leather you may need to so if I
purchase the Jayden boots this year I will definitely be following that tip on
that trick I’ve got two coats to share and the first is this beautiful Tommy
Hilfiger trench coat I think I’ve done a styling a trench coat video
but it was a leather one I’ll link it linked so I will be doing
an updated styling the trench coat I know it’s more of a spring/summer coat but you can layer up loads of jumpers underneath and this is quite an
expensive one to be honest not sure if this one’s still available but i’ll leave
similar ones linked and also some more affordable high street ones but a trench
coat again it’s just such a classic piece and I am now more about
about adding classic forever wardrobe styles there’s lots of ways that you can
play with styling this bad boy so I will make sure that I have a new styling video for this in 2020 purchase number four these are really affordable they were pretty
little thing I love the longer length shorts not really about my bum hanging
out of shorts now because my age of my thirties and also I do have some spider
veins which do niggle and really annoy me so I like to keep my legs kind of
covered up to the knee and the bermuda trend short
I was absolutely loving last year loving wearing it with trainers and
equally wearing it with strappy heels and again according to Vogue it’s going
to be a big fashion trend for 2020 so get yourself some bermuda shorts girls don’t
really want the tailored style go for a denim pair like me
this pretty little thing pair size eight true to size so affordable I’m
sure they’ll have more pairs coming out for the new year
item number five has to be my Prada nylon little pouch bag it’s a nod to
the 90s it’s a little over the shoulder bag which is on trend again 2020 fitting
wise but you can get into a – fit in my iPhone X I can fit in a card holder I
can fit in a lipstick a lip gloss and also my keys
your basic general essentials when you go out on a night out or if I’m just
nipping to the shops I’ll take this I think it’s cute sophisticated classic
and it’ll go a long way in my wardrobe it’s also going affordable designer bag
at about 320 pounds because of the materials you don’t have to worry about
damaging leather either black and gold is also my favorite color combination
for those of you new to my channel he’ll who did it though so I cannot resist a
little bit of gold hardware you’ll mainly see me wearing gold jewelry on
this channel I have a favorites jewelry collection video or my jewelry
favorite to collect even video I’ll leave that linked and
you can kind of get my style about that everything I like to go for it come on
the gold side it’s quite warming and I think it works really well with blondes
and also olive skin tones item number six is the oversized blazer
and again you will see these everywhere in 2020 for the spring season so you can
get your hands on one I would say go for it I love the oversized menswear style
that this brings it’s cool it’s relaxed it just makes anything look effortless
you can get women’s blazer and size up or you can design it and go for men’s
this is a mango blazer and its immense size forty and normally an eight to 10
and for oversize Blazers I like 38 or 40 that big oversize but they don’t look
ridiculous but obviously they have a little play around that I would say go
in store and try on some men’s blazer sizes see what works for you best and
this was in the mango sale on the outlet and I think I paid a bargain 20-pound
instead of about 70 so shop around try and get a piece and sale try it out see
if you love it it is the main thing I’m reaching for at the moment with any of
my outfits my some best purchase of my wardrobe for the past year has to be
oversized t-shirt I can’t get enough of big boxy shapes nice and relaxed and
they always tied them in a knot at the front and you will see here my favorite
place is to get your big basic t-shirts from misguided and also Topshop I
tend to basically just have lots of black and white variations of plain
t-shirts in my wardrobe just an easy thing to pick up grab and go they
literally mix with anything in your wardrobe and I love wearing them as well
but the oversized blazer but as I said I do like to cinch them in like this with
a little knot just to emphasize your waist a little bit my eighth best
purchase of 2019 and also a controversial one my Balenciaga
triple-s trainers I did some styling videos on these I leave them linked and in the
description box I’ll also leave my alternatives video I might have to do an
update if one of them because some of the styles might not be available
anymore but I know there are more like peace love them or hate them I know
they’re ridiculously expensive I got these back in March before I was made
redundant so if you’re new to I’ve been doing my blogging for the past
six months full time as I was made redundant I think I possibly meant to
not when I brought up my Mac I have to excuse me I’m not so far so getting back
into the swing of things and even though if you follow me on instagram you’ll
know that I have a little bit of a debaucle with mine and they have ripped they
ripped I sent them back they sewed them and they came back and they ripped again
so can’t really be bothered to be able in front of the four weeks I’ll attempt
to sew them up myself so despite that I suppose it’s quite a
heavy shoe I just love them they go with every outfit in my wardrobe they are a
statement piece even though they make my feet look huge I don’t care I definitely
think I’ve got my money’s worth I would definitely be wearing them all
of next season as well I’m definitely a kind of trainer buff through and through
that you’ll find out from my channel if you continue watching me this year and
yeah I know I’m sorry they are a marmite piece I know some people think they were ridiculosly expensive but for me they have been worth the money and I can’t get enough of them so you’ll be seeing more of them in 2020 I’m afraid last two favorites are on the leather side
and on the dark side, I do love my blacks it’s my favorite outfit color and first
up I have some leather trousers have been my favorite purchase but even more so
faux leather joggers I have two pairs this pair and the nude
pair both from Missguided I get so much wear out of them they look great with
trainers they look great with heels for a night out they’re just really
comfortable and I love them so I’m gonna be wearing these a lot more in 2020
along with normal joggers because I have found my love for comfy casual clothes
but if you’re after some joggers then Missguided it’s definitely
my favorite place to go shopping for those finally number 10 and something
for me which is a little bit of a shock of a favorite purchase because one it’s
thrifted I’ve never really been into that much thrift secondhand shopping and
second it looks like a coat from the matrix and I’m talking about my long
leather coat which is an episode coat never heard of Episode before it’s very much similar to the Marks and Spencers coat you might have seen
doing rounds on eBay and this is real leather, 100% real leather a
UK size 10 beautiful tailored long black coat with buttons if you follow this
channel you will have seen this style I will leave an Instagram picture on the
screen this is generally how I tend to like to wear this jacket with jeans a
tee and trainers or my Doc Martens but I found such a gem online on eBay
and paid about 20 pounds I think for this coat such as deal and I want to try
and be a little bit more sustainable with my shopping in 2020
so to find some forever wardrobe staples on ebay on Etsy or depop maybe go around
some local thrift shops and maybe like some videos that I could do that was
such good quality and for the price and it’s reusing a piece of clothing that’s
had many years of being loved rather than just throwing it away and buying
more I feel like the society we’re in I’m sure a lot of you feel the same it’s a
lot buy buy buy I’ve got buy something new all the time
which I don’t think is true I think is nice to have peices in your wardrobe that
know you are going to get your wear out of little bit different and a little bit
unique and I get so many compliments it could not have not been featured in my
2019 10 best purchases so I felt like I need a drink after all that talking it’s
been a while since I’ve sat down in front of the camera but there we have my
10 best purchases of last year coming into the new year with me if you would
like to see more videos from me to click the video on the screen to keep watching
subscribe if you’re new and don’t forget to check back on Sundays on Thursdays for new videos from me and I’ll see you guys very soon bye

8 thoughts on “10 Best FASHION Purchases from 2019 I will WEAR in 2020 my Forever Wardrobe + 2020 Fashion Trends!

  1. Happy Sunday Guys! I took some time off over Christmas and I am now back with two videos a week. To start the new decade I wanted to share my favourite fashion purchases from 2019 that I will be wearing through 2020. Thanks for watching! Also let me know any video content you would like me to create this year! xx

  2. I have the Jadons and there was absolutely no need for sanitary towels, they never caused one blister and I have very soft feet.
    Have walked miles in these too. πŸ˜‰

  3. I remember your video on your Doc Pascals, because it was right around the time I got my leather (also very soft, never a hint of a blister or irritation across the top of the foot) Pascal dupes from Amazon ($45 – https://www.amazon.com/DADAWEN-Lace-up-Leather-Booties-Fashion/dp/B07VT1LNBB/ref=pd_sbs_309_3/143-0020480-7805915?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07VT1LNBB&pd_rd_r=64b96de5-ecf3-4158-8ec2-e6f881783cef&pd_rd_w=Ccyk1&pd_rd_wg=XsVPS&pf_rd_p=7c0dad87-8a25-4c4f-9349-026039ea6cb3&pf_rd_r=D706SS89XS2BCAE45AER&psc=1&refRID=D706SS89XS2BCAE45AER).
    And, yes – definitely one of my favorite purchases this year! Wear them all the time, including yesterday and today. Love them with all kinds of jeans, and I styled them (at home) with some denim shorts and dark grey tights and really liked that look as well!

    Another favorite purchase was some white classic style sneakers to replace the white Chuck Taylor style sneaks I had (which get dirty easily, unfortunately). Not leather, but hey – they were only $13 at Ross here in the states, and being synthetic, they are essentially waterproof and easy to clean. Even in winter here, I'm still wearing them every week. So, yeah – whether your personal preferences are those "dad" type trainers like you have, or the court-style kind I have, I think it's hard to go wrong with them – they do honestly go with everything, and the fact they can be worn all day while walking makes them a no-brainer anyway ;).

    I also fashioned myself a pair of denim Bermuda shorts from some Ralph Lauren jeans I got at the thrift store for $4.50. Wore those all summer, perfect for wearing on road trips. I know Bermudas are one of those love/hate fashion things, but I'm 53, and while I am fit enough to rock shorter shorts, I just don't like wearing shorter shorts in public anymore…unless I'm running.

    Anyway, best wishes for a 2020 to you, and I'm glad to hear you're going to focus more on sustainable fashion and building a wardrobe for the long haul; that's essentially what I tried to focus on via shopping only second hand for 85% of my clothing. Workout clothing and undergarments are the only exception to that.

    Cheers, Charlotte!

  4. Lovely to see you back after your much needed break; you look so relaxed & your skin is glowing❀️ You mentioned thrifting which I love because it’s so inclusive; in these days of being more sustainable, I also think social media needs to be more democratic & cater for everyone & thrifting is open to everyone, whatever their budget. I would love to see a patchwork video of thrifted goods; ie you rarely find more than 1 really good/designer piece for every 10+ shops you search, so wait til you get to 5 pieces & do a patchworked video of the separate finds & how you would wear them. Your fabulous leather coat is such a perfect example & it is really exciting & so satisfying when that happens; all of the pleasure & none of the cost guilt. It’s going to be a great year. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈβ€οΈ

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